The Next Level of Nigerian Scams

Just when you think that those scammers on the African continent have thought of it all, they’re working a new tactic: targeting the peacenik hippies! Here’s the latest strategy they’re using and it, frankly, makes me laugh.


Good Day.

It is my pleasure to request for your honest assistance. This request may seem strange but I will crave your indulgence and pray that you view it seriously.

My name is Mr Khan from Pakistan. protocol officer to the Jundollah Militant Group in Pakistan.

Due to the Pakistan Army’s offensive in South Waziristan, I was mandated by a senior JMG leader to purchase arms and ammunition from a private dealer in

Russia worth Ten Million American Dollars Only. The said amount was moved through Iran boarder on the 17Th of December 2009 to Russia.

It was quite unfortunate that upon my arrival in Russia, I decided to change my mind against purchasing of arms in the name of war. I have succeeded on

diverting the fund into a security storage company through a help of UN staff.

I pray to God to forgive me for all the innocent people killed during my service to the JMG force. I have promise my self and God never to involve in

any form of services to humanity through out my life time.

In view of the above, I will never like to go back to Pakistan again because of my life and wish to invest this funds under your umbrella and supervision.

I will also seek your assistant to help me secure traveling documents for my wife and two children.

In summary.

I needed your assistant and protection to the funds.

I will highly appreciate it, if my request is given utmost priority and consideration.


Mr Ali Khan

Where’s Alec Baldwin’s wallet when we need it?! Seriously, though, they may actually start making quite a bit of money. The peace movement is dumb enough to fall for it and have no problem sending their welfare checks to a “worthy cause.”

5 Comments on “The Next Level of Nigerian Scams

  1. I would like to know where to had his name and picture on scams in Nigeria
    “Price Greg Jack”

  2. I want to send his pics what website can I used and the message he sent to me this past few weeks .

  3. Got a new one at our office. Someone called using the Deaf Relay system and then asked for e-mail address. After 2 e-mails it is obvious someone was using the deaf relay system to scam us. Wanted us to send 3 A/C systems out, we highballed the price and they didn’t blink and they wouldn’t tell us where they were from. So we ignored them.

  4. I got this one earlier today. Thankfully, GMail’s spam catcher is really pretty good.

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