The Nigerian Leave Request Scam

UPDATE: This Ain’t Hell writes about who you can contact if you believe you have been scammed and the person is posing as a US military member.

The Nigerian military scammers think they’re pretty smart. I guess they must be since I continue to get emails on a DAILY BASIS from women who have been scammed out of literally thousands of dollars. I tell you, I’m in the wrong line of work. I may have to move to Nigeria myself and start raking in the dough. But, my conscience and Christian beliefs wouldn’t let me.

Anyway, I got the following email forwarded to me by a woman who was being scammed. While I personally see the many flaws in this type of email, I can sort of understand how unsuspecting women could believe this was official. Let me reiterate something here: if they don’t send this kind of an email from a .mil email address, it’s not real. Plain and simple. Nothing official ever comes from

See? That’s a “.com” email address. Some scammers try to get sneaky and send something like It’s still a “.com” email. The “.mil” need to come AFTER the “@” symbol. Anyway, this is what the email looked like:



We receive your request for an R@R leave on behalf of Lieutenant Rhonda, we already began the processing of the leave and we have contacted the Lieutenant about it and she has confirmed that she knows you.

Meanwhile, we will need to make a proper verification between the both of you to know exactly if you are truly close and related as you have stated and the one way to do this is stated below.

Verification of your address is in progress as we will make an available flight for the soldier to fly her to the nearest airport close to you after the leave has been approved.

Therefore, there is an ISAF number for every soldier which is a confidential number for every soldier on deployment so you are to request this number from the Lieutenant and which is the final step of verification, if it what we have from you match what we have in record then the approval will take place.

However, the leave request will incur some paper work, procurement and Logistic fees to hand the Lieutenant a liberty Pass for her to leave the camp and fly out to your provided address.

Below are the charges for paper work and logistics which must be paid before the leave will finally approve.

Below are the stated charges

Paper Work Fee : 221.03
Flight Logistic fee: 533.10
Procurement Fee: 103.00
Total 856.13 USD

Meanwhile the leave is in process and been verified so we request you to make the payment of the above name fee in care of The US.Army to the Logistic Commander in charge of of the leave request who is presently on an Intervention in AUSTRALIA

Therefore payment can be made via,Bank Transfer, Flit Cash,Money Gram,Western Union Money Transfer. Due to poor economic issues the payment should be made via Western Union Money Transfer which is the best and safest way to make the payment due to your location and the Logistic Commander’s Location as we could not establish a direct link for transfer with the banks available so preferable Western Union is the best required.

Therefore payment of the above stated fee are to be sent to the Logistic commander who will process the and handle the flight and logistic of the Soldier, after you have sent the fee reply this email with the transfer information as stated below.

Peter Wood
44 Auk Ave Burleigh Waters
QLD Australia 4220

Note: Please After payment you are to scan the copy of the receipt and send us a copy of the file or reply this email with the following information.

Senders name:

Senders Address:


Secret text:

Secret Answer:


Yours in Service.


Let’s not even worry about the grammatical and spelling errors. This is the number one tipoff that you are dealing with a scammer. No professional communication would ever come from an official military source like this. NEVER.

I just wanted to share this with you so it’s out there and searchable in case others are running into this. Troops DO NOT need permission from anyone outside their chain of command to take leave. I’m married and have been in the Army for 18 years and I don’t even need my wife’s permission to take leave. We DO NOT need money to travel back to the United States for said leave or at the end of a tour. All travel is taken care of by the Air Force and contracted airlines. We DO NOT get stuck in third world countries in Africa or anywhere else. We DO NOT need liaisons or other representatives to handle our finances. If someone is on a classified mission, they WOULD NOT be talking to you and letting you know about it.

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  1. Hi anyone have been talking to this lady

    Adinath Das
    Or by the name of

    Jamie greenwood Armstrong

    She says she is from army and she has money she want to transfer it to my country

    N don’t blv such bullshit

  2. oh my goodness. I’m so sorry for everything that happened. 1 month ago I met a 45 year old boy, he is a marine US. He hasn’t asked for money, we are getting to know each other and he seems very nice. He says he will come to my country, Spain. Then I am waiting for him. I have asked for his passport and he sent it to me, I see his photo and his personal data but he has not sent me his military mail for X reason, which I do not like, I want his military mail too.

  3. Once the victim’s confidence has been gained, the scammer then introduces a delay or monetary hurdle that prevents the deal from occurring as planned, such as “To transmit the money, we need to bribe a bank official. Could you help us with a loan?” or “For you to be a party to the transaction, you must have holdings at a Nigerian bank of $100,000 or more” or similar. This is the money being stolen from the victim; the victim willingly transfers the money, usually through some irreversible channel such as a wire transfer, and the scammer receives and pockets it.

  4. My Army friend says he’s Scott Potter. I haven’t sent him anything, but he’s getting desperate for my mailing address and phone number. So desperate, he’s sending images on WhatsApp of military camps, injured soldiers, and says he’s in Iraq and they are being attacked. He’s playing on my emotions and he’s wanting to take leave and come home to me soon. Says I’m the love of his life. Lol. I am not giving him money or my phone number or address. He’s told many lies 5hat I have caught him in.

    • Hello Judy,

      My mother also is talking to “Scott Potter.” The real man lives in San Diego, CA and has been home for two years now. Unfortunately, my mother doesn’t believe that this scammer is lying to her. Please, if you are contacted by SCOTT POTTER, POTTER HUGHLETT or any variation, DO NOT believe him.

  5. Has anyone spoken to someone named Michael rosa and he says he’s in the navy? He says he’s currently in Africa for a mission but he’s done now but got into a really bad car accident.

  6. Has anyone heard of John tyler Slayton 42 in the Army and stationed in Somalia Africa. from Italy but his a daughter here in CA and Sister there as well. He is not really asking for a lot. Only a google card for his daughter for $15. Talks Bibile sends verses and just chit chat for about a month now. Says he isn’t asking me for Money at all. email is JohntylerSlayton*@ Gmail dot Com We talked on twitter, now on google Hangouts. Just wondering!

    • Yes I been talking to him a year plus and he says he will see me before Sept 1st and we are to be married and live . Johntylerslayton1@
      We chat on hangouts too.
      Reply to 43 and 44 sat this july

      • My name is Myrta Clemente…I just wondering if you still chat I have been dating him on line over three years now. He tells me that he’s so much in love with me. And that he’s was supposed to come in December of last year.. he’s been telling me that for tha past three years. He also said that he is on a mission in Somalia Africa. An a daughter who lives in new York with his sister. He aslo asked for specific amounts of money every week. I know he’s been chatting you at tha same time… that’s why I wanted to know…plz can you answer my question so I would know what to do. Thank you.

    • I am talking write now that person just a few slight differences. We have talked for close to 18 months. Recently I have caught him lying more and more. I m not sure what you want to know but I have lots of misc .. everything about him including he should be going on leave August. He some how is on my home too

    • I also got tricked recently! He wanted me to check his bank account for him !
      Then wanted me to ask for leave on his behalf
      Supposedly on a peace making mission in syria !!! His name is Reynoldj on Instagram his email is Puerto rican supposedly marine !

      • Yes I had something similar! He uses the name Wilbert Sander. He wanted me to transfer money for his bankaccount. Cause it would not work from where he was. He says he is in Syria. I did check it and I did see the balance. Over a million dollars! That was the reason why I trusted him in the first place. His wife died of cancer. No siblings. Parents died. He is religious…… But I asked for his mil ID and a photo with a note in his hand. Those were fake. I guess it cost me a 1000 dollar. But I learned a lot. I was just looking for someone to really love me. But I do worry bout the soldier whose identity was stolen! I am a soldier myself, and I feel very stupid and am very angry with myself. I have fallen in love with the photos and the sweet words….But it was all a scam. please all be carefull!!!!!

        • Same person contacted me. Wilbert Sander claiming to be stationed in Syria. Gave the same story of wife died of cancer. He said God answered his prayer by sending me to him. His online profile showed he was 47 but when texting he said he was 45. He claims he’s from Texas and his phone number comes up as a Texas area code. He sweet talks heavily right away and says honey this and honey that. When I asked for more photos he claimed he couldn’t take any due to security reasons. I immediately did a search and found this website. That’s when I knew for sure he was trying to scam me. I had my suspicions but this solidified it. Ladies don’t fall for this scammer.

    • Hi
      i need some help plz
      i met a friend on app n we started texting for 10 monthes ago .
      she said her name is Mary Romoke Owen and she is a military in Nigeria and she send me her ID n some of her Pictures . after one month she didnt ask me for Money but iam who started to help her with Money, but this last month she asked me Money n she said she has bails to pay n she showed me her Court paper baills.
      n once she wanted to leave n she showed me he ticket that she book but she couldnt leave , she said they Catch her while she was texting by phone someone when she wanted to leave.
      plz i dont know what to do
      somtimes i belive her n somtimes not
      i have her American phone number also.
      if some one can help me with that.
      GOD bless u all.

    • My name is Myrta Clemente
      I’m wondering if you still talking to
      Because he’s been talking to me for over three years. And he tells me that he’s coming to meet me. But three years have past and he always have an excuse. He tells me he wants to marry me. N go to Italy.?? He always asking me for specifics amounts of money. N cards Google and iTunes. Please reply me…thank you.

      • Oh yes, this is most definitely a scam. I will come back and share my story later, but ANYONE asking you for I tunes/Google Play cards is ALWAYS A SCAMMER. The reason they are asking you to do that is because Moneygram/Western Union are very aware of scammers these days. Has he asked you to send money via Moneygram/Western Union? I would venture to guess he has. What has probably happened is that Moneygram/Western Union won’t accept the transfer(if you have tried to do it-if you have, don’t be embarrassed) and that’s a way of this person asking you for money-what they do is RE-SELL the cards for money, or exchange them for whatever. These men are stupid, but they are clever. They know the words and excuses to use. They deceive you by building up a fantasy that is a complete lie. Someone who loves you would never do that. He will hold on to this story of wanting to coming to visit you for as long as you let him do it. This is very common and it happens all the time. Whether it’s someone pretending to be in the military or working as a military contractor, or just someone pretending to be someone else with an elaborate story of wanting to come to see you and make a life with you-there is NO reason he needs that money. The person you think you know is someone completely different. It’s sinful, devious and malicious to do that. A real man would never do that. A real man, no matter if he was really down on his luck-would never impose and stress or take advantage of a woman for money. You deserve better. Do you guys communicate through Google Hangouts or WhatsApp in addition to email? Those are major red flags too by the way. I know it will be difficult, because I’ve been there-and thankfully I got out in time. My story was different, but what I suggest you do is to tell him that you are done and you have him all figured out-tell him that his scam is nothing new, and you now know the truth. He will still likely try and confess his love for you, but what will happen if you just stay strong is that he will get upset with you, and tell you that he is “in danger” or he is in trouble, or that he needs money just to get to you. My guess is that you have never video chatted, and that he has some excuse why he can’t. There is no excuse, and no decent person except a criminal would ask you for money and tell you that he wants to come to visit you in the US to travel to Italy with you for 3 years. After you’ve confronted him, block him. He’ll try to contact you via other means(directly by phone, facebook, any other social media) Block him there too. He is stopping you from living the life you deserve. I hope I’ve been able to help.

  7. I am talking to a guy called Raymond Wong-Chang, three months already, he showed me his ID and passport, now he is asking for leave, has to be paid by me, and he provided this email address, and said his commander is called Justin McCarthy. Anyone similar encounter?

      ZIP CODE…. 23434
      COUNTRY….NIGERIA but he said his real name is Jorge perry

    • I was scammed out of 8 thousand dollars from a woman say her name was Felecia Connor but also I got to looking and she was also using the names Lora Higgins, Jessica Lora, Jennifer Connor, and Angela Connor it started out as angel until I got to looking and her name was Felecia she keep saying she needed money to leave and I was stupid and keep sending money and she keep giving excuse after excuse on why she didn’t get to leave honestly never been hurt so bad in my life how could a person ever do some one that way I will never know

    • A mí me enamoro como un estupido una militar llamada Mary Roland por unos meses le envié 2500 dólares.segun para venir y estar conmigo.y cai como estupido .tengo muchas fotos y vídeos y según me mando fotos de su ID militar y su pasaporte.y si es militar.en whatsapp me salió un número de Nigeria military.y tengo videos de ella entrenando y todo.nontiene sigue pidiendo dinero.pero no más.

    • I was contacted by a guy on POF named Raymond Wireman. After talking for a few mins he wanted to talk through Google Hangouts. I did chat with him through the app and he began charming and telling me that he was developing feelings for me which was odd cause he never seen me or heard my voice. He said that his wife left him for another man and used drugs. He was raising his son alone. He said that his son stayed at an academy which did make sense either. But anyways he said he was leaving Texas and being deployed to Africa. Once he got there he said he forgot his heart meds in the us and need me to send money so he could buy it. I was like, yeah right. So I got into an argument with him and he called me everything under the sun. I deleted the app and moved on. A couple of months later he emailed me wanting me to open up a wallet account so he could transfer money there. I blew him off and called him just what he is a scammer.

  8. I’ve received this email today, I know it’s a scam I haven’t even replied back to it. Just a heads up for others if they receive something similar it’s probably a scam.

    He was telling me he is SGT Dave Alejandro with the US Army. He basically invested with others in a Oil Busniess worth 86Million in Afghanistan. Once they all split the money he (Dave) ended up with 2.6M USD. Because he is a SGT he can’t move the “huge” amount of money “undetected” to his account in the US without being interrogated or face probation by the US Government. He needs this money to retire when he gets back home and needs someone to help him out. All said and done basically he wants me to help him with this I’m not sure how because I don’t want to reply back to the email. He needs a “Trustworthy” person and he will offer 40% of the 2.6M he has.

    I just know this is a scam so I don’t bother talking with these people but if others get something similar don’t believe a word.

    • I got an email almost exactly like it. He has 2.6mil USD that he needs transfered. Didn’t reply as well, due to it being a scam.

    • I also received an Email from Stg Dave Alejandro. I didn’t know what to do so I volunteered to help him. I’ve given him so much information including a picture of my ID that shows my ID number. Where can I report this.

    • Ich habe das auch erlebt, James Moris, oder James Felix , und treibt noch immer sein Unwesen, auf Facebook.

  9. I have been speaking with a soldier for almost a 3 weeks that i met on an online dating app
    and now we moved to communicating through whatsapp. He said he is in Afghanistan working for US Army.
    He is a American widowed his wife deceased in cancer.
    After 3 weeks now he call me his wife,my queen, my love and wants
    to spend the rest of his life with me he wamt to come over to live with me.
    He is really charming and looks good on the photos he sends.
    He haven’t been asked for money. But he wants to retire and want to get married becuase he has falling in lov
    with me and asked my name and address. e-mail and phone number because he want to send me his retirement
    document for me to sign as his wife so he can be ably to reier immediately and not go his next mission i Syria.
    He said that his namne was on a new deployment list for him to go Syria. He think his gonna die there
    and have nobodyelse He called me on video so I saw him just for a few seconds so But I never hears his voice.
    I got a note from him that the package is in it way to me, he has got it track online.
    It containes retierment dokument, laptop, photo album and his third uniform he said.
    Yes don’t think I dare to pick up this package?
    Can he be a scammer?

    • Seriously, do you really need to ask that question???

    • I have a similar situation. His name was Simone Dext. He sought me out on Fitbit , then wanted to talk on Hangouts. He wanted me to look at his bank account and then transfer monies to other banks.

    • Hi! Can I see your photos? I think we are talking or were talking to the same guy!

    • Hey! I think we were talking to same person- mine was for the last four weeks- did you chat with him? I did and he had a very good American accent. I even saw him on video chat. My story was slightly different but basically wanted me to pay £5000. He said he was 47, widow, two kids, from Texas . In Iraq for peacekeeping. Being deployed to Syria for a secret mission. Wanted to retire and come live with me in the UK. His email was and also used a second email of Luckily I refused to give him money. I reverse google search his photos and found they belonged to a legit Facebook page. His words that he used were queen, baby, my love! All sounds very familiar to your story

    • He sounds like it… have you got lots of pics from him? So they look real?

  10. Estimados:
    Fui contactada por Hangouts , por un señor de nombre supuesto Philip Owen, después de conversar por fines de enero a febrero, me piden aproximadamente $ 3500 dolares. Lamentablemente ahí me dí cuenta que era una estafa. Se aprovechan de la vulnerabilidad de la gente. Mandan fotos y vídeos de la supuesta persona y se que aún lo siguen usando para estafar.

  11. Someone posing as an American soldier wants to send a package to my country. He does not know that I have discovered his deception. It seems to be a drug. I would like them to fall. What can I do?

    • I have a sgt also sending me messages that he wants my mailing address to send me a box with his stuff and for me to sign his retiring paper work. He gets mad when I don’t give it to home. Now he wants itune card for his kids who want video games but he can’t access his account to send them money. He also sends me a lot of pictures of him n his “kids.”

  12. Australian ex army seeks help in finding weather my partner is being scamed. by a so called colonel first name only is travis he described him self as half japanese half cowboy ? deployed in syria

  13. I got a messege yesterday from someone saying they were giving money out, first you have to give them money. I could not transfer the money so she said go to this store and buy 5 $100 itune cards for a total of $500, then she was going to tell me how to give the rest of the money.
    Its a great big scam.
    I nearly fell for it. Why did I nearly fell for it, they got a name from my facebook page and pretended that she was my friend, they knew a lot about her so I thought well if she did it I can do it.
    But was not true.

  14. This just happened to me he contacted me through Instagram and used Google hangouts to communicate I just like to mess with them to see how far they will go and he asked me for a iTunes card for $100 and then a he asked me to send money because his master card was working where he is. He is a single father widowed and a very smooth talker and the name he is using is Ronnie Edward Cory Avalos

    • This just happened too me too on Kik she goes by name Tracy deputy she said had no money food and asking for money and bank account information and other stuff please do something about this

    • He got me to go on to hang out I did not even know this existed I tend to do what’s up lol lol anyway his name is osborn Peterson and he’s scamming me or trying to. Lol lol he wants me to send a email stating and a vacation leave. Lol. Lol I cannot stop laughing. Everyday he tells me he lost a friend. Through bombing in Syria and in the same breath telli. G me how much he loves. Omg I want to play with him a bit longer I can’t help myself. Sorry got to go now he’s texting me. Bye

    • I cannot believe I almost fell for something like this! I am so happy I found this site. No money was asked for during the month we have been talking online but he did profess his love a week ago. Today he asked for money to help his sick uncle. I finally tried to search for him online and cannot find anything. I am a trusting person by nature and did not want to believe I could get caught up in a scam. Thank you, CJ, for saving me from myself! The guy is going by Kelvin Remirez, says he is a Captain in the US Army on deployment to Libya. I feel so stupid for not catching any of this earlier….

    • Goes by Anthony Anderson. Claims to be the owner of towerfield petrolum working as engineer. Widowed. Dead son. Very talented with words.

      • And does he talks about his “granddaughter “ Sarah and his dog billy??

  15. I’ve been talking to a woman for the past month who goes by the name ‘Claire Cox’. She’s currently deployed is Israel and isn’t due back for some time; what made me believe it was legit was the fact she said from the start she was not able to talk about her deployment etc and also the picture she sent in uniform had her name on.

    She hasn’t asked for money or anything until last night when she asked me to write a formal letter as her fiancé to request a leave of absence. I thought nothing of it until I googled it and it didn’t seem right. But I did it, not actually giving my real name or anything but say a few hours later I received an email back from the ‘leave department’ saying this;

    Hi Sir, you will have to fill out the form attached to this email and get back with it to proceed with Specialist Claire Cox’s leave request.

    Leave Department

    What striked me as odd was how informal the email was, I’ve sent and received plenty of formal emails and they didn’t look like this. And the form itself looked unprofessional so I googled leave request forms for the army and I found the same one with the same signature but different name. Apparently mine was sighed by Cpt Alfred Jones (captain America lol)

    I want to believe that it isn’t a scam but a lot of things are point towards it and not against it.

    Anyway I thought I’d share…

    • Anyone asking for money is a scammer, unless you know the person from real life. Africa is completely full of professional scammers driving BMW’s and wearing gold chains, they have staff trained for chat and scripts for Christ’s sake.
      Nigeria, Ghana the scam capitals. Use google reverse image search and yandex image search, will often find where the photos are stolen from and get you the real persons info. Ask for a web cam and be careful of pre-recorded videos looped where someone is typing, smiling and then repeats its self if you pay attention. As k for a unusual photo, holding a shoe over his or her head, a photo outside showing their surroundings. Ask for a phone number of the base or where it is located. I can’t believe how little checking people do with anyone who say’s there in Africa or any country and isn’t transparent enough in the exact same way you would be with a actual person you know. NEVER NEVER NEVER SEND A NICKEL. I’ve had Chinese friends get burnt for as much as $10K by those bastards.

      • Another one who’s using other profile named Dave Heinrich Thomas with IG account oficail_dr_heinrich is a scammer

  16. My cases: november 2018
    3 men, no one from US Army

    1. He contacted me by Instagram. A surgeon. 50 years, 1 son of 10, lives in Washington DC, gone to Siria because he works by US Army. Asked for a sex video. Program used: Whatsapp

    2. We started to chat by app “Más40”. A civil engineer, 1 daughter around 30, lives in Dallas, gone to Nigeria because a bridge contract with a Chinese company. Asked for money to by a hammer. Program used: Google Hangouts

    3. He contacted me by Meetup. A civil engineer, 1 daughter, lives in Atlanta, Georgia, gone to Turkey because a contract. Non program used (he couldn’t answer my verifying questions)

    No money sent. 🙂

    • This just happened to me contacted me through Instagram and used Google hangouts to communicate I just like to go back and forth to see how far they will go and he asked for a iTunes card for $100 then a few days later her asked for money because his master card wasn’t working where he is. He is a single father widowed and a very smooth talker. The name he is using is Ronnie Edward Cory Avalos. He says he is in the military

      • This sounds like my story!!!! But he calls himself Jeff Lewis. Anyone knows a a Jeff Lewis ???

      • Hi I’m chatting with a guy with the same story line. He has two children and his wife died in a car crash. He’s stationed in Iraq and after talking he immediately confessed his love for me. Few days later he asked me to buy iTunes. His name is Jack Rodriguez

    • Wer ist dr
      John walker ?er ist in Kabul Arzt
      .kenne sein Gesicht nicht. Möchte wissen.ob er Fake ist

  17. Hello ,
    I’m chatting with a girl for the last two months. She is telling me that she is in the army and now she is deployed in Africa.
    She ask me to write an email on her behalf to the Leaving department office and I got this email.
    I believe this is a scam.


    *United States of America*
    1. The return officer requesting the license must have a reasonable reason to apply for a military license.
    2. Experience has shown that vacations and shorter rest periods for service, as well as absences from the authority to address emergency situations at home, therefore, each soldier who is eligible for leave or not Leave for themselves.
    3. The returning officer requesting the license request will be responsible for receiving a certain amount of money as leave premiums and this will be claimed by your beneficiaries.
    4. The short leave period can be requested for a soldier by your spouse, immediate family or extended with authentic reasons
    5. The maximum license time to be given to a soldier in deployment is 6 months.
    6. All soldiers leaving the camp on a family or fiancee request must have a release card with him or her upon their departure and arrival, an identification card must be sufficient to identify an absent service member not classified as a license.
    7. Paid leave should only be guaranteed to a soldier who qualifies for a permit, unpaid leave to soldiers who are ineligible under any type of condition.
    8. Returning officers will be required to leave their designated country 72 hours after processing is completed.
    9. The groom or family of soldiers applying for a license must pay all necessary charges accordingly, which the United States government and the United States government will pay after all is done and the soldier is with his fiancée or family.
    10. In no case should a third party intervene with the entire transformation.

    Here is the pay list for the leave you requested for CORPORAL ARLEEN CASTROSEPULVADE
    3 months = $3,000
    4 months = $3,500
    5 months = $4,500
    6 months = $5,500
    Payment must be made to into the department account
    Bank name=Wells Fargo bank
    Rt# 063107513
    Ac# 8425687541
    Name Jeffrey Cameron

    When you choose your Month option, then the payment should be made to this information through either through bank transfer or cash deposits

    First name:…………………………..
    Population: …………………….
    Home phone:…………………
    Mobile phone:…………………
    I ………………….. of …………….. declare that all the data provided above are True and correct about me, and the money spent during the transit and the officer’s license ………………… should be returned to me afterwards.
    With confirmation of the above information provided about you, I hereby declare under military law that every penny spent during transit or officer processing license ……………… ….. will be returned later.
    Attached to this email are some classified document for you to file out, but we have everything translated for you. One of the documents was signed by the general and the other was signed by my office. So we wait for you to choose your month of choice and confirmation of payment.

    Leave processing officer
    U. S army force / Nigeria division

  18. I need your help a very good friend of mine is trying to bring one of her friends home from Nigeria. I believe it to be a scam but she wont listen to me. do you know a E-7 ssgt william smith andrews.

    • Does anyone know a Craig Martinez?
      Has people send money to a ADEMOLA ADEYANJU? Suppose to be a contact for the us navy in Nigeria?
      I’m concerned because my mother has had this relationship going for almost two years with very little photos.
      Now after a year she started sending money, now today he’s supposed to be flying in to the us and retiring. He called her once. I’m concerned and worried. No clue what to expect. I feel it’s a scam. A part of me hopes he doesn’t show up.

  19. I’m talking to a guy name kelvin Moreno in Kodo Nigeria say his from gervias Oregon and 33 puertorican

    • Hi

      I would like to see the pic. I thick I am being scammed too.

      • Joseph Kishel ? Same scam live in Watertown ny says in Nigeria wanted money to open bank account in my name and get me to get him leave same picture on face book yet says he won’t be back until November yet all over Facebook he baaccckkk. Also on hangouts apps . Hence told him no way was I opening a bank in my name to get him to transfer funds from account for him from Turkey for his construction company .

        • I have been sending money to Joseph John kishel for year.first he was in PA US army .was coming home in February of 2018 but was developed to Nigeria. Was only deployed for 6mo.but didn’t get home til 12 mo later.said needed money for phone then money to come home .suppose to live and be in Houston Texas. Never came to see me guess I was another fool for him.

    • I am talking to a Kelvin Smith. I have pictures. He’s on leave in Lybia. The first name caught my attention. Met him on POF dating site. He told me his MOS. Still unsure.

      • Same one I was talking to… sent me photos, I google reverse ALL pics… they are from a cover of a book on drug busts lol

      • You know something about andrea Gontez???they want I pay 525 ans she can go home from nigéria. Thank you

      • What about a supposed Sgt Frank aka Andrew Alvies(Frank)? Had been talking for a year and no money was asked until the other day when he said that he can’t get to his original destination but can pay for the forms ( meaning me of 230.00) to be able to get to original destination. I’m not stupid by no means. My father was a Sgt in WWII and no military man or woman needs to ask for help with money anything because they all have access to their money like they do the net. People who steal identity of our military men and women make me not have respect for our real military personnel. No trust rather.

        • They don’t have to pay for any forms. All is done for free

        • U can spot a scammer a mile away … They are either in the Army, away from home on deployment or they are engineers or doctors … They are always a widowe r with one child

      • There’s this guy my friend has been talking to online he says he is in his mid 40s and that he’s in Nigeria right now, David Miller is his supposed name… He’s asking her for money and they’ve only talked for a few weeks. I told her his a scammer and I was wondering.. Is he a scammer?

  20. hell yes i have received the same email with a different man and i have spend a month talking to him and dreaming about our meeting and today i found out he is a scammer. never send money for a person you dont know in person

  21. Also, when I am unable to send him money, he has friends to deposit money into my account so that I can sent it to him. I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m potentially laundering money. Help!

        • Probably, but they won’t tell you that. So if someone is claiming to be black ops, they are definitely not.

        • Read the top of the page. If someone was really on a secret ops mission, they would NEVER be able to tell anyone that. That is probably what this scammer is saying to explain why they would need money. They might also say they’ve been ‘stuck somewhere and are held captive’ It is such an insult to our real men and women who bravely serve our country. They NEVER need forms from anyone to request leave or money for leave, or money for transportation home. Just like someone said above who was in the Military for many years said, they would never even need a form or help from even their WIFE to request it. It is given by a superior ONLY and all transportation is paid for. Also, anyone saying they need money because they ”can’t get any money in or out” is insane. They have everything they need. I was also a victim of a military scam, and I now remember that it was this site that helped me realize what I needed to, and that thankfully I was not alone. I had someone telling me that he was a physician who was working for the military via a UN contract, and when I asked him why he had all those ‘fees to pay for a vacation request’ because military members do not, he said it was because he was not military etc etc. The UN/contractor thing is also a scam, of course. These people are VERY devious, and they will try to convince you of anything. Looking back on it now I don’t know how I could believe it, but please, block him and report him.

  22. Do we have American troops in The Benin Republic currently? I’ve been in a phone relationship with someone that states he was stationed at Ft Knox but was deployed to the Benin Republic right after we started talking. He had not asked for money for the first long while, but then supposedly lost his wallet at a bar and his bank account was suspended. He told me that his bank was unable to clear up the matter until he returns home, due to he could not show proof that it was his account over the phone. We have Skyped twice but for very short periods of time, due to connection. He is scheduled to come home in about 10 days, but says the army must verify that he has 4400.00 in an account, just in case he has problems with customs, but if he doesn’t need it, it won’t be touched. I have sent him money for his “hotel bill” and food since he lost his wallet. He is supposedly staying in a hotel, due to the unsafe conditions on the base there. I haven’t seen any travel plans for his flight yet and I am supposed to meet him when he comes off the plane. I just want to know if I travel to meet him, if he’s really going to show up or if he’s just been scamming me all along. Please help!

    • Your situation sounds a little bit like mine I met a guy on Facebook he goes by the name of Donald Jackson and he gave me the same story that your scammer has given you he’s dressed up in military it early but I’m very observant and I pay attention to everything I asked him why did he have his uniform on backwards and why did he use certain hand signs or while he was in uniform disrespecting the uniform he tells me that he’s divorced and he caught his wife cheating and he wants me to go on his account in case he needs money because he has a uncle that is very old but I’m not stupid and I’m not going to be set up so I tell him I don’t have any money but he asked me to send him a iTune card for $50 I was going to buy the iTune card but it came out to be a scam they use that for money so please do not do anything else more for this person just take your losses and go ahead on do not travel there because he will not be there.

    • Hi this happened to me this person says he in Africa with the military and wants me to send him Amazon card you did right for him to be asking for a a card he calls on Hangouts he for real Martin last name

    • Scam- big fat scam. I’ve worked for the military for years- and you never need money from outside sources. They have contracts with hotels and airlines and anything you may need while traveling. Anytime you are asked for money from a widower in Syria or Nigeria or anywhere – it’s a scam.

    • Scam- big fat scam. I’ve worked for the military for years- and you never need money from outside sources. They have contracts with hotels and airlines and anything you may need while traveling. Anytime you are asked for money from a widower in Syria or Nigeria or anywhere – it’s a scam.

      and random men who reach out on Instagram and Facebook- I never talk to someone who I don’t know personally bc usually also a scam.

  23. My mother in law is being scammed by someone claiming to be called Scott edgeworth or Keith edgeworth or Keith James edgeworth. He uses the following names in man different ways:
    Scott, Keith, Kyle, Roland, edgeworth, James and maybe more. He claims is internet is down in Nigeria and needs an iTunes gift card to pay for internet. She has already give him her UK Barclays Bank account details to him in Nigeria to make purchases. Why won’t she listen and understand there won’t be a marriage or love or sex or any thing happy it’s a SCAM!!!! I’m so worried about her and have run out of options to stop this from happening. We are in the uk and he claims to be in Africa and I’ve done my research and found 4 different accounts for him and different peoples faces and dobs. Please help me help her!!

      • Hi cj grisham I need help to know if the person I am chatting with is real or a scammer I have searched his pics and none of his pics nor email nor phone number appears to be appearing so can you help me find out the truth please . I was the one that sended the guy a friend request on Facebook so can I find out or how can ypu help me to know if he is real please with proves and stuff I have fallen in love and I want to know if he is real please help me. thanks in advance hope to hear from you soon .

    • Madam please listen to your daughter-in-law the man is a scammer and he is going to clean you blind please change your information and move on there is more to life than a scammer I know there are being in your town that you can associate with that wants you for you and not your money so please please listen to your daughter-in-law she’s right it will hurt you in the long run.

  24. Two weeks ago I received a friend’s request from a man that says he is on an assignment for 4 years by the UN and under contract. He showed me pics and I saw him on video and they match verry closely if not perfectly. He says his name is Jeremy Wilson. I asked was he a 4-star General, as I saw in the pics. He wouldn’t tell me because at that time he was angry due to my asking if he was phishing. After only a couple of days he said that I may say he is crazy, but he said, ‘I am falling in love with you!’ The sweet talk was going on already and continued, until the following Saturday when he said he wanted to meet me. He said by being on contract on a peacekeeping mission in Yemen he needed someone to send a letter to his Superior General asking for a leave. Reluctantly, and much heated discussion, I did so. I received an email back from Sup. General Brian He replied back and said I needed to send my phone number and address before the leave could be verified and then I would need to send $2,500.00 for a gatepass. Jeremy says he is in a camp in Yemen. I have never heard of anything like this before, and Jeremy has not been talking to me and attacking my character because I cannot send the money. He says he still loves me, but, I turned out to be not the woman that he thought I was. Today we are talking again, and I am convinced to send the money, but I am afraid. He promises he will meet me, he promises I will be amazed by him. He has promised so much. I mentioned trying to get the money from my hubby since I do not have it to spare. My hubby and I are only living together….there is no marriage. Now, he is telling me to come up with a story to get it from my husband, but don’t tell him why. I told him that I will tell him why because the truth is always better than lies. He said not to tell him because my husband would only make things harder on me when he blows up and he (Jeremy) would not be here to handle things. As I said, I have seen him twice on video call, but only briefly a few seconds. He says it is not safe due to the enemy. I was about to send the money myself, but, I got to looking online, again, and now I am afraid again.
    Do you think this is a scam, or he is for real? He swore to me today that it is not a scam and he is who he says he is. He won’t scan the page of the contract saying that money is required, and he won’t scan his ID to email to me so I can rest easier. He says that should not be necessary. He says I should trust him because he would do the same for me if it was reversed.
    I don’t know what to do or what to believe. Would a true 4-star General behave this way?
    Thank you for your time and reply (I am awaiting a prompt reply because he is going to be asking me again if I have sent the information).
    Mrs. Jodi Cubbler

      • Hi I met I think it’s a soldier but not sure he told me to be a spouse and email to for a registration form for a spouse so I can receive his belongings I got the email back and it says I have to pay $580 for the fee and he even gave me his commanders hangouts name to talk to him to make things easier I feel it’s a scam

        • Hello I met a guy who is military officer en have been chatting for almost 5years now but I’m not still sure if he is really true coz he also ask me to get him a leave for me to meet him en wen I ask if wer is anything to pay he said yes. Until now I did not now any move on it although we r so long now he is nagging me wy I coudnt do it while after all he said u will own everything I have. We r still chatting en he is sometime angry with me wen I doubt him not a real despite of all 5yrs in relationship. Is he a real or scam I have his fon en he is currently assign in Nigeria as a captain.

      • Yes, I knew it was. I had family and a husband in the military and no one had to pay to get a gate pass. There was so much more said by me to him to convince him that I knew he was scamming, but no space and no time to say it all. Bottom line, no scammer/phishing has gotten any money from me. I feel so bad for the real General and what he and his family has been put through. Jeremy caused me high anxiety and worry. I wish it could all be stopped. I have had several romance me to then ask for money. You would be amazed at the lengths they go to. then, when you dont comply, they become belligerant and lowerate to try to make the victim feel guilty, and surrender the money. Not me. I can spot a romance scammer right off the bat and through asking him questions.

    • DO NOT SEND THIS MAN ANY MONEY!!! I am a real US soldier and I can tell you 100% scam. This guy is not who he says he is don’t believe a word he says. 1st off it doesn’t cost any money to come home on leave. 2nd off the soldier requests leave not a girlfriend. The UN/ military doesn’t care what you want. 3rd of all there is no such thing as a 4 star general in the UN. If he is in the military not the UN I can tell you a 4 star general doesn’t have to ask anybody for leave he can do what the neck he wants. Plus a 4 star general makes 6 figures a year why does he need money? If he says his accounts are frozen or he can’t handle his money while he is deployed thats bull carp will NEVER happen. I could go on but I think you get the picture. So delete his number and block him he is a criminal and god don’t send him any money. If you do after reading this its on you when you lose 2500 for nothing.

      • Exactly. I knew all that. Thanks for verifying. I’m glad its over. Been 3 years. Yes, he said he worked for the UN and couldnt tell me anything except for being in Yemen. I dint understand how he had that short video if the general. That was a real general. I have verified the photos and brief video. Nothing was said by the General. Oh well….please, no one believe anyone that asks for money. The military are ttaken care if and should be. If women would stop believing their stupid stories maybe we could out them out of business. I got two to admit what they were doing. I pointed them towards some help for food. I also told them it’s best to be honest if they need money for food, but there are charities that help.

  25. ok here goes this guy contacted me pm fb we have talk about 3 wks and he is on a mission in nigeria now he is wanting to talk to me over the phone but before we can i have to register first with his commador and have to pay 250 to do this never heard of paying for a phone call i told him i couldn’t do it and he insist that he want to hear my voice his commador has sent me the information and to get the form i have to pay first i am not gonna do that i told him we can keep talking on messenger he told me that i should do that to show that i love him i have look up everything that i can find out i was scam before and i won’t be scam again so anyone that reads this please beware he is going by owen welch say he is divorce and has a sister in north carolinia his picture is good looking i tried to find him on search but nothing said he is 63 but in his profile his birthday said he was born in 1955 so that is wrong for i was born in 54 it’s a shame that these creeps can get any profile and use them thank you your time and for reading this

  26. I’m a lesbian and met Sgt. Isabella Sicard through the dating app HER. She told me shes deployed in Kabul , in the special unit squad. She told me i would have to make a leave request and would have to pay a fee of 630 USD in the process which would be refunded to me, when i deliver her to the nearst army base, to announce her arrival.
    She said that i would have to make that request via a secure tunnel, a save email, she would aply for. The adress was: I applied and the sent me two documents as jpg that i researched and found out that they were fake. So, i ended the contact and blocked all communication.

    • Hi I be been scam by same person over same app, but I ve been stupid and paid .
      So when did she (or he) contact u?

      • Hi all ,
        Yesterday I’ve resend email from this person , I replied and asked him why would you transfer this big amount of money and to whom ?
        I received his email today again copied and paste below.

        Good day, I do hope you doing great, and thank you so much for replying and willing to know more about this proposal. This message is sent with the best of intentions as I was encouraged to do so because all through my life strangers have played so much importance, even up to this point, that got me where I am today starting from my childhood experience. For this reason, I’m not in doubt contacting you because I have met strangers, just like you, who have helped me in the course of life in the most supportive and trusting way. So please keep a fairly open mind, let my disclosure stand on its own merit to ensure that you have made a well-informed decision on the long run. ?
        Permit me to introduce myself once again as Sgt Dave Alejandro deployed to Afghanistan, I am an Spanish American, with original family roots to Madrid, Spain. I am a Mechanical Engineer and member of a USA Elite Special Activities Division (SAD) / Special Operations Group (SOG) which is a division in the United States Central Intelligence Agency’s located at the U.S Embassy in Kabul. I got your contact from Google email database directory after an extensive search on the Internet and you may be wondering why I choose to trust a delicate matter like this in the care of a stranger, but this is the best I can do in my present situation. I would have trusted this kind of project in the hands of my wife who was my closest confidant, but I lost her to cancer on 22nd April, 2006 7 months after we got married, and my only brother has ruined his life with hard drugs, As i also lost my parents in a car Accident, when I was 7 year old back in Europe (Madrid, Spain) were i was born and raised up by my adopted parents before moving to the USA but they died years ago, the relatives of my adopted Parents threw me out of the house saying that I was not their own blood. So I lived in Utah before joining the Force. This is the reason why i decided to work with a neutral person if we can establish some trust between ourselves instead of confiding in my buddies back home so that this little secret can be preserved. ?
        I acquired ($7.6 Million USD) from the oil business deal like you already know. This amount ($7.6 Million USD) is my personal share of the deal, due to my status as a US Special Agent, I cannot be able to handle this huge funds personal or move it to my account in United States because our accounts are been monitored by the USA government as well as to avoid further interrogation’s or face any kind of probation by the U.S government so the funds was packaged in a metallic box (luggage) and have sent it to the United Nations Air-force Authorities here in Afghanistan, because there is no other way out to keep it with me here, because of the recent bomb-blast here in Afghanistan, so with the help of a American contact working with the UN here (his office enjoys some immunity) I was able to get the package out to a safe location entirely out of trouble spot. He does not know the real contents of the package, as I have deposited the consignment as a family treasure. I’m writing to personally invite you to join me for something truly life changing and rewarding. I’m setting up an Endowment Fund to finance a non-profit foundation providing asylum for Afghans who face the most risk to their lives because of public support for the U.S war and reconstruction efforts. This was suppose to be at the end of my current and last tour, by the year-end, after processing a honorable discharge from military service. I believe by now you may be curious to know how this matters to you or how it could possibly be of interest to you. The issue is that with my current deployment extension by 3-months due to the fragile security situation and dire risk of Afghanistan falling back into the hands of the Taliban, after exit of the last contingent of foreign troops, I’m desperately in need of your assistance to help me evacuate the sum of $7.6 Million USD as far as I can be assured that it will be safe in your custody until I complete my service tour here. For your assistance in this, you will have the right to claim a retainer amount of 30-percent of the cash amount, during this interim period it’s in your custody. ?
        I ask that if you find no interest in this undertaking that you should discard this email. Please respect the gravity of the situation and do not send a reply contrary to my expectation. If my offer is of no appeal to you, delete this message and forget I ever contacted you. However, if you are a person with good intentions and have a genuine interest to offer some assistance, then endeavor to contact me immediately to enable so as to start cash shipment arrangements. Most importantly, please be discreet about this and maintain strictest confidentiality until the cash deposit is confirmed delivered to you . ?
        Please observe this instruction religiously. Don’t try to spoil my image as it will not be a good thing. I send you this mail not without a measure of fear as to what the consequences, but I know within me that nothing ventured is nothing gained and that success and riches never come easy or on a platter of gold. This is the one truth I have learned from my life experience. Do not betray my confidence. If we can be of one accord, send me your response on my email to enable us commence this line of discussion.?
        *This funds is NOT stolen and there are NO danger or risk involved.?
        Your acceptance to this would encourage me to send further information for us to proceed.?
        Lastly, If my offer is of no appeal to you, delete this message and forget I ever contacted you, but if you are ready to work with me let me know and I will give you the relevant details and initiate this process towards a conclusion. ?
        Your’s faithfully,?
        Sgt Dave Alejandro


    • I’ve just had the Sam contact with this aledged soldier.
      Isabella Sicard told me that she now are deported to Afghanistan.
      She needed me to pay a inchurance to get her belongings sent her to me.
      I never payday but it hurts so bad knowing that someone can impersonate as a soldier when there are real hero’s dying every day for the chance off freedom of others.
      Don’t believe this person…
      She will scam you
      This contact started on happy pancake

  27. I have been chatting with a so-called 4-star General, in the Army, by the name of Jeremy Wilson, for about a week now. He was madly in love with me after only 1-2 days. Then he started asking me about a vacation and that he needed someone to send an email to his Superior General, Brian Woodlarson @ to ask for a leave. I just received his email response, and it says I must pay $2,500.00 in order for him to get a gate pass (he says he is in Yemen). There are no ‘gates’. He is NOT on a base. He says he goes out on patrol every day with his platoon. I told him that I didn’t think soldiers had platoons. He said there are also captains and others under him, but he has to go with them. He told me Yemen is different from Afghanistan, in that, they don’t have the Taliban to deal with. And yet, yesterday, he tells me that on the way back to their ‘camp’ they ran upon a family that had been attacked by the Taliban and they had to bring them to the camp for treatment. I don’t know what to believe, anymore, after receiving the response email from so-called Superior General Brian Woodlarson.
    Can you PLEASSSSE tell me….IS THIS A SCAM. I responded to the email and told this Woodlarson person that I had an ex in the Army, a Dad, and others in my family in different branches of the military, and I have NEVER heard of having to pay money to request a leave/vacation. I told this person that I am going to contact the President and his Generals and report this.
    With Regards!!!
    Jodi Cubbler

  28. A female Air Force nurse that’s I added on Facebook wants to request leave by putting that she is in a relationship with me. She asked me to download google hangouts and we’ve been talking through that. She hasn’t asked for any money. If she asks for money I’ll just cut ties with her.

    Is this a scam?

  29. Hi,
    I came across this blog doing research on two American soldiers i believe to be scammers. Both based in Nigeria…..One goes by many different names as i have found doing my research…If you get a request or follow from @marini_jr0 or @Alejandrohern033 on Instagram DO NOT ACCEPT!!! Enrico Marini on facebook and Hernandez Donald. Sam Hernandez and Toni Hernandez on facebook too, also @Alexand87542649 on twitter….who is claiming to be Marini……i have confronted both of these and both of them denied it….To be fair to “Hernandez” he has not asked me for anything yet. I’ve only been chatting with him for a few weeks but what made me think he was a scammer was that he declared his undying love for me after 2 weeks…wanting to marry me, saying we could get married through the military…..I know that is total bullshit because my brother ha been in the forces for many years so i know how the military and Royal Marines work…..
    You know what…its the real soldiers i feel for having their identity stolen and not having a clue as to what is going on…..i have reported my two Scammers to US Army Criminal Investigation Command and contacted a REAL US Soldier and sent him all the info on Marini and Hernandez to pass onto his superiors…..i have also tried finding the real soldiers myself but not found them yet to inform them of the theft…Maybe one day i will
    There are so many women that these Nigerians pray on……this blog website should be shared worldwide so others can see they are being scammed…..CHECK OUT US ARMY CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION COMMAND website and it will give you details of things like US Soldiers have medical insurance for them and their immediate family and they dont need money to request for leave…..the two most common ones scammers use…
    be careful ladies and always keep ur guard up if you get requests from people claiming to be american soldiers…..i always google their name before accepting!!!

    • Omygod..I got scammed the same way.and the messages were not good grammer.i can tell he was a Syrian I would love to see them all get caught.yes,I told my so called friend whom has 3 names,James Robert.Jeffery Bucknor.and Jim his friend.they ask for come to USA..ain’t happening..and he was very blunt and nasty when I refused..needs to go to jail.
      Karen Trumpore

    • Hiya, I was contacted by a female soldier, who is a nurse too, “ Catherine Williams apparently in Syria “ now… we chatted for a few weeks, I thought a few times something not right, no money was asked for, photos were sent, nothing on her FB page because of terrorists infiltrating their site. Been req to use a gmail acc.
      Anyway said I thought her computer been hacked. Told me to be calm down, it hasn’t..went along with msgs, then asked her y sometimes her words are back to front like when Yoda speaks… no reply to that, then next day oh she was very tired and written English good again.we chatted when she finished her night shift midnight to 8 am and after that when she’d been sleeping….Finally I ask about a tattoo on her arm and she very angry told me what it was and stopped speaking to me, till next day then said if I want to talk with her I should come to Texas to meet up cos she retiring next month, ( May).now…
      Obviously didn’t go havnt heard from her since….
      I havnt heard from her since, yes it’s a scammer but I think in my head the right thing for me to do is let her know myself, but I can’t locate her anywhere., I choked out the badge on her arm 4 clover leaves similar and two infantry units are getting deployed soon back to Afghanistan..
      what pisses me of I know she exists as a real soldier and maybe nurse too, but her ID been nicked to and she has no idea…
      I reported it to one of the army sites recomended but no money changed hands so have to send somewhere else, in the meantime I been trying to locate her my self just to let her know her ID been taken and her computer hacked cos even though no photos on FB originally there are now and same as ones she sent me except for a couple more that matches her story…with a little boy… other thing is…she is a Afghanistan Veteran from 2011… and wears it all photos..and last year coordinated and helped organise distribution centres for victims of the hurricanes and consequently all the flooding , cos it’s on a video I got which also now on her FB page…
      So she’s defo real and a decent person but scumbag scammers got her ID…

  30. Ok so I met this guy on Zoosk a dating site about a month ago. Nice looking guy says his name is Kenny Burleson. He is in the US Navy. He is in NY (Brooklyn). Anyway right away he is saying things that are very similar to the others posts on her on how much he likes me and how he wants to be in a relationship with me and so on. I am the biggest skeptic out there. I am from Jersey so everything he says to me I come back with how can you say something like that to me me you don’t even know me. He has an answer for everything I throw at him. So when I was first talking to him he said that he was in PA and that he was visiting his daughter in Washington DC that weekend. That Sunday he said he was back home in NY. I had asked after a week and a half of talking to him in which we also talked on the phone when we were going to meet. He had said we would meet that Saturday for dinner. On Tuesday he had said that he was in a meeting with work and that he had to leave to go to Nigera because there were some US girls abducted. I had asked him how long he was going to be there for and he said less then 3 months. I also asked him how often this happens he said once in 5 years. He is 42 years old and he also said that he was retiring in December. So needless to say we have been talking. He says that he is from the Netherlands and he has a Dutch accent which he does. He said that both his parents are passed away and that his wife had died 15 months ago. Because I had asked him the last time he was in a serious relationship. I had told a couple of friends about this and they said be careful there are scams going around. So of course I had confronted him about this and he denied everything. He actually said not everyone on Zoosk that is a Military guy is a scam. I had replied back with everything you have said to me so far is very similar to what the scams are about. I had asked him to snap pictures of himself immediately he snapped a selfie in uniform or any other photo it was immediate. He also said that when he gets home that he will prove that he is not a scam. I never asked for money but he did ask for an I Tunes card. I never gave it to him and he stopped asking for it. Still talks to me. I want to believe he is real but until I see him with my own eye I am not a believer. He also send me his Military ID and Passport which I thought was strange because I did not believe he was real. Can someone please give me their comments or thoughts. Don’t scammers if they do not get what they want stop talking to you?

    • Yes I’m talking to someone that has said the same things to me said he was in PA and that they sent him to Nigeria doing the terrorist thing said he’s in the army goes by the name Joseph Robison Clegg. Has an accent sounds black but his pics are white man has asked me to send him iTunes card but haven’t. I did pick up money through western union for him and sent back to him is this a scam please help me figure this out for u have fallen for him

      • It’s funny how these supposed to be military are mainly from Nigeria, or somewhere in north Africa who in actual fact dislike people of European decent, meaning they are caucasians yet they don’t hesitate to use a male caucasian’s profile photo and use all the poor man’s posts.
        I have had it happen to me but they didn’t get a penny out of me. I have reported an incident to the division that the real person was attached to and I had to communicate with the FBI and give them the whole story. I felt good about it and I am a caucasian female from South Africa. When you see their posts take a screenshot in case somewhere down the line you can post them for all to see.

    • Sounds like my story of Bryan Burleson
      He says he is in army in Afghanistan
      He is story is similar
      Look up romance scam .com
      Sgt Richard Burleson

  31. May I make a suggestion, is there a way to modify this site to enable to add pictures? No matter what names are these evils using, being able to add the pictures would help others to identify them faster

  32. The man I am talking to supposedly has a niece back in the states and recently took a job in the same state of me. He is supposedly in the Army and wanted to me WU $600 to a man named Amos Kayode in Nigeria. Now I am getting an email from a user with the username Is all of this legit?

      • I think there is someone trying to scam me. He says he is a General in the US Marines deployed to Syria. He has not yet asked for money but keeps begging me to send an email to the UN asking for him to get emergency leave. I would love your input on this. Lets call it a gut feeling. I would feel terrible if it was an honest cry for help but I did not do it.

  33. I have been talking to this guy….suppose to be station in Nigeria is in the United Nation his name is John Franco I sent him money sever times saying that he doesn’t have access to his money in the United States so you needed me to open up an account checking account

      • Im talking to someone Oh claims To be in the army doing anti-terrorist raids in Africa who asked for money but when i made up excuses why i couldnt then he settled for a care package. He wants me to send it to an address of someone who ‘handles their packages and money because they cant access it’. Says hes lived in Georgia his whole life but speaks the most broken English I’ve ever seen I know it read scam all over it but you always wonder….

    • Hi have you ever been contacted by lace Thompson (Lovelace) he says he’s based in Lagos,Nigeria,always needing cash for leave etc and never happens always summat goes wrong,never video called in years,never had a the pic of him with the plane ticket with hes name and number on it etc many the

  34. Hi
    I am talking to a staff soldier who send me paperwork for a leave spouse request in one of the papers the ask for 3950 dollars in order to precede with request. Acourse in the paperwork the money must be sent to MoneyGram or Western Union to a officer by the name of Kimberly Reese in Tennessee. He claims money needs to be sent in order for him to leave.

  35. Just now, I realize I’m dealing with a scammer.. If I may share.. This men are on Instagram. They have photos as they are not fake. I will share how I get them caught.. They used The name Nick Jim and has multiple accounts with the photo of this man. He claimed ; He works as military doctor (orthopedic doctor) for UN and based at Syria ( Nickjim12123;Nickjim3000;Nickjim2K ) all these accounts are fake. Unfortunately, I had friended also a man whose name is Mac Smith; marine engineer working @ Tullow Oil Inc. What shocked me ; is the photo !! Yes; a photo of the man who speak well English and he is sort a speaker or something. However, those scammers , when you talk to them over the phone ; they literally sound different!! At first; they make friends with you .. then express their love.. then express that they have problems with money .. they have a son whose in military school… and asked for money.. ITunes Card.. etc… I wanted to really find out whose this man they are using because whoever he is he doesn’t know maybe that they are using him.. poor guy!! Please be very careful.. How I wish; they will be caught and we can file criminal charges to these impostors!!! By the way, another name to mention as well … Philip Perez is a scammer as well!!

    • Ever hear of a Jim Perez? I believe my sister is being scammed by him. I think he is having her launder money!

    • hi christine,
      do you have a picture of the man? I write with a man who says he is stationed in Syria. we write since december 2017. he says he has a son who visits a british libary school in ghana … maybe it’s the same one who writes to you. He asked me a few hours ago if i could hold 30.000 € for him…

      “My leave was denied but said that i can get a replacement, a soldier will have to replace me here and take over all my mission but i have to pay for his travel expenses and accommodation plus health.” That was his message

      • Had the same thing happen to me
        Said I needed to send 24000 usd
        To pay for his sub and get him home to me
        “ in my arms”
        Name Bryan Burleson Bedford Texas
        Damn scammers

    • I wish I could see the photos, I think I may know who this is

    • Very similar story, Instagram message from a man claiming to be a US army Sargent stationed in Syria named Nickolas Siepman. He asked for itunes cards at first, and expressed his undying love. Then says he’s being deployed to a more dangerous place and wants me to apply as his fiance for a leave. The email address for the UN leave request does not end with .mil, that’s how i knew he was scamming me. I received a reply stating his leave was approved, but that I had to pay recruitment fees to replace the soldier. That’s when I let him know i was on to him, and I reported it to the IC3 FBI Internet Crimes Center.

  36. I was recently approached by a man who stated he was in the army stationed presently in Texas. We exchanged numbers and began texting on a daily basis. Curiosity got the best of me and asked if he couldn’t talk on the phone. He gave me an excuse about his accent. Never the less, we agreed to call but he claimed he didn’t have credit on his phone so I should call(another flag). We attempted several times one day but I realized someone would pick up but not answer. Then last Monday he texted and stated he needed me to help a friend who was out of work and needed help with money. He wanted me to send 500-1000 to someone named Robert Wright in Virginia. When I told him I couldn’t he became very upset. He then asked for help with iTunes card of which I got $200 worth. On Friday he texted and stated he was going to be very busy on Saturday because he had training and a very important meeting which would let him know when he’s coming home. Saturday evening he texted and said he had bad news; he would be deployed to Africa for 4 months and he really wanted to be with me. He could get out of deployment but I would have to request leave for him. It would involve some funds…my radar went out immediately. Second money issue in days. Heard from him this morning and he told me he would need $896.00 to process the leave. Told him I didn’t have it but he continued to pursue the matter. He even wanted to know if I had done my taxes. I told him I would be going to the army office to see how they can help him and that made him very upset. He said I didn’t trust him. He loved me and really wanted to be with me.
    The hurtful part in this whole matter is that he played with my emotions and tore my heart apart. I was really starting to like him. We spoke about my daughter and us being a family when he got home. He had me convinced he was real in what he was saying. Thank God I’m no fool when it comes to money.

  37. Has anyone ever been in contact with a man by the name of Hanold Williams? He is supposed to be in the military. He is scamming my boyfriend’s mom. I wanting to get some information on him if possible.

  38. I have been talking to a marine named Mike Mann he found me on Instagram which is odd since we have no friends in common and my page is super private…anyway claims he lost a son and baby mama left after the death of his son…he claims he is stationed in Nigeria and wanted to come see me and said it would cost him $1000.00…said due to the government freezing their money he couldn’t get money…claims he can get in trouble for being on his phone and sent me pictures obviously ones he had already taken…I feel he’s full of shit lol…never sent him money I work too hard for it to hand it over…anyway he also has over 800 females he follows on Instagram follows no men which is odd… only way we communicate is through google chat

    • I have a guy real sweet I think he copy and paste stuff, because can sweep you away. He wanted me to get a divorce then buy him a certificate. 680.00 with a bogus email only and has the insignias of security places. I’m not that dumb. His name Lovison Heinrich supposed to be. A surgeon with a Facebook page widow from Berlin, called me once sounded like a damm rag head. Lol just not bailing no one out. He is crying he thinks he is going to have a coma, he has two kids, the pictures are stolen from somewhere and foto shoped himself in them. Is sad this guys fewuest your friendship then they sap stories. He won’t take a picture of his hands. So may be is a computer. He wanted hung ups so I did and I’m telling you this is annoying now I’m not sending a rats tail!

  39. I’ve been talking to a guy who claims he is a US army major who is currently deployed in Africa. He says he needs $1600 to come back to the US because his card is frozen. Thought?

  40. Lord I have heard it all on Fb from the scammers. from Military leave, to need food, to I gotta get my retirement package I shipped home. You name it I have heard it and some of them are very convincing. Bottom line is this. If you dont know them, dont accept a friend request and/or a back door messenger request. Oh yeah I forgot the itunes card needed for data. If they are in Nigeria its a scammer, if they are in Ghana its a scammer. US MILITARY have access to there own money. Dont believe any of the BS!!!

    • I was actually on a penpal site, not a dating site when an alleged US Army solider started writing to me. He gave me all kinds of compliments and told me I was beautiful etc. I wrote back & told him I was not looking for romance, I wanted penpals. Well it didn’t take long before he told me his story about being a widow, his angel of a wife died 5 years ago, his dad died, his 12 year old son is being watched by his mom in another country etc…how important honestly was to him, how he needs to find true love again and a mother for his son..blah, blah, blah. I thought awe what a sweet guy. Then he wanted to switch from emailing to texting. Right away he was in love with me, wanted to spend the rest of his life with me…and of course his alleged pictures were gorgeous. I started talking to him January 22, 2018…umm 2 weeks ago, and he’s in love with me and wanted to marry me??
      Just tonight he told me he had to talk to me about something very important….yep here we go, he explained that he needed a travel permit so he could come home to me….
      I said sure I’d help him, but in between texts I googled what a “travel permit” in the army was and all these scam warnings came up! Thank you for these sites!
      I immediately texted him back that I wasn’t an idiot, that he doesn’t have a conscious, his mother must be proud, that he was going to hell etc. I just wanted to make him feel like the scum that he is and lash out for all the other women that were scammed by these jokers.
      He was saying, “what do you mean baby? I would never hurt you, I love you”. Please… he didn’t get a chance to ask for money yet but after reading all this, I knew that was next! I havent blocked him yet…I’m actually curious to see how low he’ll stoop. Even after all the mean things I said to him he is still trying to get me to believe him!!!
      I even said, “Take a picture of yourself right now then and send it to me”. Of course he didn’t. This jerk goes by Ben Nathan Hunter and supposedly was deployed to Iraq and now is in West Africa…

    • Do you believe if they are in Libya they are a scammer. Cause I got asked for Itunes cards and was told it cost for him to take a leave. He told me he has no access to his money till he gets back in the states and also the military deactivated his mailing address because of Libya not wanting nothing foreign coming in to the country.

    • I wanted to know if I’m be scam by a soilder in Kuwait

    • I was talking to this guy on Tinder . He said he was in the military in Africa .Everything he said was legit except he did ask for $ bc he couldn’t access it and wants me to send it via Western Union and the video I got from another guy who looked exactly like him but with a different name and he was speaking a different language.Is this guy 100% Catfishing me?

        • Hi, I knew somebody in Tagged, his name is Edward Mike Omar and I have pictures .
          who is supposedly a captain of the united states army, first he sent documents where I had to pay a fee to get a satellite phone to speak directly with him, he was supposedly sent to Lagos, Nigeria as a deployment, he says his mission would be two months and after the two months passed he asked me for help with $ 15,000 dollars to pay his accumulated bills, of course I said no about that help because is a huge amount…. and I think is crazy, and I would like to ask you if I can send you the picture of him and maybe you can help me to see if all this is fake…. I talk with him since February and I want to know the true to stop all this situation, his email is

    • Hey, I accepted a friend request for a Perez Anthony who said he is a Comanding Officer serving with special opps team in Afghanistan. I told him I was happily married for 34 years, and didn’t plan on being with anyone else. I am honest, and told him like it was.
      He saw my pic on FB, and fell in love, just that He did most of the talking, with all this about being a widow, and having a daughter, who looks a lot older than he says. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and all that mushy stuff. I never said anything mushy, or all that stuff, he wanted to hear. I never messaged him, unless to respond to his message..
      He told me his mission was classified not to mention him to anyone.
      He kept asking for an email address, and a different place to message.
      Well, this woman doesn’t have time for secret love missions, nor would I ever just leave my husband for someone I don’t even know.
      He said he had been crying, because he had to go to the most dangerous spot in Afghanistan, where the soldier always end up dying, and he was scared.
      I usually keep my Wi-Fi turned off when driving, or not using my phone. I mostly play mahjong games, and keep in touch with family, and friends. I Just got a message from him saying he talked to someone, and said he didn’t want to go, and that he could take a leave of absence, and that he wanted to send me some forms to fill out, so we could be together, and that we could have forever, and he even called me by his last
      He mentioned about a bonus.
      I knew something was wrong, and told him his family needed to fill out the paper work, that I was just a friend he met on FB, and that I needed some meds for my cold, coffee, and a smoke, and he replied,
      ” is that all you have to say, and are you for real? LOL…Yep, sure am..LOL.
      I searched for Military absence, then asked in the Google search about Military Soldier wanting just anyone to fill out forms, and the scam sites can up.
      He had all photos, except his profile pic removed from FB, cause he said personnel told them they could no longer use FB, but wanted to got to Yahoo messenger, or use hot mail, and some hang out place.
      I never did any of that..I use FB, and messenger, and that is all..
      He went by Perez Anthony on FB.
      I never asked for his email address, because I never planned on doing secret emails..I never exchanged mine.
      I feel bad for all the people who get scammed by these frauds, and use real Military Soldiers who serve to protect, and die for their country. It is a shame they pray on innocent people.
      I blocked this person, because I am a busy woman with a cold, and have no time to get brainwashed by someone I do not know…
      I wouldn’t mind being a friend to a real Soldier who just needs some real prayers, and to have a good friend to listen to.
      To all people who accept friends who fall in love as soon as they see your profile pic, and, want to spend there lives with you, then want you to fill out leave of absence forms, it is best not to accept, or block them when they have your life planned out with them, even when they know you already have a life with someone else
      I would love to be a secret someone, and catch these scammers, and help all those innocent people from these evil scammers!!!
      I didn’t get scammed, but he got blocked. LOL..
      Thank you for your time.

    • I’m also scam twice by Christopher Lacour Fair and Clement Moreno these two has the same accents as England or Australia soldiers. phone numbers 785 504 0079 then change to 929 281 1429 they ask for money to get home back to the USA and phone’s. They both are in Nigeria and are Nigerian.i can send photographs to stop this madness. And their agents names.

    • I have one even better than this one send swing for more money too. I can forward to you if you’d use to see it.

    • I have one on Google plus who is saying he’s a soldier from Libya and claims he spoke with his officer about his military leave papers and needs at first a $25.00 iTunes card but now says $50.00. I’m not sure how to deal with these scammers as I’m only a photographer. They don’t seem to care even when I say I’m married. Their hurting business and website doesn’t stop them, why?

    • I’m seriously getting scammed I’m about to loose everything I have .there’s a guy I been talking too for 5 years told me he captain in the USA… He was in Afghanistan.and git transferred to Nigeria .Told me he was retiring and coming home to marry me.. the day he was supposed to come he never showed then his doctor calls me tells me on his way to the airport he got in a bad accident and seriously injured .so this doctor sends me pictures of him in the hospital..finally. When I talked to him he told me he needed to pay the doctor first before he came home Then after one month he said he left nigeria text me every stop then I don’t hear from him again then he text me tells me when he was on layover at new York airport somebody switched bags with him and he was arrested for drugs and claims now he’s in new York in jail Then his lawyer came from Nigeria and got in a wreck and has is bail money and he’s in the hospital he wants me to now send him iTunes again for minutes on his phone Help me please what do I do

      • She claimes to be in the Army force of the United States. I have got a copy of her DoD card. 9 digits. is that a fake one? I have also a name of one of her officers called Collins Chima Obasi. address: Abakaliki Ebony State postal code 480. phonenumber: +234 705277 5232. The number i have called her before when she was in duty ( now she is in a private vacay in Dubai) is +2349032980715. is this scammer? She also has an officer called Fredrick Madu..can you check it out? regards sara

    • Experience thid ad we speak. Needs money for leave to come home to meet me in Florida. He is in love with me he says. I am married and he has messed wowith my mind terribly. Needs $400 for a leave form. Said he has used up all his leave time and has to get special permission to come home. He will however be home in 4 to 5 months he repeats he grand life will be when he comes home. My heart is broken necsude i could really gsll for this man even though i am married.


  41. Hi,
    I’ve been talking one of Military man in Nigeria his name Sgt Demien Patrick Anderson, he said he want to spend the rest of his life with me he want to marry me. we request an email to his commander for vacation leave and here are the emails :,

    and this is the reply of Commander:

    This is commander Gustave F Perna in charge of the 1st battalion in west Africa. Service members and defence department civillians on 12 month orders in west Africa, supporting operation freedom have a rest and recuperation leave program that allows them take up to few months excluding travel time to visit family or friends in the United States. Besides local major fan in west Africa have a specific number of allocations for the program at any given time and invoke operational requirements in deciding who goes and when R&R periods are limited to one per 12 month period. In accordance with DoD directive 1327.5, R&R leave is considered regular, chargeable leave. Leave starts on the first minute of the day after arrival at the actual leave destination. The r&r program will pay for the traveller to fly from the APOD to the commercial airport nearest to the approved leave address and back. Any movement by ground transportation will also be paidfor by the traveller. Currently designated APODS are Frankfurt ( Rain Main Army Base ), hates field international airport India a polis airport moreover, I have looked into the records of the troopers in my unit and realize that Sgt Demien Patrick Anderson E8 officers is entitled to a R&R leave been on a three months order and considering operational requirements. You can get back to me if you are ready to take charge of cost of the paper work and everything this will cost as my troops has no access to their funds here. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation. This will cost you the amount $750 for the paper work and please get back to me if your ready to take the charges of the paper work that is fine and the leave down will be sent to you as an evidence of prove when the payment is been made. The above fees is refundable two days after the officer reach the actual destinations.

    Gen Gustave F Perna
    Sent from my usarmy wireless device in West Africa……

    Do you think this is SCAM?

      • So I met I guy on meet me claiming to be in the US army. We started to send text though kik. Asking for money for meds because he got sick with malaria and for “our” son birthday. Of course I send him the money for those. Then as I woke up this morning we start talking and he says he needs more money for more meds. The info he has give me said nigeria. Two of my friends that I have told them about him said the its a scam. Now that he asked for more. I am starting to believe in them.

      • Hi. I have met a woman who claims she is in the military. Now statued in Nigeria. But something may me think she is a scammer. I have got a photo on her Nigerian deployment Identification card and some photos from her. The DoD number has 9 digits. is that right? Can you check her up. She is employeed by the Armed force of the United States and her name is Sgt Stacy Porter. how do i check thar her ID card is not fake? how can you help me? please i need to report this to the army if she is fake. she scamms women of their money. Do you need more information about her? please tell me what to do. regards Sara

    • Dear
      Is this Female soldier name Lexx jones say she a us worked in Syria send to nigera and back to Syria. when she was in nigera we met on face book ,and she give me a whatapps phone number to keep in contact with her.her face book name isBabsie Hartney ,whatapps +234 703 115 2886 new York home + 1-850 366 9806 /+ 12521120898. she send me a picture when google it up the person name lexx jones us army sgt lexx jones this woman told me to enageg her and to send the money to buy rings.

    • yes!!! don’t be fooled by those man! i have one from google hangouts, i downloaded the app coz i didn’t wanna give my fb or insta account, so the name of this guy i was talking to is Richard Anderson Bryan. He said he’s Australian American. He’s in Georgia, apparently coming back to Australia on April. but i caught him lying for a few times, i just okayed with him and see if he’s a fraud and they really are using even United Nations apparently approving their vacation leave and just need to pay consignment fee… He also keep saying he love me, wanna soend the rest of his life and more bullshits which i didn’t believe. But yeah, he even said he needs me to get his inheritance from his late father, i just need to talk to the Diplomat about how to get it, then someone called me from new york saying i just need to pay some fees for the box to be shipped at my place. haha i told the man to fuck off and not gona give him a cent! don’t be fooled by these people! they will do everything to get miney from you!

  42. I have a question, how do you find out if someone is really in the military that just got deployed if there is according to your comments that there is no army forces in Nigeria?

    • Ask them for their military email address and if they give you any excuse not to give it to you it’s a scam 100%.

      • Has anyone been contacted by David B Klinger claiming to be US military. He states he is in Nigeria. Contacted by Facebook.

        • If he is claiming to be in Nigeria there is a 99.9% chance he’s a scammer.

        • Does any one speak to a man named William Johnston smith in nigeria on a secret mission .51 years old and a daughter who is 7 named Roxy.She is in boarding school in buffalo.

      • ive been talking to a man named robert smith he say he has to have 150 to get home .he says hes going to marry me will not send me a picture a recent one but he sends me an nigerian address he wants an money gram said if i get the money to him today he will be home thursday is this a scam i have it really hard since my husband past away

      • I’ve been talking to a gùy who says he’s military. I met him on Tinder. He’s in Africa. He says he can’t give me his email bc of what’s going on there and protocol. He uses the name of Alex Chanev Roberts. Different photo different name but same guy uses 3 different profiles with the names Ryan Chanev,Ryan A Chanev and Robert Chanev on Facebook. On Instagram theres Alex Robert and Robert Chanev and Ryan Chanev. Different names same person
        Please help!

      • Hello CJ. I have been speaking with a soldier for almost a month that i met on an online dating app and now we moved to communicating through whatsapp. He did tell me he is in Nigeria, but hasnt asked for money yet. He has sent several pictures and even one recently with him holding a sticky note that says ‘Thank you Katerina’. So i am confused if he is a scammer or not. Should i just ask for his email address as you suggested to others? Please help. Thank you!

      • If they give there email. What will it look like. I was send an email requesting an ISAF number to refund me money I sent to a soldier so that the money could be returned. After I did that another email saying the major would have to sign the form . Is that correct

      • Mister,
        I need your help please. I am in France and i speak with a soldier woman but i’m not sure she’s reality.
        Please can you contact me ?

    • How do you know if they are working at place they tell you ..and you paid for the vacation ..

    • Actually there are. That is true. It’s a Boko raham issue. If you go google it it will explain it all. We just don’t hear much about it. I have know people there even at the us council.

  43. Please, I have been talking to a guy on Instagram for some days now. He said he is in Afghanistan and me in Nigeria. He needs to get a leave permit from the Nigerian government to enable him come to Nigeria… So he said he is not with his credit card there he needs it to access his money. I told him I will think about it. Could this be scam?

  44. Is there anyway to find out if someone is actually in the military? I have tried looking this person up on several sites but can’t get any results. I haven’t been asked for money. But I want to be prepared if that request comes.

    • If they ask for money, it’s a scam. The way to prove 100% is to ask for their military email address. If they give you ANY reason they won’t send it or make excuses, it’s a scam. All military email address end in .mil

      • Can I ask a question here ?? Would this email look legit ???

        its from

        Just thinking it shouldnt end in gmail right ??
        so should you say this is a scam??

        if i need to post the contents of the emails here i can copy and paste it

        Need help with this

        • Thank you for the reply Cj! But I want evryone to be careful & warned people of this . It sounds so real even the email address . Take Note its from a gmail address.

          Attention Jan

          We received the email letter you sent on behalf of your Husband Dr. Darrel Beaurgard.

          We understand that you want him back home by requesting for his travel permit and vacation out of Iraq due to the war going on and also for the safety of his life to get home for you.

          Our department Have accepted your request and thereby pledge to do our best until everything is done completely in accordance with the rules and regulation in this noble organization and the laws and constitution of this country.

          Therefore it is now the duty of our certified and international registered departments to make you understand that the Iraq supreme court of justice has agreed to approve his travel permits and vacation to you as demanded, but before that is done you will need to acquire a vacation certificate for your husband and this certificate will enable your husband get his One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars (150,000$) vacation allowance and also the freedom he deserves from his Noble department before leaving Iraq within 60 hours.

          NOTE: The certificate needed can be processed in our offices located in different countries all around the world… From our office in the (United Kingdom U.K) we charge $1,100 Dollars, from our office in (Russian) we charge $1,200, from our office in The (Philippines) we charge $1,300, while from our office in (United State) we charge $1,150 as demanded by the Iraq high court of justice before processing of the certificate and vacation begins. These locations are allocated because the war here affected everything and can’t be issued from here.

          INFORMATION: We never wanted to release him because of his professionalism, But the department wish to grant him this vacation because it is been applied by you his fiance/wife. and it shows us that it is important that is why you apply his vacation.

          When you chose the best country with the prize in which you will be able to pay for the certificate, let us know in your reply to enable is reach them to demand for the best way to enable you send the money for the certificate. once done, the process will be done within 60 hours and certificate will be issued and send to you to enable Dr. Darrel leave for the vacation.

          Thanks for your cooperation.

          International request department.

      • I’m talking to a man said he a capital Lucas Newton said he has to pay his way back to the states .he all ready ask me for 500 dollars .I told him if he a real solider he find his own way home he says he’s stationed in Afghanistan he’s been in service for 26 years he’s a widower or he has a daughter in Alabama looking Nanny taking care of her he won’t back down I know he’s just scammers I’m not the stupid I just wanted to share this delays and let you know these guys are not real and they do have the government to pay their way home

    • I have been talking to a guy who ssupposedly US Army. I thought it was kind of funny the way he responded to my messages as if he only knew broken English now he is asking for money. So I googled the name told me to sent it under and it brought; me to this page so I know its a scam he says he is Stephen F. Shaw from beauford SO it is a scam

      • I had a similar issue where the guy said he was in the military but when we spoke he had severe broken English. His name was Sim Me Dext.
        Also scamming to raise money for his sick daughter in the states…..Yet he is an American contractor with 8 Mill in the bank and unable to touch his own money

    • Others will ask money for their internet will be disconnected when they will renew it. But I’m not stupid! So my response to him is provide me the ID of the person who will claim the money and I will send you the amount you need. That’s the deal! And they won’t give any of the proof that you required.

    • Tyler Robert Hilton stated that he is on a peace keeping mission in Pakistan. Wants to retire and make a new life with his daughter and a new wife in California. Sounds legit until an email is received asking for 455.00 processing fee. This is followed by an email requesting 1300 for airfare back to the states! It appears that this guy has been scamming many women via Facebook for awhile….hope others read these comments.

  45. someone in the name of William Monaghan has contacted me via Instagram. I’m not even American but he claimed to be a US Army soldier who’s been deployed in Afghanistan. The first thing he said was that I was beautiful and I was the second woman he fell in love with after his deceased wife.. I didn’t buy that obviously and I started questioning him.. he got annoyed stating that I have trust issues and I need to work on them… The next thing he said he’d like to take leave but he could only do that if we were dating.. ahah.. I just found it hilarious also because my ex is in the Royal Air Force (but have no photos on Instagram, so I look like I’m a lonely woman… very interesting how they target women – btw, now my profile is super private). Told him to sod off and to try with someone else.. He sent me photos (also with his alleged nephew of 5 yrs, which I found very disturbing, as they are using also children photos), but he’s well blocked everywhere. I just wish I could tell that real person that someone is using all his personal photos and this is simply sick.

  46. Hi I have been talking to a guy who sends me pictures of himself and a few videos on occasions but I’m a little weirded out because he keeps asking me for money and to send him money for a leave form and money for food because the helecopter got blew up by the terrorists. He keeps sending me pics and claims he’s In the USA deployed to Syria until 2019. How do I know this is true and it’s not fake?

      • What if he’s not asking for money , but is asking for a lock box to be sent to my address? He is asking for my full name , address and cell number for his lock box with papers along with other items to be sent to me .
        He states he’s in Libya . I’ve checked all of the facts . But this one doesn’t sound right . Plus he said , when asking for his military email address he needed my information first because of the needed process . He does send me email through this address and has since Oct 2017,

    • What’s his name I keep getting the same thing he says hes in Syria

      • I got this guy named Jason Brian peacekeeping mission Syria I filled out leave request cost is 25,000 I have not send it of course can’t find any info on him pictures look Spanish decend he contacted me thru Facebook messenger plenty of pics of him on messenger

      • He called himself Jason Brian 6 foot 5 birthday nov 11 never send proff ofvdrivers liscence states he’s 44 has daughter named Linda wife died I don’t know how to get pictures transferred from messenger it I would post one

  47. DHL

    No 51, Oyo Road, Oremeji Mokola Ibadan, Ibadan North West Oyo Nigeria

    Country: Nigeria
    State: Oyo state
    To:Busari damilare

    I take it this is a scam
    The person’s name is Daniel Bentley

        • So you mean there are no secret mission going on in Nigeria.He

          needed. 1000 to do his retirement papers cause he said his commandant put the papers through before he got to the u s and now has to pay.Then at the airport in turkey he was switiching planes to us and told me he 3as stuck in turkey cause he does not have 500 to hold for security reasons.So they sent him back to Nigeria this has to be a scam right

        • If there are really secret missions going on in Nigeria, they would not be telling you about them.

      • I’ve been scammed twice by the same photos and two different men. This is kinda unbelievable. But the first guy I met on messenger. He claimed to be Chris Marcano in the U.S. Army. Deployed in Kabul. We talked for about 2 weeks then he hit me up for $425. For family leave to come visit me. I Googled it and found that there was a military love scam. So I wanted to do the right thing and try to find the real guy in the picture. I searched for him and found him on Facebook. Under the name of John Marcano. I told him about the scam. Thinking I had done good and found the real guy. Then he wanted to start talking to me to. But it didn’t take long and he started asking for money to. First it was to fix his phone. Because he lost his wallet and didn’t have access to his money. But he wanted me to buy Amazon card’s and send him a picture of the card’s and the receipt. I Googled it and found that Amazon cards are only for Amazon and won’t help him fix his phone. Then I asked him to video chat. He suddenly was injured in a terrorist attack in Nigeria where he’s deployed. And wanted me to wire 1000. For him to pay for his hospital bill and medicine. What are the chances of being scammed twice with the same pictures of one man and two different people. This just blows my mind. I’ve blocked him to.

        • Yes this has happen to me i did got scammed on the first guy then the second guys i did not cause he was asking a very large amount of money, and i ask some in the military to help he said that is was a scammed, Now i think 99 per cent it all a scammed from the start, it start with wife dying, car accident, cancer, run off another man,then children comes in with help with birthday or paid school fees, hospital bill the list just goes on ect, it will makes you sick to the stomach, cause you don’t have a lot of money anyway, so be care full, this is their full time job to make money of us, they are all ways looking to victim.

    • I have been talking with Eric A Hunter US airforce Sgt in NIgeria. Says his email is asking for $900 to purchase a phone. Has a friend in the US I have talked with. Seems legit but idk. Her name is Bobette Hesh in Shelby Indiana. She says she works at Burger King and she knows Eric. I do have an address at work he did send me as well as his email I need help to verify all this. Can u help?
      Thank you kindly, Christine Y

      • there is a shelbyville, indiana. located in shelby county. there is no shelby indiana. being former military we were always targeted by scammers. now it’s fake military persons going after civilians.

        • Want to post something. My sister has been speaking via instagram with and American soldier in Nigeria he has not ask for money as far as we know. But she is totally in love. We have tried everything. He’s using the name Tompkins Allen Colby she send me copy of an email denying his leave. And it a account. We have tried everything she still believes everything this idiot has to say please help

        • There is no such thing as paying for leave. Please contact me at CJ(at)cjgrisham(dot)com and I will help you.

  48. Are there any Army soldiers in Egypt? If the soldier is taking leave but has no leave available does he have to pay for his airfare back to the United States? Also does he have to pay for a medical exam before he can board the flight?

      • Hello I was not sure how to post this so I sent in this reply. My sister has been talking to a secret agent of Africa…….I think scam. She is in love… money exaggerated yet… here is what he told her …….
        It’s not letting me “copy” the text message picture. Only puts this link. Please let me know. IMG_5747.PNG

        • Part of the text “my name is Travis Alex Bennett” “I message you with an encrypted phone” “before I use a smart phone I have to register it under the military”…..she wanted him to send her a picture of him.

        • Of course it’s a scam. A “secret agent of Africa” wouldn’t tell anyone he’s a secret agent. Kind of defeats the purpose of being “secret.” You can email me at cj[at]cjgrisham[dot]com with pictures and additional information. I also have a Facebook group I started to expose these guy HERE if you’re on Facebook.

    • My mum is talking to a guy who says he’s in the UN working in America. Hes asked her for money to get a box containing documents and a significant amount of money out of Afghanistan where he was previously stationed. Some kind of tax avoidance he told her. Its made it as far as….. you guessed it Ghana. Hes asking for money to be sent to an agent in Nigeria who will bring this box over to the UK. Hes good I’ll give him that hes even got someone maybe even his own kid to get in touch with my mum claiming his dad is a good guy. He claims his whole world is in this box and we need to send money to the agent so he can bypass security checks at the airport.

      • oh yeah hes a general lost his wife sometime ago his own bank account is locked and he can’t access any cash

    • This is not directly to you Karhy. I read about 32 comments and thought, “Jesus can’t people read how to tell if they’re being scammed?” But you know what? I fell for it too. And no matter how many people warn you, or how many of these sites telling people “How to ID a scammer”, etc….I still had hope, even though I dug up TONS of proof this woman wasn’t the USAF Officer she claimed to be.

      500.00 later…? I finally had to contact the officer’s mother via Facebook. I know this is not a very smart thing to do. But this woman was a sweetheart and not only did she forward my messages to the airman to let her know, she also confirmed her daughter was NOT deployed to Nigeria!

      My instincts were on red alert upon 1st contact. Their use of the word “will” in place of the word “would” is a dead giveaway. And even through all this, my stupid @ss kept hoping.

      Bottom line, these victims will NOT stop sending money until they finally realize they’re being scammed…which is probably hundreds or thousands of dollars down the line. I met this woman on a lesbian dating site.

      These people are really good at what they do. Mine had me going to bed the same time as “her” even though it was only 6pm in my time zone. Simply because she didn’t “want to sleep without” me beside her. More likely, it was to keep me from my online detective work to determine who she was.

      Good luck ladies. Open your eyes. You deserve better!!

    • I have a friend that is talking to a guy in west africa told her he need $200 to get a benefit request form and needed $100 for his weeky meds now he is telling her he needs a new iphone7 cause he droped his and broke it she sent hin two itune cards one for 15 and the other for 50. He also told her he has a daughter he hasn’t seen or heard from in months and he wants to come home to meet my friend to marry her andif she loves him she will get what he wants so he can come home Is she being scamed need help fast.. thank you

    • I have a friend that is talking to a guy in west africa told her he need $200 to get a benefit request form and needed $100 for his weeky meds now he is telling her he needs a new iphone7 cause he droped his and broke it she sent hin two itune cards one for 15 and the other for 50. He also told her he has a daughter he hasn’t seen or heard from in months and he wants to come home to meet my friend to marry her and now he is telling her if she loves him to get the things he needs.. Need help fast….. Thank You

        • I’ll like to ask , what about us army that said in Iraq ? And been telling if he asking about a vacation but his superior say he need someone to be his guarantor.
          Could that also scam ?

      • Did he provide a name? And what branch of the military is he saying that he’s in?

    • CJ Grisham, Is there any way a person can report a scam from someone that states he is in the US Army and in West Africa? He has sent pictures of himself some of them is in a room that lookes like there are more then one bed in it and Some in a feild with other soldiers………. If so could you please lrt me know cause this must stop cause he is going to pick some poor lady that can’t aford what he asks for but is going to do it any way and who knows she might be homeless by the time he is done. Thank You !!

      • Reportet to the FBI.

        Follow Instruction,
        Submit the Info to the FBI.
        You may try to call ahead a time.
        Call (866) 720-5721 to report fraud, waste, and abuse involving disaster relief to the National Center for Disaster Fraud or write to NCDF, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4909.

      • .. it is a scam i started chatting to kane pinion doctor stationed in syria, said had no access to money .. not true. photos he sent were of a soldier but not him .. contacted american embasssy who said leave is done internally and they have no reason to ask for money .. he also said if they have internet connection to chat then they have access to all their bank accounts .. my friend who husband is in the army said simple way to verify who he is get him to send photo of his passport .. guess what he didnt and took the hump saying if i didnt trust him then he didnt want to come .. there you go ladies ….

    • No. The U.S. government will pay to return a soldier or sailor, or a federal employee home at the end of a tour of duty or discharge to their home of record…and pay to move a certain weight of personal property/military uniforms, etc home/new duty station. All medical care is handled by military dictors or paid contractors. Private medical care is NOT AUTHORIZED, technically. Our servicemembers don’t go hungry, unless thry choose to, or they are in a battle zone, cut off from supplies! Jeeze. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY. Send cookies!

  49. I have been scammed by the same person twice. He used the same picture but had two different names.
    The names are Gerald Evert Jordan and Seargent Gerald J Jordan. Gerald J Jordan says the other man has stolen his identity. They are both in the Army and both have wonderful words and you will fall in love with him. Please stay away from this man. He will scam you out of thousands if dollars.

  50. I am talking to Anthony Halton Mark, who says he is in peace keeping mission in Kabul. Lost his wife in car accident 3 y.o. and has daughter in boarding school in England. I realized something is wrong here as saying word of love almost next day. So I have checked and saw schemes going on in FB messenger and other social media. Be careful. The funny thing is that I am not from US.

  51. A friend of mine said he met a woman on named Abbie Mcdowell. She claimed to be a nurse in the army stationed in Afghanistan. She is originally from NJ, has a 12 yr old son whose father was killed in a car accident. Abbie’s parents are also dead. She claimed she was retiring in December. She has about 4-5 facebook profiles with only 2 pics max and hasn’t posted since 2016. I did a google image search and found her pic on a dating website from another country and it said her name was Margie. Eventually, she told my friend that she needed money to send boxes of money back to the United States that she couldn’t take with her, Even said she would send to his house. He believed her. He sent her at least 3 thousand dollars. Then he started receiving emails from a diplomat named William Palmer. I even showed him this website but still believes she isn’t scamming. He’s been talking to her since Oct. I hope more people see this website and it stops them from sending these people money.

    • Please please tell your friend to not send anymore money. I was in the same situation with a man that was sending me 2 boxes with 100,000.00 in each box from Afghanistan. The courier pyramid direct courier service kept asking for money. I sent them 27,000.00 and they still wanted 10,000.00 more. I was very stupid. Please I hope your friend will not send anymore money

  52. I’ve.been talking to Gen.Sean Barry Macfarland for a year he wants a leave but the earliest one is 2020 is he a true person

    • Did you read any of this? If he’s asking for money, especially a flipping GENERAL, it’s a scam!

  53. Clinton Welch US Army? Gives me an address in ado ekiti block 7b housing estate ado ekiti. Real or not? He messaged me on face book messsenger . He has a facebook and we talk on messenger but we also use hang outs. His face book says hes from california city,ca. Was born in Oxnards Saint Michael Barbados. So is it possible or a lie? Says he will be coming to the states soon because he hasnt seen his kids in 3 years.

  54. I am received also some email from one Sgt. Army of USA troops if we meet in Person.. they need a (LIBERTY PASS PERMIT) to come outside the Camp to meet the person in the city.

    It is a style of SCAMMER?
    They send the email account like this: (, I want to know if there is right or compose mail address?

    Thank you for this page.

    • Has anyone been contacted by Sgt. Michael Edward Smith, stationed in Nigeria? Claims he has served in the Army for 26 years. From Austin,Tx. Wife deceased 4 yrs ago from cancer. Two children who live in Illinois with their nanny. Has a “colleague” Sgt. David Scott from CA. Also stationed in Nigeria. They say they are at Muritala Muhammad International Airport, trying to leave and return to US as their “mission” is completed. Requests iTunes cards, Amazon cards and money for various reasons. Total scam!! Very curious if these 2 have contacted anyone??

      • Hi I’ve been contacted by A sergeant David Scott Porter of the US army that is stationed in Syria but had to leave for Afghanistan on a special assignment. We spoked through instagram for 2 weeks with pictures being exchanged on both sides. I actually fell in love with the person in that picture because I thought I was talking to sergeant Porter himself. I haven’t been asked for money or anything else but I got suspicious when I asked him to send me a video of himself speaking to me directly & he couldn’t do it. I also asked him if the tattoos on his arms have any specific meaning to him & he couldn’t answer that question either. He claimed that he has a 5 yr old son who lives back in California with a nanny who he pays to watch his son. He also said that he lost his wife in child’s birth 5 yrs ago & his parents in a car accident too. I can’t believe I fell for all that nonsense. I still can’t get sergeant Porter’s image out of my mind. I wonder if these soldiers are aware of what’s going on with their profile pictures It’s very sad …..whats going on in this world today!!!! Thank God I came out of it with no losses of money!!!

  55. Hi.. im woundering if this is an real email
    I was asked to send an email to this Mail to try to Get sgt stone edmon a leave..
    But i got skeptical when they said i need to take an copy of my pass or something with my name and signature…
    is that an scam or not??

      • CJ, I am talking to someone who’s in west Africa. Now I know there’s military presences there but on as a cooperation efforts to have US military there. Now, this person doesn’t boast about what he’s doing there and actually had his “lawyers” wire me money to help buy stuff here and send. I have not purchased anything and the money is still in my account. What should I do?

        • Contact the secret service and the bank and let them about the wire fraud, which is what this is.

      • Hi Cj
        Can you help me check this
        if he’s really a US sergeant army.He said his name is Brandon Micheal.. Nooyed in Cameroon Africa d in C

      • Hello. Can’t US troops in Libya access Amazon sites from camp to buy gift cards? I’m being asked to buy a gift card by a new friend saying he’s not able to access his account from camp. He’s saying he’s will give me his card to make a purchase. I find it weird that he is providing his credit card to me. I’m thinking this might be a scam and i’m being asked to make a fraudulent transaction online using a stolen credit card. Anyway, i’ve declined. 🙂

        • If they are along you for money, gift cards, or expensive items, it’s a scam.

  56. Hello, I just wanted to say I’m really glad I found this post. A few weeks ago my mom was head over heels telling me about this guy (she didn’t tell me how they met, or anything) other than that he was deployed by the UN to the middle east and wanted to request vacation time off. I was very unnerved at everything, how he suddenly was an engineer then promoted to general, how the UN had any matters in US military vacations at all… Anyways, a week later and I see this e-mail from fake account ( about how it would cost up to $5k for him to vacation. Anyways, it sucks for my mom because she was so incredibly vulnerable, but glad scams like these are being publicized. Sorry for everyone who was effected, please please please be careful.

    • I been

      Talking to a sergeant in the army and I have send amounts of money to the department and now they want $10 thousand dollars for him to come home and I know that I can’t get that kind of money

      • My husband Billy is really ill in hlioplet I need you to help me get him as heasy is rallyour sick he don’t want to die in nrageria hlioplet he to come to me i love my husband Billy so much I don’t want him to out there Please I need £250 to get him home to him wife leanne

    • HI my mother in law has someone on whats app that sound familiar to this 90g military officer 1s infantry 62nd battalion scam he is going on about coming home to marry her etc and also making her head of his dead fathers company etc does anyone have any pictures. the one she has is of him in a gym and also on a white boat in a black t shirt with sunglasses

  57. I’ve dating with one guy named Richard Hopping, was deploy to Syria. We had using KiK app to communicate but I have sent him parcel of foods to him addressing to his Commander wife in Maryland USA & Nigeria named Korede. Latest he were asking me money but not much is about USD80 but I told him I don’t have it so he said “it’s okay honey, I understand you”. But later his Kik app was disconnected/phone off. Does it mean he is a scammer?

      • Do we have any soldiers on special missions in Nigeria? I’ve been talking to this person that only uses kik asking at first if I could send 50 dollars than 100 dollars then itune giftcards after attempting to go through western union. Been talking over 6 months and after turning down to send money we still talk but then if comes back up again now I’m getting asked to send my credit card info over because there is a bonus they can get in what not. I know everyone that claims they are miltary and asks for money would be a scam but if this person ask and gets turned down why would they wait around talking and ask again usually if they don’t get what they want they are gone but this person still stays and talks. So just wondering could it definitely be a scam?

        • Because they’re hoping that eventually you will think they are a real person and start sending money when they gain your trust. There are also other ways to rope you into the scam unwittingly by using you as a middle-person to funnel money to them from a “family member” or “friend.”

        • I’m sorry but GOOD LORD you people are dumb!

        • I am talking to Richard Murphy, I found his pictures in military scammers. Several he sent, some not. I have not sent money, but your man sounds identical to mine. Call me, lets compare text numbers. My cell is 937 243 0311, anytime, thanks, Nikki

        • What is this person’s name? Do you have pictures?

        • That sounds like a guy I’m talking to but he goes by the name of James Murphy

      • Does US Marines need to pay papers fee to take a leave? I know they may need to pay for the flight by own (for personal purpose such take a vacation on beach etc) but not sure for the papers fee.

        • I have a friend that is talking to a guy in west africa told her he need $200 to get a benefit request form and needed $100 for his weeky meds now he is telling her he needs a new iphone7 cause he droped his and broke it she sent hin two itune cards one for 15 and the other for 50. He also told her he has a daughter he hasn’t seen or heard from in months and he wants to come home to meet my friend to marry her is she being scamed.

      • I just have a question are any troops deployed in Nigeria. I haven’t sent any money but he’s sent me everthing I’ve asked for except the mil email. Idk my instincts are telling me something but he’s too good to be true. And I can’t find any info on him other social media. He pursued me on social media for months. Just need to know so I can move forward accordingly

        • NO, NO,NO! There are NO US troops in Nigeria. Do a basic search and you could have found that out. Good Lord!

      • I was wondering about a guy named Nicholas Brown.says he’s in west Africa.1st lutinet in army.refuse to send him money.can you tell me if he’s in army

      • I am curious if the US has troops in Africa or Kenya? And does the Army charge a fee to have a phone numbered registered?

        • No the army doesn’t charge fees. This is a scam. If anyone says they are in Africa, block them immediately.

        • Government Everything pays to Troops Soldiers,Women please stop pays Sent money to Nigeria Africa and I’m hear Western union and Money Gram locked block can’t sent money to Nigeria Africa and if you stubborn pays sent money to Nigeria Africa then you in Jail prison
          Be Careful please Women save your pocket money save the neck
          Thanks VC .

      • I have been talking to a guy that was in Afghanistan while we first started talking and then moved to Nigeria. His name is Kelvin Jay Baker. He said he lost his wife 3 years ago to cancer. He has a little boy who is 6 and he has been in the army for 16years, being deployed 5 times. Said he was coming home in October and has now said with everything that is happening he has been told he needs to stay. We have been talking on hangout. Please tell me if u think this is a scam
        He said his email is
        He said he is from Alaska and is in us army airborne division

        • Hi I’m talking to a guy with the same story but his name is Mathew summer from VA He said when he comes home he will be retired we text on hangout after reading this I know it’s a scam asked me for 50$ smh

      • Hi, I’d like to keep this private if possible. I was playing words with friends and this guy keeps talking to me on it, one thing leads to another, we go on the app hangout and start communicating. Long story short, lots of red flags, says he’s a surgeon in Afghanistan.. but I make him send me pictures and his passport. Can I send you all of this? I’d really like to know who’s picture and ID he used, I don’t believe anything he has said to me, and want to know if you’ve seen it before?
        Thank so much!

        • I got talking to a man on words deployed in Afghanistan American widowed two children on words he goes has sweetpen07 says he is. Lt col Bob Owen on words his profile I Williams Owen there is a cl col Bob Owen but I think this one is a scam I have fell in love with him and sent him money for leave and flight he has made me his beneficiary and the bank needs £10000 for a cot code I would like to know if any one knows where the real Lt col Bob Owen is he worked at Lexus in Carolina so I was told is my guy genuine

    • So this guy I’ve been talking to says he’s deployed to Nigeria and is taking a leave early..the form is $400 because it’s not his time to leave so he has to pay a cancellation on his contract. He uses kik app to talk to me and he sends pictures u can tell if they take it right then and there it’s says camera below and he sends pictures like that all the time. But when I ask him questions he has a answer right away and I do have family and friends and the military so I ask them questions he’s telling me to but I’ve never asked about the form and having to pay..I haven’t sent money but is this a scam??

        • Hi CJ … I am needing your help.. I started talking to a guy called Logan Dunbar … He says he is in Nigeria with Special Forces.. He has sent me pics of him which i did a reverse google search and nothing came up.. he sent me a pic of his military I.D card and he gave me his military email address ending in .mil he also gave me an APO address in Alabama where he is stationed (Fort Rucker) he has never directly asked me for money.. he did say that last month he had lost his bank card and was waiting for another to be sent… i offered to send £50 to tide him over.. i sent it via western union… but not to him.. to someone called Babatunde Samual.. he is in the Nigerian Army.. he NEVER asked me.. i have always had a gut feeling that maybe something is not right.. but i find it hard to trust anybody anyway.. lol.. he has recently asked me if he could transfer funds into an old bank account i dont use.. i am sceptical… he then asked for my username and password.. i told him he doesn’t need that to transfer funds.. i point blank won’t give him anything like that.. i have just been sent a form off the military asking me to fill in my address and name to verify its where he is staying on leave.. i am a bit confused as some things seem legit and others dont… HELP !!!

        • This is a scam. There are no APO address in Alabama. What .mil email address did he send and did you send a test email to it? If not, send one and see what happens, which will be one of two things: you won’t hear anything from him or it will bounce back. He will then claim that he doesn’t have access to it, which is a lie. EVERY soldier has access to their .mil accounts. Soldiers don’t have access to Western Union while deployed. If soldiers lose their bank cards (which they can’t use usually on deployments anyway), the military pay office helps them immediately. Besides, there is no reason to need money since everything is provided by the military. This entire thing, especially the bank deal, is all fraud and a scam! Block him immediately.

    • What do you think? C’mon. You know the answer to that. Doesn’t the give it away? Ever heard of gov and org? If you’re dealing with a real government domain, it’s NOT going to end with “.com” . I can’t even……

  58. Hi, am trying to send a pic of the guy with whom I’ve been talking. Claims to be Terry Lee – have spoken via ‘messenger’ fb phone. He sounds Nigerian. He has begun to ask for favors – am holding him off, as I know the pic is probably photo-shopped. Tried to down load the pic but this section seems not to accept it. Can you tell me a more applicable place? thanks, Patrecia M

  59. I have been speaking to a guy who is amazing so I thought. Until he asked for money to be sent. Says he has no food, ran out of internet and today wants me to pay for a fiancé form??
    He has sent me pics videos etc and told me so much about himself. He also has given me his sister number who lives in UK
    I don’t know what to think about it all??
    How do u find out if they are actually a real solider?

    • I got talking to a america soldier called christopher cruz a serg he says he is .he is in nigiera on a peacemission now which is lies i was on to right away i think that why he asked me after 6 days for money he had lost is wallet then he turned round and sahe had,nt because i said no he said he was testing me if i loved him enough i just said do one

      • Thank you ! Christopher Cruz was in contact with me but my naivety cost me 500$ which I can handle….Somebody know if we can complain if this guy is really in the army? He got me on a meet apps called TINDER
        Thank you

    • I would like to know too, I also have been talking to someone and then they started asking for money to for a leave of approval form so I would really like to know the answer to this question also thank you

      • I have been talking to a guy also who says hes a navy commander. Says he’s in Africa . Hes sent me alot of pictures. Ive tried Google search on the pictures and nothing comes up. And yes hes asking for money. Supposedly needing it for something I can’t remember. Anyways his name is Tyler Virginia which I know is a fake name. I even googled that and of course no results. I’m definitely blocking him. These scammers I swear

    • BE VERY AWARE!!!
      Consider whether this one phone call is worth it.– The caller ID Act of 2009 made it a crime to use caller ID spoofing for Harming or defrauding someone.
      If you use a service for unknown, private number or to change the way your phone appears, it can cost you. So be very careful this phone is being monitored send them that it will help you

  60. Hi This is Christian PW Faust Investigating Criminologist with FLSS. This website is very good. There seems to be a new version now on the scam practice and that being ex US military working for private security companies deployed in what they call “BOMB DETECTIVE SPECIALIST” as we know there is no such profession at least not under that title…the scam works as many of the above that the offender is about to go on leave needs money to exit Syria as he is based in Aleppo ect, etc etc, mother father dead he cannot access his funds needs 2,500 dollars and so on and then wants it transferred to a third party in another country in a small suburb which is well infested with ISIS supporters in Australia.

  61. I am talking to captain Matthew Lovelace and all though I am sending him money. £ 1600.00 for the paperwork and the holiday. Some tell me that this may be a scam. He is on deployment in Nigeria. First Communications Commander Richard Thomas @ Military Administration Office. Now the money is always sent through western union pickers, often changing often. All copies of money have been sent to me but that is real, I should know

    • I’ve been speaking to a James Williams says he is over seas. Is requesting 500$ for fees for a leave . I believe this is a scam. Could you tell me if this guy is really in the army. I have pictures to .

        • I have been chatting with a so called Prince Tope from Nigeria…I’ve been sending him Itune cards, and a lil money…he told me he was shot during our months of chatting and was in the hospital. He got out and said he requested a personal and wants to come to the United States to meet me. Says he is there on a mission with the Special Forces. Says he can’t send me pictures because of that. I sent him money for the leave to go to a doctor to do his physical or whatever it is he needs to do to get all of his money for his injury and his military he wants me to send a credit card to put his money on it and I will get my money back. Just the other day he wanted me to send another $50 so he can go back to the base and pack his things so he can leave and his commander needs his room for other being deployed there??? Is this a scammer

        • I hope you’re joking asking if that is a scammer. Of course this is a scammer!!

        • I met a guy who saw me at one of dating account in instagram. He claimed to be a Captain deployed in Damascus Syria and assigned there for 18 months. He asked me to download google hangout since that’s only messenger he can use. But Is it true that you can’t even do call/video call there or send a picture? How come he can use instagram then? He said that they are using a personal military device. We have been talking for a week now. Although he’s very discreet with some of his personal information and he’s not yet asking for anything such as money etc, im wondering if he’s a scammer.

      • This James Williams is also contacting me with an unbelievable story. He said he saved the lives of a woman and her daughter who were a “sultan” petrol big guy in Middle East family members and to thank him he gave him 30Kg of gold. And he wants to send it here to me because they cannot take gifts from anybody when they are in the army. This is where we are at right now, I know it’s a scam for sure. A “supposedly” diplomat from united nations sent me an email with the information I gave that James boy and asked me to confirm so they can ship the “package” to me. Would you really send $1,300,000 worth of gold to a perfect stranger to keep it for you for a few weeks??? Yeah right?

        That’s what I’m thinking too. lol

        I have pictures of him too. Maybe we can exchange them just to see if it’s the same person.

        Most likely it is.

        Let me know here and I’ll check back later to see if you replied.

        Bye bye!

      • I too am talking to a James Williams. He says he’s in Yemen and is asking for money for a vacation leave. Friended me on fb. Now he’s taken his account off. We talk thru hang outs. Love to see pics.

  62. I’ve met Sgt Patrick Steve. He’s in Nigeria in secret services. He asked me to communicate through WhatsApp. Strange I thought. He has the same story, falling in love with me, wants to get married, wants me to open my heart. He lost his wife 2 years ago. He hasn’t asked for any money yet but thought I may have to book the flight home as he wasn’t sure the military would pay for it. He said he’s been in for 20 years and will put in retirement when he gets back.
    He’s told me the area where he has his house in Mpls and I’ve search the area through property records (I’m a realtor) and see none with his name. He also gave me his personal number but when I looked it up it’s a landline and when called the subscriber can not be reached. He has no access to his bank accounts or cell phone as there is much terrorism & rebels. I would love to believe….but just too many red flags

    • My Guy said some very similar items…..I met him on Moco….then he asked me to download Whatsapp. He claimed to be In Love (quickly), Talks about Forever and Marriage, his Wife and mom killed in Car crash together 3 years ago leaving him a single Dad.
      I have unfortunately sent at first $40 worth itunes cards just (to give him something to listen to since music +is my Life) then he showed me a pic of his broken (Military Star Card). And couldn’t get food. I Money Grammed $200 to help so I knew he wasn’t hungry. (So Stupid)
      He is a reserve Airmen in the USAF….. But
      Latest thing is with his card broken he can’t pay for an “Early Leave”. Been deployed since February and is supposed to come back stateside in November. .(but heres the catch) his Commanding Officer told him he needs $3,500.00 for the R@R forms to come home to work on his retirement since he is so close to 20 years on the force. …..
      And is very pushy on me to try to come up with the money because he can’t access his account .

      It all feels so real…. But when I read this, it sounded too rehearsed like they are given so many scenarios to try on us. I am now Heartbroken! Good Luck and don’t fall for it like I did. All this happened in just 1 month!!

      • May I know what he called himself. I think he may be trying it again. he hasn’t asked for money yet, but all sounds very familiar.

  63. My brother has been talking to a person name Abbie McDowell she stated that she is a nurse and is in Afghanistan…. that she has a 9 year son that lives in New Jersey and that her husband was killed in a cas crash….. she told him that she need to send some boxes of money over to the United States because she could not bring it home with her

    • Abbie McDowell is definitely a scam. My buddy just started corresponding with “her” today. Says she’s a doctor in Syria but won’t be back for 2 months. Has a 13 year old son. Husband killed in accident. Found 2 bogus looking Facebook accounts, one says divorced, one says widowed. Both say living in Kabul, Afghanistan. One says from Newark, NJ and the other from Jersey City. Nothing adds up here…

    • I was scammed by abbie mcdowell thst says she is a nurse in affgaistan and retiring now shes in dubia waiting for her so called boxes that i paid 3200 dollars to her for them now she needs money to come home dont fall for it like i did

  64. Need to no if this is scam for not…. I’m from the UK and Iv been talking to someone that says he’s from the USA army. He’s called Jeffrey linnington 42yrs old and says he’s been in for 23yrs says he’s a Sargent mos bomb specialists. He says he’s being sent home on health grounds and everything is cleared for it. He was suppose to get on military aircraft but changed at last minute to pick up injured soilders from somewhere else and now the only other option is to get a commercial flight while he has to pay for but he says he’s in the middle of the dessert in UAE and doesn’t get his deployment money till he’s home…. I have two kids and he says he’s going to fly to the uk to see me he has never in 2 yrs asked anything lik this off of me should I trust him please help as it’s next week he is suppose to be coming out

      • I’ve been talking to a guy for 7 months said he us army as well he went AWOL for nr n my son send me pic all the time of him n Afghanistan then said he was told to go to west Africa Nigeria for peacemaking and he said after he left he got n accident via coming to airport to leave there send me pic same guy was n hospital bed saw the ex ray saw his leg n he said he can’t leave till his bill is paid I send money for surgery on leg it was done but he need the money for his bill then he can leave is this a scammer I told him bout being one but he was upset he said keep Ur money I don’t wanna lose u but I don’t get how its a scammer

        • Well met on Facebook then went to goggle hangout and he says he n love with me n tired of being n army he has no kids or wife n sends me pic of him n hospital and said he has to pay bill but when we talked he said he sounds different cus the accident I jus need to kno whst to do

        • Anytime yo hear the word “peacekeeping” ITS A SCAM!! I have had this happen to me now 4 times.. I know Iran fame but I lure them on to see what kind of BS they are gonna tell me. Of course afternoon 1-3 days they are in love .. have lost their spouse to one reason or another .. speak in broken English am deathly rehearsed or copy/paste text. If it feel s too good to be true.. IT IS!!

        • just recently this same story pulled on ky sister by a Thomas Martins

      • I see you have a lot of information about this a guy named Ronnie Edward Cory Avalos is contacting me

    • I Have been talking to sgt Anthony Porter and he has asked me to send 650.00. For fees for a boarding pass to get home ..western union. And as also sent me emails from the is this a fake account and the money is going to ola Paul
      No 3 Army barrack
      Akure, once state
      And the other one is

      SEYI Johnson
      No 10 Army barracks
      Akure, info state

    • Iam in contact with the same guy via Kiks messenger. Iam in contact with him since March 2017.due to him he is on a deployment in Syria and is asking for 500Dollar to get back to his former base in UAE. Before he asked for a payment to force his retirement process and brought me in contact with a person called Swenson with a yahoo email account. This person should be his Administrative Officer. I never placed money.

    • Hi, I also was in contact with Jeffrey Linnington (42 years) since March 2017. He wrote me via tagged and layer via Kiks. He pointed out that he only has a military device which is limited in terms of communication. He told me he was on deployment to UAE and afterwards expecting his retirement. Then he came up with an extention of deployment to Syria. To prevent this, he wanted me to get in contact with an Administrative officer called Wesley Swenson. To force paperworks he asked me to put in place 3000 USD. For this amount they would fake request for retirement on health issues. I never sent money. This Jeffrey became very rude in words. I stopped communicating with him for almost 2months. Suddenly he contacted me again and wrote that he is home finally. I never talked to him in person or even saw him. I have a lot of photos, less in uniform with his name tag on and some civil. I did a reverse check on but didn’t find something. Finally I found here on this web that someone had contact as well. Any other experience with thus guy?

  65. I have been talking to a Archibald King who claims to be a Master Sergeant for the US Army. he claims to be in Manbij, Syria. He has sent me several pictures of himself in uniform and out of uniform as well as pictures of his daughter. Do we have soldiers stationed in Manbij, Syria right now? I really need to know if this person is real or not as I am falling in love with him.

    • We do not…yet. Ask for his military email address as proof. If he gives you ANY excuse not to provide it, there’s further proof.

      • I am talking to a man who saids that he is in the army in Kabul Afghanistan said his name is master sergeant Mark Massie and he has been in the service for 30yrs . In Afghanistan for 10yrs .and i have ask him over and over for his serial number and he said he can’t give it to me for security reasons.. He has sent me pictures of a soldier. I looked up the name and the web said that that soldier is in the states. Please he has sent me that form for leave request it’s the same thing that I got. Can you tell me if he is for real or is he fake. He said that he is in the camp,, i can’t think of the name right now but it was the one called Camp Quanta. Can you ask and see if he is real.. Thank you. I have fallen in love with him. The camp change it name, and it’s the same camp where the 2 star General was kill it’s in Afghanistan.

        • If he’s sending you a “leave form” it’s a scam. There is no reason for a soldier to send a leave form to anyone. Also, soldiers don’t deploy to Afghanistan for 10 years. He’s a scammer 100%.

        • How did you look up his name to find out he’s in the states??

    • Hi, have been approached my a Sgt Josh Wallace who claims to be in west Africa. He has asked for iTunes vouchers, and more recently $800 to leave his deployment which is needed for his replacement.

      Again claims to be Cameroon and give me a Nigeria postal address. He sent me 2 pictures of him in army uniform and has a 4 year old daughter called Lori back in the US who is staying in the UK. He claims to have been born in Portugal and his parents are Scottish.

      After reading all the below comments, this is a scam Isnt

        • Hi i just want to ask if this is also a scam?


          DISPATCHED 08.23.2017

          ATTENTION: Madam,

          We are in receipt of your inquiry message for the issuance of an authorization to your fiancé .We are Sorry for the delay in response, its due to the fact that we treat all request according to the time of receipt.

          To be able to have a military authorization you would need to get a military access card. The US Military access cards in Darfur-Sudan, Kabul-Afghanistan and Tripoli-Libya has been sold out so we had to request for an access card from our African Regional Headquarters in Nigeria where the access cards are currently available and that’s the reason for the delay in reply.

          We appreciate the effort and role you play in the development and well-being of SERGEANT CAMPOS CLAY of the Special Artillery department of the US Army. We write to however inform you that SERGEANT CAMPOS CLAY is currently pined to a location of NW324.87 at 1700GMT Darfur, Sudan.
          He is in good condition and currently on communication lock-down owing to the sensitivity of his mission in Darfur, Sudan.

          The Military Access card gives total access to:
          1. Have phone conversations to Soldier on camp
          2. Gives unlimited access to internet facilities to Soldier
          3. Gives full access to Soldier’s Military account
          4. Make money transfer to and from Soldier’s Military Account

          For information on how to make payment, see below.

          Below are the lists of Access cards available:
          (1) EASY FLEX MILITARY ACCESS CARD= $575 USD- for duration of one month
          (2) PREMIUM SIZE MILITARY ACCESS CARD=$850 USD- for duration of two months
          (3)SUPER ZONE (UNLIMITED) – $1250= USD- (UNLIMITED)

          All cards connect to over 130 countries of the world with low tariffs
          Payment for any Access card should only be made through either WesternUnion Money Transfer and moneygram with the details below:

          The amount of money to send through western union money transfer/
          moneygram agent will be determined by the card you have chosen as indicated in the card types.



          NAME OF SENDER………………………………….
          AMOUNT TO SEND……………………………………
          LOCATION OF SENDER……………………………
          MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER (MTCN)………………………………..

          NOTE: Upon Payment, a letter of response should be sent with the
          details of transaction including MTCN/ REFERENCE NUMBER . Once the
          transaction is confirmed, you’ll be sent a letter of confirmation and
          about 30 minutes from the confirmation of payment, a US Army military
          Access card will be sent to both your mail and the recipient’s camp

          Warm Regards,
          Col. Dave Smith C.


        • I have been talking to a guy claiming he is the military On meetme and then started to talk on kik. Asked me to send him money because he is sick with malaria and then for his son birthday. Then today ask me for more money for more meds. I did send him money for meds when he first told me he was sick and for his son birthday. The info he give me for the money said that I had to send it to Nigeria. And some of my friends that I told them about him said that I am getting scamed because they googled and told me that there is no us military troops in nigeria. He has sent me pictures of him and his son that might be him. The photos look real.

      • Hari do you have a picture of josh wallace because i recently approached in an online named robert wallace maybe we have the same situation..

      • Hi do you by any chance have his picture because he sound very similar to the one scamming me. His name is SGT Cameron Wallace who is in Nigeria and has a daughter.

    • Anytime yo hear the word “peacekeeping” ITS A SCAM!! I have had this happen to me now 4 times.. I know Iran fame but I lure them on to see what kind of BS they are gonna tell me. Of course afternoon 1-3 days they are in love .. have lost their spouse to one reason or another .. speak in broken English am deathly rehearsed or copy/paste text. If it feel s too good to be true.. IT IS!!

      • I would love for you to email me Christina so I can talk with you on the peace keeper thing. Please an thank you

    • Hi laurie i know i responded to this message too late but can you send me the photo of that guY


  67. hi i meet a military guy namely Staff Sergeant James Tony Smith of Dallas Texas IMIN number:MGPN/4471/98A/B1 who served as a military officers in the International Security Mission in Colorado posted to Nigeria Camp.He wants us to see each other personally thats why he ask me to ask leave form to his superior..Army General john raymond the us commander His commander said that i am going to send $120usd. for the processing of form…the admin department agent who will recieve the said amount is Iris Perez of Alamo Texas…Do I have to give the processing fee or it is only a scam

  68. Hi, my name is Shelly and I’ve been talking to a man deployed in Afghanistan, not sure if he is scamming me or what, his name is Jordan Schwalm. Any help would be appreciated.

    • He has asked for itune cards, I have spoken with him on a satellite phone, not very long and we do have a delay. He has been in the army for 19 years, he has told me he can’t talk about certain things and that he took a oath not to discuss his missions because of security reasons. He says that I will understand better when he comes home. He has said he can not receive any packages or letters because of where he is stationed do to security purposes. I feel like he could be real, I’ve done some research and I’ll do pop up quizzes on things like certain guns the army carriers or different jargon to see if he can answer them without hesitation and he has been able to but who knows.

      • Here’s how the iTunes scam works: they ask for the codes to the iTunes cards you buy them. They take these codes and them sell them online at a discount. For example, they will sell a $50 iTunes card online for $40-45. They don’t use them, but asking for a gift card instead of money doesn’t raise as much suspicion as blatantly asking for money. If they ask for an iTunes card, the way you can tell if it’s legit is to mail them the actual card. EVERY deployed person can get mail. Even if they can’t “get mail” due to mission, there is ALWAYS a deployment address set up to receive mail. If they send you an address, make sure it’s an APO AP or APO AE address and nothing else. Stop sending iTunes gift card codes to these scammers.

        • My name is shelly also an i have been talking to a guy as well an I’m not sure if he who he says he is an if there is a way to find out if he is please help he says his name is mike rollins. I have searched on google an his pics but nothing comes up an if anyone knows please could you help

        • I need more information. A name doesn’t help me at all. Please contact me at cj[at]cjgrisham[dot]com

        • This is shelly mckim an I have tried to send an email to you with more information but it tells me your email address is invalid how can send it to u. Like you asked

        • I got a colonel named Peter Cosin whom asked for iTunes cards for his son for 230 said he needed his books to go to school and I only sent one 25.00 once and realized it was most likely. Scam . He also wants me to apply for his vacation to come to us or go to Ireland where he is from to see his son in a boarding school. He is. Very sweet charming colonel and could charm anyone but my family is military and some how I don’t believe him that I need to pay for his leave for vacation and that he can’t put for his sons books ..

      • Sadly, I have recently fallen victim to this same guy’s scam. He was on a site called “”. The first red flag was when he said he couldn’t Skype because of his “secret location” in Kabul. Then he has tried to get around telling me where he attended basic at. He gave me a story about how his fiancé and unborn child were killed in a car accident several years ago. He has not asked for anything yet, and won’t have the opportunity. I’m calling him out right now. He sent me a picture of ? someone ? in a helicopter with the name “Schwalm” clear on the fatigues. I am beyond mad that someone would not only do this to women, but would steal someone else’s identity. (I’m assuming that is NOT him in the photo.)

        • Beth, don’t do it he is a scam. He will eventually ask you for itune cards, he’s so smooth and has an answer for everything. Stay strong.

  69. Hey, been talking to this guy who claimed to be in syria on a convert op. I’ve already developed feelings for him but am still afraid and not sure… can you please search his name for me please?? PEDRO DONALD LIMONES….and let me know if he’s real or not… I will be very much appreciate..

    • Its a scam. A real person on a covert operation wouldn’t tell you he’s on a covert mission not would he tell you his name.

      • Hi, i’m Anna am also talking with the guy his name is thompson arroyo and he said he is us military officer and he gave me his identification and His Rank: military E_4
        Deployed country: west africa nigeria
        Base: maiduguri
        Division: mar_usafricom 2nd infantry
        I just want to know if its real or if its a scam also because he said he want to file a leave vacation to meet me but he ask me to send and email to this site
        Because am started to fall inlove with him….please i really need ur answe?…

        • It’s a scam. We don’t have troops there and that is not an official email address.

      • Hi, i’m Anna am also talking with the guy his name is thompson arroyo and he said he is us military officer and he gave me his identification and His Rank: military E_4
        Deployed country: west africa nigeria
        Base: maiduguri
        Division: mar_usafricom 2nd infantry
        I just want to know if its real or if its a scam also because he said he want to file a leave vacation to meet me but he ask me to send and email to this site
        Because am started to fall inlove with him….please i really need ur answe?…

        • It’s a scam. We don’t have troops there and that is not an official email address.

  70. hi, i’m currently talking to a guy name Briseno Stone Miles. he said his in West Africa. i want to know if his real or a scam

  71. hi, i’m currently talking to a guy name Briseno Stone Miles. he said his in West Africa. i want to know if his real or a scam

      • Staff Ssgt.Gabriel Scott-14.06.1971.,Nebrasca.Since 10.02.2018 is in Afghanistan.Has one son Jason 11 years old.
        I don’t blame anyone that I’m fool.I just want to know is he a real or scammer.His phone number:+1205 643 25 37.I talk to him untill now by Viber.Help me.

  72. Help i have been talking to someone who says hes deployed in Nigeria. He is talking about a leave form. I have sent money and know i probably shouldn’t have, fiance forms. Fiance i.d
    The list goes on. Recently he told me he was taken by assasins they contacted me with a NY # and if i didnt pay hed be dead in 24 hours. I did not send money and guess what hes fine there is some one that says they are the president who contacts me as well. Im sure same person. I fell in love and feel that things are not making sense. I have no e mail for them. But pictures but all tge storuea ive read sound like my story too

    • Has anyone here talk to Ryan Rico Chase Carter? He said he us deployed in Nigeria.

  73. Hi I have been chatting with a guy who claims he is a doctor who works with us military out of West Point.
    He’s called Johnny Greene Smith
    On deployment in cameroon
    I not sure if he’s a scammer I asked him on many occasion if he is and he has assured me he is genuine. Sent me photos but I need to know, can you help please?

    • Hello I was wondering if anyone has talked to a US Solider by the name of Adam Lennon Brown by any chance I think I am being scammed not really sure to be he tells he is based in Dexter Maine in a Army Base

  74. My story will sound a bit familiar and I’m thinking it’s a scam. Matched on Australia dating site, chatted for a few weeks, decided we want to meet. Request for liberty pass has gone in. I have received a phone call from Washington +1 (202) 888-1081 to verify my details as he is coming on leave to see me. I asked for his military email address:
    Not sure how to check him out any further. The email from DOD came through today ( saying I needed to pay $620 to pay for his replacement while he is on leave as he is deployed here in Australia. My gut says hell no but I just want to check. I wouldn’t pay it anyway.

    • Sounds like we have been caught out. I too went on a dating sight and was contacted by the same guy Robbin Johnson from Austin Texas. I stupidly bought 2 x $50 iTunes gift cards and sent them to him! However, when I received the email from the same address it started alarm bells ringing. He became incredible rude! The daily photo’s he sent looked so real! I will be contacting the dating website to warn them – I have noticed his account is no longer up!

  75. I have been talking to this guy who says he is in the army. His name is Christopher Micheal Hall. He has sent pictures of him in uniform with the name Hall on it. I have also photos of him wearing regular clothes. He says he has a 9yesr old son who lives with his cousin while he is in west Africa. He had asked me to talk to his commander to get a leave form for him. When I contacted the commander I got this reply:
    Hello madam I’m commander perry from head department to get this from you will need to afford some little money to get the form and hall is going fill all the form and if he got to you then you going to sign to the form so the money is 150 hope to hear from you back

    Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

    Yours faithfully, J odierno
    1st battalion
    Army strong

    Sent from the head department army
    I don’t know what to do. He also has says he loves me multiple times. I also have asked for his military email and he gave me this reason why he couldn’t:
    It’s for base to base babe I’m going to pay for it if I use it and I will be jail it’s not use for mailing or anything like that.
    When I saw this I definitely saw red flags. Help me I don’t know what to do.

      • I recently met someone who says he’s in the Army on a dating site and is stationed in Africa. He has asked me to send him money for food as well as 200 dollars for document fee to be able to fly home.

        My gut tells me he’s a scamer am I right.

        • That’s because it is a scam. 1) We don’t have troops stationed in Africa and 2) they are asking for money. Any soldier that asks you for money – real or not – is a scammer.

      • I matched Robbin Johnson from Texas on Tinder in Austria. He said he is in Vienna in the Rossauer barracks for Training. He quickly was falling in Love so he want take leave but before I must agree to be his fiancee to get a open Bonus for 32 month he was permanent in the military. I send him € 50,- iTunes card, he sends me an email from the DOD about his leave.
        He told me before not handle the Bonus it’s not possible to see us.
        Now I know this guy was never in Rossauer barracks in Vienna!
        A big scam if I read all the Storys about this guy. I find this all fundamentally questionable …

        • The same scammer who I met on Bumble online dating site Robbin Johnson who says he is in Australia at HMAS Stirling, Garden Island juat scammed me out of $6000.00 Auatralian dollars the last payment was made on 23/11/2017. He then deleted his account. It all started witj a Itunes card, then it was all about needing taxes and money transfers for his leave bonus as he couldn’t access his bank account as it was in the hands of his lawyer. He is very elaborate in his military emails from the pentagon military pay division and in all other documentation.
          Beware of him. I am going to the police tomorrow.

  76. I’m currently talking to a sergeant named Shaw Parker. Do you know if it’s real or a scammer’s name? He says he is in West Africa

  77. met one on badoo named gary guerino. he claims hes in nigeria and he loves me and wants to be with me but cant leave africa because his military card has expired and in order to leave the country. I would have to send him 1,200 dollars. ……. what a douche bag he claims he is in africa on a peace mission

  78. anyone heard of Sgt. Tayo Williams, he want me to pay for his 3 month leave and WU money to someone in Donald M. McCommick, in Gladwin……..

    • What has Tayo Williams said about his life. Someone by that name has been emailing me. He says his in Nigeria and his based in Alabama.

  79. When a military man is deployed in Libya and wants to take an early leave does he pay his own way back to the states

    • NO. The military covers all transportation costs. We currently have no American assests deployed in Libiya

  80. Hi I’m talking to a woman who is on tour, says she is based in jalalabad, she has sent me pictures in uniform and out in normal clothes, I would like to find if she is real, everything sounds true. But to good to be true, she is ranked as Sargent her name is Avril alderman cox, she says her husband was killed in afghanistan in active duty approx 4 yrs ago, she has sent me a copy of her UK passport which seems fine but I still have doubts, she says she lives Manchester. In the UK, if she is real I don’t want her to know. I’ve looked into this, but obviously if she’s fake. Or stolen I’d I need to. Know

    • Hello up to yesterday. I was talking to a Sgt Avril Cox. Everything was going smoothly until she asked for seventy pounds for a welfare package. I managed to say I would once if we whereally in relationship. Then started talking about how we would met in Manchester. And home cooked meals. Seemed to go to be true. She hasn’t been in touch for 24 hours. I wouldn’t ask anyone for money after only two days. After that my heart sank. But she was still talking to me. I could be wrong but yes to good to be true.

  81. I have been corresponding to a Doctor without borders supposedly. His name is some combination of this 3 part name Porter Good Peterson. Has just been talking sweetly and leaving me love notes until tonight. Tonight he asked me about givibg him my name and address because he has no next of kin. His compensation from the UN cannot be placed in an account without next of kin. He would use me as such as fiance’. I assume later down the road my account would be asked for to transfer his funds here. Bogus or what?

  82. ive feel in love with a guy named Jordan in Nigeria he claims to be a captain I have got deep feelings for him he ask me to send him750.00 to buy a phone so he can start processing out I’m so in love with this guy that I am having a hard time excepting hes not real last name clements hes sent pictures of someone he claims to be a nigera soldier from ca ive allowed myself to fall for him I’m searching to find the person he claims to be but I cant find no pics that match the pictures

    • Same thing happened to me. But I felt in love ,felt pitty on a soldier name brautigam. She said she is from usa and send the photo on her uniform.too.
      I came to.realise that photo is true in uniform..but the person who chat with Me is not brautigam. I sent 1600 usd and lost it.
      Any information to find scammers let me know

  83. Hi,
    I am chatting with Audwin Anderson. He introduced himself as a Sergeant in a US Army. He was deployed to West Africa and he has been there for six months now. I just want to ask if he is real and a genuine member of US Army troops. He didn’t ask anything for money or whatsoever yet but I just want to prevent anything bad to happen or develop my feelings for him. I met him in a dating site SKOUT. He gave me this email address saying if i would like to confirm his identity ( I send a mail to this address but I didn’t get a reply yet. Please help me.Thank you

    • Someone started messaging me on badoo, under the name Hilton. His kik messenger name is HiltonRichie. I’ve done reverse searches of his pics, and can’t find anything in them or his name, but he says he’s deployed to Nigeria for “some weeks” and asks if I would be ok with a long distance relationship for now. I have been skeptical the whole time, but I guess I wanted to make sure. Thanks to this site for confirming what I already knew.

    • I desperately need your help I have pictures and everything on this guy if I can just make sure who this person really is .he seems so sweet and innocent and if theses people are using this mans identity in such a way and he is a fallen soldier is so not fair to him or his family

    • Where can I send the pic I got to see if this man is real and how can I find out who really is the man in the photos I have done extensive research on this man and I cab call him out on every broken English and all the scamming and he still in sits I’m a fool and will’ believe they are very smart but I am on to him and he knows but yet still texts me

      • Same with me, have pictures I’m sure belong to someone else. Want to let him know his pictures are being used by scammers

  84. Hi i had been in touch since sept 2016 with a solder with name David K. Blanchard and his last name he said is Waldford…by facebook… he told me he is in siria and he want to leave before his asigned time … he asked me for money many times … and i sent it to him some of these times by western union to the name of nicholas obe in lagos nigeria. How i would be totally sure that he is a scammer ? He has a good english … i talked to him by phone and he doesnt have a weird accent … i have doubts about if he is really lie to me. How do i know that the pics he sent to me are stolen? Is there a website where i may send them ? I used google image and some other places where people publicate pics of scammers but i cant find him. There are some info that fits with a scammer and some other that not.

    • Dear
      Same story i met with, but with a woman name brautigam. Same syrian story.felt in love only coz of the stories ahe created. I lost 2600 euros on this love.
      Then planned to study about scammers and how they cheat us.
      If you want my help kindly contact me.

  85. I met SSG E6 Army medic on pof Mark Hambrick deployed to Sudan March 2016 with UN, 1 year mission. then deployed to Nigeria with the UN.

    After messaging talking via Viber for months he asked me to make a $1000 donation to Nigerian orphanage then got mad when I said no, stopped talking to me for a few days
    Then he got 3 month extended mission went to Nigeria April 4 or 5
    Then he wanted cash for food and snacks ect.

  86. Why cant these people be put on a register with there names or have a search where I can search for a name.

    it is terrible I am lucky I haven’t sent money nor would I. but emotionally I have developed feeling for this person.

    • Has any one heard of the name robinson smith

        • hi , I’ve been talking to a 2d lt. Clark Rowland of the U.S. Army special forces deployed in Syria right now . lives in Tampa Florida. born 6/22/1979. been chatting for. almost a yr. has sent close to 100 pics in full fatigues and civi clothes..been there was in ww2…want to know iif real [r not??? let me know. asap..thanks starting to develop feelings for him…need to know

      • Ok, I’m another falling for a person that goes by Sergeant Kyle Edmonton! US Army Syria

        I don’t want him to know I’ve went as far to check him out

    • Im in love with pollardandrewimy name is tammy eason i live in queen city mo i meet him yesterday. Talking to him i want to be with him

  87. Hi,

    I have been talking to a American soldier I think he is a lieutant and said he is a senior snipper
    I attended Hernando schools through the 9th grade and graduated high school from Melbourne Air Force Academy. I am a graduate of Stetson University in Deland, Florida and the Texas Chiropractic College I was member of the former Mt. Camel Baptist Church. I enlisted in the United States Army in April 4th 2000 that happen to be my birthday. In my early military career, i served at Fort Hood, Texas as a M1A2 Abrams tank loader and unit armorer; and deployed to Bosnia with the A/1-12th Calvary as a special force agent on special intelligent duties… i also served with Headquarters, Headquarters Command, 2nd Infantry Division at Camp Casey, South Korea,when i returned from Korea, i was assigned to B/3-66th Armour, 4th Infantry Division at Ft Hood. While assigned to the 4th ID, i deployed to Camp De hope, Iraq…due to my intelligent as one of the brave soldier I later deployed to Stuttgart in Germany, and later to Kabul Afghanistan. And now in Nigeria for the Bomb terrorist and abduction of the missing girls where i am presently….i have visited over 6 countries including the middle east to safe, stop and protect the world from acts of terrorism.
    I want to what I can do to stop this person doing to another.
    And who’s pictures are they using as the person is dressed in military uniform and Williams is the name on there uniform.

    • Sorry you got scammed about of this turd. If you have any other issues email me at cj[at]cjgrisham[dot]com. Also please go to my new Facebook page and share all this scammer’s information and photos he’s using. I’m hoping this new facebook page will both expose these scammers and alert the soldiers in the photos that their names are being used:

        • Please sent me the pictures

      • hi may i know someone whos name is Sgt.Johnson Kenny assigned at carol,nigeria? is he a US Army or scammer too

      • Hey I have a guy that is telling me that is in Afghanistan. He told me that they don’t have cell phone over there they have to use the military device. I just asked him for is mil email address waiting on that now.. He said that he would like to take a leave I would have to help him request for it. Sounds like a nice guys but something just don’t add up. So what should I do. If he is out here scamming woman I want to make sure that he learns a very good lesson..

      • All I have is a photo of a real us soldier a rifleman called I hope fred brashear after 10 minutes can’t afford nanny fees for daughter he got rid of his girlfriend because she’s a cheat with his best friend .he messaged me and said have you finished your coffee I asked if he was texting other women because I didn’t mention coffee photo if it will help he asked me to go to africa to army camp I think he said chad I said woman on her own in africa would.ent be safe he said that was nonsense I have a photo of a 49 year old who looks about late 30.s

        • Hi , im talking with the same man fred brash and i have pic too and he want to me i pay $140 for a certificate marital to leave the base to live with me

        • I’m now having a William James he took a rude photo in his uniform in an army truck it was definitely a real photo time came up on the photo but he asked me €110 dollars for leave processing fees I think I’m being scammed by a real soldier here it wasn’t photoshopped it was just taken I think real soldiers are capable of this as. MUch as scammers what’s a processing fee… I’m a marine veterans daughter. And ought to know better.

      • Hi I wnt to know how to find out if someone is really in the uk army. Fighting in Isis Syria ? They give me United Nations consultant address and ask me to apply for them. Vacation and ask for 750 to get to go to Ireland or 230 for their child s books that is in Ireland . Just need to know if he really is real he says he is a Colonel in Uk Army . He uses hangouts and claims his wife died when having knee surgery and he says he was deployed and has a teenage. So. In boarding school in Ireland

        • This is scam. Anytime someone in the military asks for money, it is a scam 100%.

    • Omg!! Me to I cry for this man how can they be so cruel I also have pictures of this man

      • I feel the same way. I have cried over this man John Morales several times. The problem is I don’t have a lot of info on him but his kik ID and a U.S. Phone number he claims is his aunt. I know it’s the name of the woman he told me because I sent a little of money to her, to send him Walmart to Walmart. She would have had to have her license. I know not to send anymore money. I fed on my vulnerability with my divorce.

        • I wanted to send him home to his 6 yr old daughter. He played on my sympathy very well

      • I met someone on mocospace i have pics that are not photoshopped and seen him on cam has never asked for money and wants to relocate his twins to me but ask me to request leave for im his on mission in nigeria for 12 more months and im in Australia not sure if his honest or if thats allowed. his spanish name Tobias hammond lopez

  88. Anyone gotten anything from Christopher Johnson on Plenty of Fish??? seems fake and mirrors comments seen other posted

    “I am a 90G military officer with 1s infantry 62nd battalion army in field 16”


    • I’ve been talking to a Christopher Valdez that says he’s in Nigeria as a independent military contractor he says he needs money to get back to the states
      He says that he is having trouble with ATM card unable to get money out of his account needs my help to be able to get back home ito San Jose ca I have a pic of him on FB & he has also sent me pics of him & his kids
      I’m not going to send any money just want to know if there is anything that can be done to stop him from finding someone that will send him money

    • Hi
      I am chatting with Audwin Anderson which I met on a dating site SKOUT. He said that he is a Sergeant in the US army. He said that he was deployed in West Africa and have been there for six months. I asked him if how would I be able to confirm that he is real, and he send to me this email address ( for me to confirm but I’m still in doubt because I try to send a mail to this email add but until now I don’t get a response. He did’nt ask anything from me yet so I just want to confirm if he is real before I develop a feelings for him

  89. Anyone ever talk to someone named Fernando Bravo in the Marines. I am trying to figure out if he is real or not am thinking no after reading this article. I started having doubts when he was asking me for money for his leave. I thought if you were able to leave that you wouldn’t need the money. I just hate that people do this crap and I even tried to call his bluff about it being a scam. But I will try to see if he has a military email if not forget it. He found me on Facebook

  90. I am talking with a guy who i met in Skout since November 2016 who introduced himself as Brown Castro of US Military based in Nigeria. after a month of chatting he told me that he wants to find a serious relationship so we continue chatting on Whatsapp. after that, he says that he wants to be with me ans visit me here in our country but he’s on a 4 year mission that he can’t be allowed to leave unless pay his leave. he told me that he will radio his commander thats his fiancée will pay for his leave. I was wondering why he needs to pay for his leave? i was doubting him but i still continue to talk with to know if hes reall fake or not. he sent me his pictures but i dont know why i feel that i don’t need to believe it. he don’t want to have a video call when he is home. until such time that he told if i really love him i would do everything for him for us to be together. i told him that i dont have money yet. he wants me to borrow from a friend and he will refund it back double. i also tried to tild him that i will pawn my phone so i can send him money and he wants me to pawn it because he will buy me a new phone. haha! i wanted to bust him but now i dont reply on his messages. beware of that name if someone messaged you using that name. i feel sorry for the real owner of that name someone is using his name to get other people’s money

  91. I think I’ve been scam as well by NICOLAS BOSWELL
    Pls help me guys I wanna know who owns the pics he is using

  92. I think I’ve been scam as well …a guy pretended to be SGT NICOLAS BOSWELL… asking for help …coz he doesn’t want to be deployed In IRAQ…he sounds so nice. And all but then he asked me for leave vacation sososos…got their replay asking me to send money about 250 usd…hope u can help me find the real NICOLAS BOSWELL ..

    • I have been scamed too. He found me on FB. He was trying to get me to pay for his leave so we could be together . He use a another mans name, Abrams Wilken! I got pictures of the right guy, I feel so sorry for that man. I guess the real Abrams Wilken is in the US Army. This false “Abrams Wilken” is no in Syria, he says. I rather be friends with the real Abrams Wilken.

  93. Has anyone written with Ben (or Bentley) Sutterfield, from Orlando USA. Now serving at Incirlik Turkey ? What a jerk !! SCAM.

  94. I have been messaged by a solider based in Nigeria, named Sgt Ethan Moore. We have been chatting online since January 2016. He wants me to apply for leave on his behalf saying that I need to send the Agent on the base in Nigeria £750. The form I have to send will be sent to me and I will need to apply as his wife so that he can get his leave. This is a scam yes?

    • Yes. Family members and friends do not apply for leave in the military. And we have no troops in Nigeria.

      • I have spoken with more than one soldier saying they are deployed in Nigeria.
        1Lt Austin Fernando Eckstein in bokoharam Nigeria. Austin says he’s on special contract and classified missions. He never asked me for money but he did ask me to receive money to my bank and then send it to him Western Union. Unfortunately I believed him and my account was accessed and money stolen from me.

        But the soldier I’m most concerned about is
        Army Chief Warrent officer 3 Watson Pedro Rosario, undercover agent in Ekiti Nigeria. We message daily on Facebook. We met on dating site Badoo. He says he’s born and raised in Cooperstown NY and he’s stationed there in NY. We’ve talked about our families and we have talked about a future together. He knows about the family termoil I’m currently facing and swears he’s real and will return to the states and we’ll be together. He had me Western Union and MoneyGram funds to a person in Nigeria so he could receive money for medication and fresh fruit due to the malaria he contracted soon after arriving in Africa. He knows I have very little income and that I’m in personal and financial crisis and I send him very little money when I do. He says he can only access government desktop to message me, has no cell phone, wanted me to send him a letter but says he can’t receive mail at the base so he gave me an Nigerian address but the cost to send the letter with the piece of any of my jewelry he asked for to keep with him would cost too much for me to send. So he said not to send it because it would be a hardship for me.
        There is also a Captain Benjamin Gomez I occasionally text on WhatsApp that Watson is at the same base with. I have contacted one of the friends listed on his Facebook, an Army Sgt Michael Antho and he responded back breifly saying that Watson is honest and trustworthy and will make me a wealthy women should I marry him. But no communication since. Within the last couple weeks the friends that had been listed on his Facebook, most of them from India he says we’re random strangers, his list has no friends listed not even me even though we’re still friends on Facebook. And the friend I spoke to Watson was his only friend listed on his Facebook and he’s no longer on Sgt Michael Antho Facebook page. He now says he’s trying to find a way to call me but has to do it away from the base? I keep questioning him to prove he’s telling me the truth. He doesn’t deny my request he says he’s limited on what he can send due to security reasons.
        How do I prove he’s real!!! I have so much invested in him being who he says he is!!

        • They are all fakes. Here is the 100% sure way to see of the person you are talking is a real person in the military: ask for their military email address. 100% of troops have them and none of them are classified so there is NO reason they shouldn’t provide it to you to confirm their identity. If they give you ANY reason why they can’t give it you – ANY REASON AT ALL NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT SOUNDS – it’s a scam. Military emails all have .mil extensions (for example or Don’t fall for something like either.

        • Oh I know !! I am going through the same thing . A guy in west Africa saying he is deployed I wish there was a website we could go to to figure out catfishes .

        • He is fake darling. They are getting your money

        • I have a question about a Soldier that’s want to come home but can’t fill out the leave form cause lack of financial situation need help to pay bills I wonder if I should help him my brother ncome is very poorly an I am struggling myself by me godly how true is this

    • I have a friend in NZ who has been writing to a so called US soldier in Nigeria for nearly a year but there has been no request for money but I feel the platform has been laid as he is talking about leaving the army and coming to NZ to visit her. What impresses me is the groundwork that goes in without getting to the point of asking for money. You can see how convincing they are that this is a genuine relationship so by the time money is raised the person is convinced their new life is with this person.

  95. Anyone talk to a Sgt. Steve Wesley Wilson US Army??? He’s from Brooklyn New York

      • Has it really?? I’ve been searching every where looking for info and can’t find a thing.

      • i have looked it up and found one profile but the info on it ain’t him and the pictures aren’t the same! how can I find more out on him?? I have saved pictures he sent me and I ran them thru google search and nothing comes up!

    • John Morales said he’s from Brooklyn NY also, wonder if they are the same person but his picture uniforms do have Morales on them. Guess that doesn’t matter cause they still the pictures of Facebook, etc

    • I was on our time the man pretended to be sergeant Henry m mathews. He then asked for money. I told him were to shove it. The person he told me to send it to was a Nigerian in maryland.lucky my family is military so the name is abiodun adeyeye
      800 shoppers way
      Lanham,Maryland 20706
      The letters are from administration officer Sgt chris. Public relations officer sgt. Scott m. Gen Commander Gen david petraeus. His phone number is 812-717-2699. He has many pictures of the seargent. The army needs 2 know what they are up 2. I got a more official letter. I don’t know who I can get ahold of to help this poor soldier know their using him.

    • hi as you seem to be the person to talk to i’m sure i’m being scammed well trying to be I’ve got some on meetme saying he serving the uk army currently deployed to west African on a mission of humanity protection and peace keeping saying that his a combat soldier.
      saying hi 90G military officer with the 1st infantry 62nd battalion army in field 16 till man Nigeria camp 11B is ”riffle infantry man.i asked for his email address it wasn’t military that is what his sent me just want to make sure if this is a scam if so i will block him. please could you tell me as soon as possible please.

      • Yes, this is a scam. He’s using US military designations while saying he’s in the UK army. This is a definite warning. We don’t have anyone deployed to Nigeria at all, but I can’t speak for UK troops. Either way, this guy is not a UK Soldier either, so it’s a scam. You’ll do well to block him.

        • Cramer Williams is a fake also says in got put on special mission to Nigeria Africa and is trying to get help from a doctor name Lola Anderson for 235.00 to Sat he has heart trouble so he can retire! How can I report him he is fake

        • Do we have any troops deployed to west Africa central Mali on a peacekeeping mission now . He said he’s a warrant officer in army has his own room and had wifi in his room but lost his access card to use it so asked me to send him an iTunes gift card to pay for internet in his room. I didn’t sent it but think it’s a scam

    • I am dealing with a Master Sergeant Aaron Jones Rico…based in Washington DC he claims. Just asked me today to call on a western union for $850 USD that he apparently put through my western union account and it denied. He now wants me to call western union and give them some song and dance ao this transfwr can go through to a Abiodun Adeyeye at Cheverly, Maryland 20785. I have previously sent this Aaron Rico about $4,000 all totalled. I am sick that i have been scammed…he sure had me fooled. I paid for his leave…his replacement…a permit…and flight and cab…also several times i sent $100 to his son in Texas for food cuz their caregiver didnt hace the money for food for the kid. He alao claims his card has been deactivated and he cannot access his funds.

      • Sorry you got scammed about of this turd. If you have any other issues email me at cj[at]cjgrisham[dot]com. Also please go to my new Facebook page and share all this scammer’s information and photos he’s using. I’m hoping this new facebook page will both expose these scammers and alert the soldiers in the photos that their names are being used:

        • Anyone know Sgt Peter wavewright from Miami.

    • Hi I have talking a guy in 4months he is a assign at Iraq he been 5yrs in his service..he want to come here in phil.but he told me need to pay his flight at$400 and he told me that I need to pay that before he leave in his camp..his major told that to him..I send already $10 for his vacation leave and I write and send already in the dept of military of his leave letter used my email account in google..and one day I search in google if true but I read all in google there’s a have scammed for this so I talk to him that he is a scammer and user but he cry and told me that he is not fake, user and scammer.i don’t know what to do..pls help me or advise me f he is a scammer bcos I already fall in love in that guy.thanks

  96. There are men on the MeetMe site better acting like military soldiers and say they’re from Nigeria and ask for money so they can get their leave to come back to the United States to marry you or whatever watch out

    • Yes. That is a fake email address. The REAL military email addresses end in .mil not .com like this one. They are trying to make it look official, but it is not.

    • ok..Let me ask something here…HOW ABOUT THOSE soldiers whom used to write to you from a computer which says on the bottom:printed….SENT FROM A wireless MILITARY COMPUTER….IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE that they use so many artificial things such as those ones.. I met one man who sent me the pictures of his two sons…He is in Nigeria at this moment, but his mission was suppose to finish in end of September 2016 but he tells me that Nigeria Goverment ask to USA Army soldiers to stay there some time longer.

      • Fake. That’s a sure sign of a scam. The moment the word “Nigeria” comes out of their mouths, drop them like a sack of potatoes.

        • I just got a request for asking a vacation for some one. He sais he us a surgerin doc in syria named micheal ferrinder. His late wife always did it for him. I think its weird

    • Block him on Facebook. Report his profile as fake. Do not keep talking to him. There is no such thing as a leave permit.

    • Yes this peacemaking soldor name rico mark contacting me for leave i dont know if his lieing to me or not

    • i’ve been having the same problem on same site there is two on there one goes by the name Johnson Thamert and the other goes by Porter Daniel sent me pictures of two different profile pictures and ”forms” to say i need to request a leave but there will be a fee of either 350 dollars or 800 dollars wen i asked a friend who has a husband that is military and googled about it says they are scammers one was so adamant and got annoyed with me saying that its real saying i would need to request a fiancee form for leave so they can see me

    • I’ve had that happen to me and have wired at least $1,500.00 or more in almost a year ! Had a bad feeling from the start but listened to my heart not my brain … Texting for almost a year,& just finally realized the chats became less & less when I couldn’t or wouldn’t send money! Then it kind of dawned on Me – probably didn’t have time for me, since he had to start over with his lies and deceit with some new suitors . Learned My Lesson – the Hard Way ! Thankful to God,prayer & my gut feeling …

  97. Has any one been scammed by a Richard Dunn Armstrong off hot or not or badoo? He claims to be a staff Sargent deployed in Nigeria and has asked me to send $250 to register as his fiance.

    • He’s trying to steal money from you. The U.S. military has no soldiers deployed in Nigeria. However, Nigeria is home to most of the world’s romance scammers. There is NEVER a fee for an American soldier to become engaged. It’s a SCAM.

        • I need to know about a senior Sgt named Taylor Shuler he was in Afghanistan went home to California for a week and got redeployed to west Africa Ondo Nigeria we been chatting for over a year now and he claims he has to pay for his dental cos his insurance aint enough he been asking me for money to come bk to see me he wants to get married he has a teenage daughter he said he on a peace mission and is always getting mad if I don’t send him money who can I report this too then I also got a email fr the bank in west Africa asking me not to communicate w fake military ppl and they would send me money I have pictures of him and was wondering if anyone knows him his bday is 6/26/78 he fr LA CALIFORNIA I also have his parents name and brother

        • This is a scam. We don’t have troops in Africa. Besides, troops don’t get deployed immediately following a deployment anyway.

      • anonymou
        I was wondering about the name Clark rowland 2d lt. us army. sent 100 of pics ..lives. in Tampa Florida deployed in Syria. could you please tell me if he’s the real or not

  98. Ask for his military email addres . If he refuses to give it to you or says he can’t, he’s a fraud.

    • He is not real. If we’re all lucky, the scammer pretending to be Dana Howard will actually blow his head off. Do not send money!


        • Yes i want to report a scamer his name is paul. Allen bucker hes scamed me and my son” out of 1000.250$ i realy realy want this gyu in jail this is’ the country nigeria stat ondo state address. No 20 barrck zip cod.23434

  99. It’s best NOT to contact the real troops even if you have their real name. The overwhelming majority are happily married with families and contacting them saying that you’re in love with them or pictures of them will only cause problems.

  100. I found this article on another website devoted to the Romance Scam issue. It’s worth reading.

    Don’t let his smooth talk — and your desperation — cloud your judgment.

    Some people have great success with Internet dating; yet, there are hazards that must be known so that Internet dating doesn’t cost you emotionally, mentally and monetarily. Some are so desperate to find love, that they ignore warning signs, in a hopeful exchange of a possibility of being in love.
    Here are warning signs and online dating advice so you don’t waste time with frauds, and instead can focus on the possibility of real love. (Note: I used male pronouns here, but scammers can be either gender and can present themselves however they wish online):

    1. Vague profile. Start with what is stated on the Internet site. Scammers often are not specific in what they are looking for in a mate. Thus, more people will respond and fit their requirements. When making contact with you, scammers start by complementing you on your looks. Wouldn’t we rather be complemented on accomplishments or what your goals are?

    2. He loves you, sight unseen. “I love you” is a statement that everyone wishes to hear, but how do you know if it’s real? Charlatans tell you they love you before they have ever met you in real life. Think about it: How do you know if there is real charisma there? Some people can sound great on the phone, but when you meet them there is nothing there; or, physically they just don’t meet your standards. How can someone honestly love you before having met you in person?

    3. Too much, too fast. The other part of the “I love you” scam is when he says something like, “Something in me shifted, and I love you,” or, “I think I have found my soulmate.” Again, he hasn’t even met you, and there hasn’t been enough time to know you well enough to truly love you in the way you wish to be loved. How can someone want to spend the rest of their life with you when he’s known you less than a month?

    4. Going offline. There is a reason scammers wish for you to contact them directly via private email and not use messaging available through the dating site. You’re using a dating site to protect your privacy and help you avoid scammers. Don’t fall for whatever their reason is to write to him directly before meeting him in person.

    5. Avoiding questions. “How tall are you?” “What do you do for a living?” It’s almost as if his mail is sent automatically, like you are on his list and this is the next standard e-mail that is sent out. Him answering with questions to your specific questions is a sign of a scammer as he is not giving you an answer.

    6. Playing phone games. First off, I don’t recommend calling an online suitor without having met him first. But if you do … if your phone identifies the calling number, and you return the calls but the number is rarely answered or almost always goes to voicemail, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. Remember, there are a number of services where you can get a phone number with almost any prefix. Also, if he is supposedly overseas on a trip, and he gives you his foreign number and says call any time, it is more likely his real number. Why? He’s more than willing for you to get the long-distance bill, versus him calling you.

    7. He can’t meet, for some reason or another. Another indication that a scam may be going down is when there is a distance between where you both live. When you say you’ll be in his area and would like to get together, he can’t meet with you. This is a great test: Ask to meet soon after the introduction on the Internet. If there are continual excuses, then you know that person doesn’t really live where they say they do, and/or he isn’t truly interested in you.

    8. It’s all about the money. Most people who earn a decent living wish to be wanted for who they are, not for their income. Yet, scammers will often indicate that they make more than $150,000 a year in an attempt to set up the person who wants to know them for their income, and not for themselves. This way, when he says he’s gotten into a jam and requests money, the unsuspecting person thinks her investment or loan will actually get reimbursed.

    9. “How much money do you make?” Shortly after the introduction, the person asks about your financials as he’s looking to find out what kind of person he is dealing. In other words, he is really wishing to find out if you are worth his time to scam, as you have financial resources to share. Think about your friendships—do they ask you about your financials? Not many do, especially when you’ve not known each other for very long.

    10. His photos are fake. Ask him to send you a picture of himself via snail mail. When the exact same pictures show up that are on the Internet, it is an indication that the pictures may not really be of him, or why wouldn’t he send a different set of pictures? (Do a Google Image search to see if his photo shows up on stock photo sites or catalogs.) Notice the background in the pictures posted online. Are they indicating that they are wealthy? Does it show a big house, a new boat, or something else that yells wealth? Again, people who have real wealth do not advertise it. So, when a picture flagrantly indicates wealth, one needs to consider whether it’s real. Did the person go to a boat dock and simply stand in front of a great looking boat and have his picture taken? Did he ask a Realtor to show him an expensive house and then have his picture taken at the house? Be suspicious of pictures taken outdoors.

    11. He wants to “borrow” money from you. It’s easy for a scam to be set up by a foreigner, even one who is not currently in the United States. One of the more popular scams is to pretend to be a resident who has either recently moved to the States in the last two years, or who is in the process of moving here. Here’s how it goes: He gets called back to his home country to do a lucrative job with either really important people or for a really good commission or a big paycheck. Once overseas, something horrible happens that leaves him broke or close to broke—his money got stolen from the hotel, the taxi driver stole it, the airlines forced him to check his luggage and his money was in it. Whatever the reason, a smart person, or one who travels, knows better than to let it occur. He asks you for a temporary loan. Think about this. Why you? Doesn’t he have any friends or family that could help him out if the situation was true? How much money is being requested? Is the amount of money being requested realistic for the situation described? Be aware that the person may ask that you send money via DHL, or another global service to a name, other than his or her own. This is a huge red flag, as they must show ID to collect the money, so his “friend’s” name is more likely his real name. Either way, do you really want to get involved with this person? Ask yourself how desperate are you for a relationship? Scammers count on that desperation.

    13. Control by guilt. Most people are basically good people and want to help. So, if you start to get suspicious and ask if this is a scam, he will most often get mad and attempt to make you feel guilty. Then, he must create a new heartfelt situation that requires you to send money.

    14. He uses lovely speech. He writes letters filled with love, as if the letters were written right out of a romantic novel. Listen to how often flattery is used. He just met you, so how can he give honest flattery?
    In addition to the warning signs abobe, here are some of the commonalties among scammers. Remember, they have a plethora of these, but not necessarily all of these traits.
    • His name consists of two first names.
    • He has a foreigner or has an accent.
    • He doesn’t call often, as he would rather write.
    • The facts that he gives you don’t check out. Example: He’s not on the alumni list of the college he says he attended.
    • He must travel overseas shortly after meeting you.
    • He makes promises that are unrealistic.

    In summary, be smart about dating on the Internet. If the new person cannot meet you in person within the first two to three weeks of chatting or writing online, then he isn’t the person for you. If he’s moving too fast declaring his love, he’s not the person for you. If he falls in love with you before actually meeting you, he’s not for you. Constantly ask yourself, how desperate are you? The more desperate to find someone, the easier it is for you to become a pawn in the scammers’ game.

    • How ,can I know he has send me ids passport number n more it’s sad how the Use other person inf

    • Hi
      I want talked Jelena Rodriguez plz give her information and contact with me, how meet with her? And give me some idea plz give her information I’m so missing her, she is my heart,my life,my love….

  101. I meant to say, that he hasn’t asked for money yet

  102. I’ve been talking to a guy stationed in West Africa, states his name is Alexander de Hoyo, from San Antonio, Tx. He hang asked for money, but I wanted to know how I can found out if he is real. I performed a reverse image search and didn’t have any matches; I asked for his military email address, but haven’t received it yet. Any other ways I can research this guy!

    • Debbie,

      There are VERY FEW U.S. military personnel stationed in West Africa. NONE of them has time for internet dating. You are being scammed by a young, black male who has lived his entire life in Ghana or Nigeria (the home to most of the world’s romance scammers). He has no connection to the U.S. military whatsoever. He told you he’s a soldier stationed in West Africa, so you won’t be surprised when he asks you to send him money via Western Union to West Africa. You’re wasting your time talking to him.

        • My name is Angela Lovejoy. I have been talking to this Army Soldier that has been deploted over at Afghanstan now for almost 5 years. His name is Felix Miller and he is supposed to went to see his adopted son in Africa 2 day’s ago. yesterday I received a phone call from a doctor that works at a hospital in Nigeria called thefirstrank hospital. Telling me that Felix Miller wouldn’t make it through today dec 1,16 which is today if I didn’t send some money for his surgery. I asked him if he was wearing his dog tag’s and he said no. He told me that Felix did have a visa card and he didn’t live in Nigeria. I asked him if he got hold of Felix Army commander in Afaghastan to let him know about him and that he was in critical condition.I am writing you so you can tell me if Felix Miller is with Fort Brag from Fayettesville N.c and if he is really in the U.A ARMY AND DEPLOYED OVER THERE IN AFGAHANSIN. MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS Thank you and I hope that you can help me asap

        • This is a scam. The military takes care of all medical bills and NO ONE in the military is deployed for 5 years to a combat zone.

        • Can you help figure out of he’s a scammer he says he is from am Paso tx he’s a senior sergent in the army in Africa and a bomb specialist he says his name is marcus Nash. I will send you pic by email

  103. You are being scammed. You should mention his name here so that others aren’t scammed by him and it will show up if someone searches his name.

    • Typical story. You’d think after all this time, they’d change it up a bit. It must be working on some women because they keep doing it.

  104. Has any one been scammed by a Richard Dunn Armstrong off hot or not or badoo? He claims to be a staff Sargent deployed in Nigeria and has asked me to send $250 to register as his fiance.

  105. I have been chatting to a Captain S. Downey who says he is on deployment in Nigeria. Two days ago he said he loved me. Alarm bells started ringing. How do I find out if this man is for real? Not even sure if the US Army is even stationed in Nigeria.

    • as far as i heard from a friend who is married to a army personally..NO their is no base nor camp in nigeria as of now…
      i have been chatting with a us army man who calls himself TERRI RICO and claims he is station in nigeria.the pictures and videos he sends are real but the person can not be him.

  106. Hello,

    Does anyone know is this scam?


    Attention: Sir/Madam

    We are in receipt of your inquiry message for the purchase of our Easy flex /military bulk call card to open communication with First Sergeant Shann Mendez member of the United States military in peace keeping mission in Sudan war camp monitoring/surveillance Unit.
    We are only responsible for sales of United States Military call cards for troops in Sudan war camp.

    The listed military bulk /Easy Flex call card categories are available for your purchase. The card PIN will be sent to you via email and First Sergeant Shann Mendez will use the PIN and the link to Activate for and register calls and communications with you.

    Note: Your telephone numbers where you are to be contacted should be forwarded to him immediately you receive the Activation PIN for activation to be done with the United States Army communication device for call connections being operated by the officer in the military war camp.


    EASY FLEX 1 MILITARY CALL CARD= $360.00 for 6 weeks

    EASY FLEX MILITARY CALL CARD= 570.00 for 8 weeks


    FAMILY SIZE MILITARY CALL CARD = $1200.00 for unlimited calls and chats all through

    PREMIUM SIZE MILITARY CALL CARD= $2050.00 for unlimited calls and chats all through for families and spouses to stay connected always

    All cards connect to over 130 countries of the world with low tariffs.

    NOTE: You are advised to choose any of the CALLING CARD DURATION YOU CAN AFFORD as stated above in categories and get back to us to enable us send you a payment information.


    Thank You.



    Thank you,

    • We started communicate in facebook… and the e-mail addresa was he given to me for call card: usarmymilitarybasetripoli@gmail

      Beast regaeds,

    • It’s a scam, Marge. The U.S. military would never sell phone cards to troops. Most soldiers are able to make free phone calls at USO Call Centers in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t fall for the scam!

  107. Micheal Hall, is the name that’s texting me.
    The pictures are of a soldier with the name Hall on his uniform.
    These pics range from full fatigues to relaxing in regular clothes.
    He is about 6’5″ and green eyes with blondish red hair.
    He has three noticeable tattoos on his arms.
    I am still in contact with this imposter behind the pics.
    What do I do to get this son of a bitch that’s smearing this innocent soldiers name and occupation??? From. Saddened in Canada.

  108. Today I was told by an Army Sargeant deployed 2 years ago to Afghanistan that because of the crisis, he could not receive mail? I’ve had some red flags. Truth or not?

    • Hello Heidi,

      All American Soldiers stationed in Afghanistan are allowed to receive mail. Scammers tell you this because they wouldn’t be able to receive mail you send to them in Afghanistan – since most of them live in Africa. It’s common for them to tell you to send items to them through a “diplomat” in Ghana or Nigeria. There is no diplomat. It’s all part of the scam. Good luck!

      – Gordon (an real American soldier)

  109. Do they need money for connection fee for their own personal stuff like a tablet or something like that.

    • Hello Gina,

      Scammers have been using photos of “Ramos” for many years. If you do a Google search for “Ramos” and “romance scam” you’ll see pictures of your “soldier.” He’s a scammer trying to steal your money. He probably lives in Ghana or Nigeria. Also, there are no “USMC trainees” in the U.S. Army. That doesn’t make any sense. Soldiers can file their tax returns for free when stationed overseas. There’s no need to use a stranger’s bank account for that purpose. I am 100% certain that you have been chatting with a scammer. Good luck!

      – Gordon (a real American soldier)

  110. I started chatting with this guy that was in Iraq then said he leaving there on Dec 10, 2015 to Nigeria. His name Phillip Ramos Rollins USMC trainee in the army. Me to send him the money for an internet connection fee so I can get 20 bucks now he wants me to send him some money so he can file his taxes so he can have it deposited into my bank account. His email is and his number is from next plus +1-978-910-0692. Please I need to know if he’s a fake or real. Thanks Gina Chavez

  111. I have been talking to a US military man who has retired, he got injured and i have to pay for his operation he is in Syria, ?.

    • Tracy –

      He is a scammer. Soldiers and retired soldiers do not pay for surgeries. The military or the Veteran’s Administration pay for their medical care. There are very few American military people in Syria. None of them has time for internet romance. You’ve been talking to an African scammer. Good luck!

      – Gordon

  112. He talked wd me On whatsapp no. His whatsapp no. is +447937456975 and pther no. is +907246537783 if u inquire this no. Or person pl. Let me know a big amount of money he took n ran away from here his no. Is going on n turn On its ringing bell.

  113. A man Kenneth James talked me. Since 15 days started. saying. he wanted meet me he is widower n father of a 12 years old daughter. He came in my country to meet me with his daughter and started crying immigration dept arrested him I have to pay them to leave him. I tried to say I ll meet him give address but he denied and asked to pay money in officers account I paid nand he ran away. When I inquired d pictured he sent me all I ds are fake n his pic s was of Paul David Daniel a musician of New York. Then I felt he cheated me I became fool to give him a big amount.he told his name Kenneth James London U K Citizen.

  114. I was asked by Sargent combat engineer, 18 years in the army, deployed in Nigeria to send him money so he could be taken off the redeployment list. Of course he proclaimed his love for me. He was getting ready to be shipped out to Afgan for 2-3 years and did not want to go. Is there a fee to be taken off the list? Is he being upfront? He also stated he did not have the money because he invested all in raw gold and bought a house. He then said he was mailing me the gold, gave me a tracking number, and to hold onto it until he arrive to be with me.

  115. My mom was talking to a man who claimed to be a chief petty officer in the Navy for about 5 or 6 mos. He told her he needed her to pay for his leave because he didn’t have access to his bank account since he was on a ship. He wanted to the money sent Via Western Union or some company like that and wanted it sent to his commander in Nigeria. Unfortunately my mother fell for this and sent over $1,000 before talking to me. After I read some of the conversations and saw the way he was talking I knew it was a scam for sure. Unfortunately my mother didn’t see anything wrong with how he was talking. These people prey on unsuspecting older women who don’t notice the little things. I just wanted to put this man’s name out there so no one else gets scammed. His name is Hastings Williams.

  116. How do I even know if he is being truthful or not ? If he even exist?

  117. I have been talking to Sargeant Demetris Johnny Arias, station in Chad Africa . Who has share his picture of himself, two sons, even picture of himself and another soldier smooth talker, romantic and very good looking. Always ask about how my family were doing, how much he misses his boys, me and he is a widower. When I told him I would like to send a care package for him and his unit , he ask for an iPhone his reason was so we can talk , provided me with address of so call female agent in oregon , never send it of course when I ask him for his military mailing address, email, unit name, even for his dog tag pictures he stated they don’t have one , cause everything goes through their personal agents and everything else was blown off He said he is a sergeant but when you look at his uniform in the picture his rank is a specialist. Ugh lies lies lies. The last one got even better he said he needed help , iam thinking medical, mental, physical etc. He ask for $400.00 to get some personal items he needs. Seriously disappointing how fake he is, how they take advantage of a woman who has so much love to give and care for . Once again, it just reminded me how I don’t trust men and the one time I thought it would be different I was reminded is not . Ladies look out , I do have his picture and willing to share it . I wouldn’t want any other ladies out there to fall for this fine ass men bullshit.

    • Can I have the picture? I think I might be getting scammed or he’s trying to scam me. I’m talking to two guys. One uses the last name Johnson says he is in love with me and wants to marry me the other one Damian salago says he’s under cover in South Korea. He said he has no access to his bank account. He said it will cost almost a grand for him to be able to leave and to put in as his fiance. He never shows himself he never talks on the phone he only wants to c me on kik. He’s undercover. He says it’s really strict there on there policies and they have a block so he can’t show himself talk on the phone or send pictures. He says he wants to be with me forever. He asked me for my address I gave it to him. He had a number call me a Google thing and told me to say 16. He said it was to get him into his email address because he locked himself out. I really need to know if he is fake before I can go further. The other guy uses two first names with the last name Johnson. I told the guy with the last name Johnson to screw off because of his rotten attitude…
      Please help me. Oh the guy with the last name Johnson says he’s in Yemen?

      • Sorry you got scammed about of this turd. If you have any other issues email me at cj[at]cjgrisham[dot]com. Also please go to my new Facebook page and share all this scammer’s information and photos he’s using. I’m hoping this new facebook page will both expose these scammers and alert the soldiers in the photos that their names are being used:

        • I need help. I started talking to a man who says he is a US Marine. And is an E5 Sgt and is stationed in Nigeria. We friended each other on Facebook. And started texting. He quickly asked me to get the app Whatsup so we could talk more privately he said. His name on Facebook is David Stones. But the longer we talked he said that his full name is Mathew David Micheal. He has sent me pictures of him all in his uniform. The name on his uniform is Cheramie. I was confused and asked him about it. And he told me Stones was what his grandmother called him. And Cheramie is what his friends call him. So I don’t know. He says he’s from Rochester NY. And has a 12 yr old son named Donald. The friends he had on Facebook are not there anymore. We’ve talked about marriage and I gave him money to do paperwork to be his military wife. He’s trying to take his leave. But is trying to get his passport and ticket at the moment. He says the terrorist there won’t allow them to have things sent to them. And the banks have been bombed. I told him I couldn’t send him anymore money. And he said he understand. And that his boss is going to help him get home. He’s promised he’d never hurt me or let me down. He’s sent me poems. Am I being scammed?

        • Of course you are. Soldiers can’t choose what to put on their uniforms. That alone should have tipped you off when he had so many names and none of them match what he has on the uniform.

        • Also the name I was told to send the money to was… Adeleye Oluwatobi
          Nigeria, 23401
          I asked him why I wasn’t putting his name and he said it went to the base there. And for me to send a copy of the receipt with the tracking # on it. So I did.

      • The real guy on these photos retired last year I can’t remember his real name but he always uses Johnson he tried me

  118. Has anyone heard of a Sargent Bulnes David Rodriguez he goes by David. He’s supposedly stationed in Nigeria. I met him on Facebook. We have spoken for months he’s asked for money off and on. I sent money to help with travel expenses he was supposed to be here on the 23rd of December. For 2 days I heard nothing then on the early morning of the 23rd I got a call from a Nigerian phone number saying he had been shot. The man on the phone said he was his doctor but gave me no information. Now they’re wanting $5200 before they will do surgery on him. He’s supposidly from California and I’m now getting text from a California number telling me I’m am a horrible person because I won’t send the money what should I do

  119. I was recently contacted by a man claiming to be homer sneed and he had his lawyer named timothy ortiz to who I sent my money to I lost over 2,000 we was suppose to marry I am heart broken and broke.

  120. I have been scammed a few times by elmer reyes, timothy ortiz, homer sneed has anyone else been scammed by these men too???

  121. I have to know if anyone knows if there is a James Jones stationed in the U S army in Nigeria. I have been sending him money for food and internet for 3 years. I Have to know if he is real.

    • Shirley,

      U.S. Army soldiers don’t need money for food or the internet. These things are provided for them by the Army (regardless of where they are stationed). You’ve been sending money to a young, black man who’s lived his entire life in Nigeria. He has no connection to the U.S. Army whatsoever. He is a SCAMMER.

  122. does anyone else know of a guy named James Jones? He is supposed to be stationed in Nigeria fighting. I have been sending him money for food and internet. I need to know if he is real as soon as possible.

  123. Has anybody heard of Dennis Ben Hiniker based in us navy Syria

      • Do you know Kathy Roberson or Kathy Diluna? Claiming to be in west Africa

        • I’ve been getting messages and saying that she needs 570 so. She can come and see me . She has a fb and a profile on spicy……

        • do you still maintain contact with her

      • Anybody know of Capt. Heinrich Tucker, US army, now in Libya?

        • I’ve been talking to a Jason Daniel Tucker in the US Army, now in Libya. I started talking to him around the end of June. Lived in Miami FL and is From El Paso from Texas.

  124. I have been talking to a Sgt. David Velasco for a week. He said he wanted me to write his general and request that he comes home for Christmas. When I did that I was sent an email saying they would need $450 for a transit fee and I would get it back within 3 days when the Sgt. Is with me. The transfer info was for Nigeria and he’s generals email ended in a .com. I have not sent the money nor do I plan to after reading posts on here. Sgt. David velasco claims to be from Evergreen colorado and does have a Facebook profile with the same pictures sent to me through messages.

    • Dez –

      You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. U.S. Army soldiers request leave on their own. They don’t need a stranger they met on the internet to do it for them. There is no “transit fee” either. This scammer will steal your money if you let him. Good luck!

      • have you ever heard. Of a woman named sergand barbra wylie? Located in fort stanly? She wants to send me 1500,000,000. She found in a collapsed building.

  125. Sargent Charles Clarke Copeland of Lagos Nigeria.Been talking to him since June 2015.He asked for money and I feel for his sweet sweet words Sent him total of $700.He wanted me to open up a Chase Bank account in my name ,so he could send his retirement money to my account .I refused to do do .I talked to him on the phone and his area code is Alabama, and talked to him on the phone and his accent is cagen.Don’t talk to him any more.

  126. Now just deleted his profile but brought it back up..
    His name is Sargent Charles Clarke Copeland of Logos Nigeria

  127. I recently met a guy named Staff Seargent Jeovannni Kennedy on Facebook. He told me he was stationed in the Ukraine. He wanted to meet with me so I’ll he asked me to write his Seargent an email asking if we could get to know eachother better. When I received the response back I was shocked because it said I needed to send 700 dollars for his flight. I have a friend who is an Army wife and asked her about this and told him r&r should cost nothing. He got really mad and just continued to ask for money. It got to the point where he was actually treating me so I had to block him. Girls watch out for this one!!! Remember Jeovannni Kennedy!!!

  128. anyone heard of Sgt. Tayo Williams, he want me to pay for his 3 month leave and WU money to someone in Donald M. McCommick, in Gladwin, MI…

  129. you whites are paying for the sins your forefathers committed against we Africans you stole and made us slaves.No sinner will go unpunished

    • Your own people sold you into slavery. You’re barking up the wrong tree brother. Look in the mirror. You’ll see the real sinners.

  130. I met this guy from cdff dating site. Actually i was the one who first message him because i like his profile. He then replied and i asked if he has a skype id. He told me he didn’t have one so i give him my email add. We exchange letters and he’s been so sweet to me. I just met him a week ago and then he professes his feelings for me. He goes by the name Sgt. Peter Michael Ward (, a Troops Leader for the Soldiers on deployment to West Africa Nigeria on Peace-keeping mission. He told me a little about himself, he was divorced, father died when he was 2 yrs old and her mother re-married. He stayed with his uncle, fathers side and so on…… He told me he wants to marry me and spend time with me even for a month and so he asks me to file for Application for leave on his behalf. He sent me one and said i’ll be the one to add up more with that letter. Thinking that’s good as it is i sent it to the address given by him ( And a little later got a reply stated: Your email was received and currently under a review. We will get back to you shortly. Then he write me again saying he was interviewed by their Base Commander and he also got a mail from the US Army for verifications and confirmations about his application for leave. The Leave Processing Department (from the Desk of Jack Slutz) mailed me stating that my request was reviewed and duly noted and our request is eligible. There’s an attached document the Emergency Leave Policy with the amount i have to pay depending on how many weeks or months do i like him to be on a vacation… I was curious and told my niece about this and she told me to verify first and so we search in google and find out that it can’t be that someone, a wife, relative or a fiance can apply a leave in behalf of them and there’s no fee for that leave. When i gather this information i told myself to search more because im not the type of person who will easily give in to this even though i was falling for this “soldier guy”. And then i found out that there’s no Sgt. Peter Michael Ward but instead i googled the family name and there i found images of the one he sent me. The pictures was stolen and used from our Fallen Warrior with that surname. I was devastated when i learned about this the one Im falling for is actually dead 6 yrs ago. I was hurt but then i thank God because i did not yet give money… We should be more careful and be observant and be wise. If there’s money involve that’s surely a scam… I hope this can help others who is like me just want to find someone to be true and who will love us and not to be abused and be swindled…
    Lesson learned…




    We hereby inform all candidates that apply for the Nigerian army recruitment that wrote the

    exam 3rd of October, if you need help on this army recruitment or you wish to become an

    army, I Majorgeneral Adekunle Richard will help you secure your shortlisted details and you

    will be shortlisted on
    the Bach A/B for the Nigerian Army Force recruitment 2015 .. for assistance into the

    Nigerian Army, Contact on 08108714243 for an agent appointment Pr-Screening Examination will

    hold on 19th October 2015 nationwide.

  134. Dear sirs,
    I have a friend a french lady she has a French EU passport she has been working in Ghana, She booked her flight to come to the UK. When she arrived at airport, they refused to let her board, because she had not got the required amount of money for the declaration, as they put it, she couldn’t quite meet the £3,500 they said she needed to board the plane, I told her I had never heard of that before, she has got a EU Passport surely the airport officials have got it wrong.

  135. Almost a month ago some guy message me flirting with me .. His me is Kyle .. Well he’s been really sweet and nice to me ever since. I asked him who else he was talking to besides me and he said that he doesn’t like me doubting him because he wants to have a life with me. He owns a house in California & well after I told him that he said he was going to see what he can do for me and he was going to talk to his captain .. Well like 2 min later he told me he could come back but he has to fill out an application so he can come back buuuuut the application cost $210 & since he’s in an undercover mission he can’t access his accounts so i got offended of course because we had been talking for 2 weeks and I told him no. Recently he asked me what did I do over the weekend and I told him I went shopping and he said “you have money to buy clothes but you can’t spear for me to have a life with you? And he says that I’m treating him like a liar and a beggar and he’s not” so I don’t know what to do because I feel like he knows how to get to me so please HEEEEEEEEELP !

    • I have been talking to tony reeger says he is in the army and stationed in Kuwait and is 5 years divorced with a 9 year old daughter he professed his love for me 6 msgs in which I think is nonsense, how do I find out if he is for real? He has not asked for money “yet”

  136. I must admit I was scammed too after reading up on this site I posted on my Skye I just found out about Goggle Earth no need to send photos of his house I got a relpy Do you love me and trust me HMMMM now I’ve got another one wanting money from Iraq for R and R he needs me to pay $350 for leave from Iraq
    Lorna Tyson

  137. Hi we been talking for a month with this us army from kabul. He is
    (Wolfgang peterson garcia.) and asking me to pay the fee for his vacation leave. So that he can be home with me. Doe’s any body knows this name already? Im dough that this is a scam. Whatbwill i do to stop our conversation?

  138. im chatting with this man online and have been for about four months now. However I’m not sure if this is a scam, can you help?
    I’ve had an email apparently off the leave board here is the email address I have been given, is this fake?

  139. I think I met one too, I m from Asia..
    this guy message me in skout.m, a lot similar situations like other ladies mentioned up above:

    his name is johnson evans
    sergeant currently deployed in Egypt
    he said camera is not allowed to use when deployed, is this true?
    he also said phone calls are not allowed to make too…

    Mr Gordon can u help me check if there is such person in the army? He also has a soldier colleague named David jensen he claimed can proof his identity but I found their eng is a bit off grammar even for me, a person from Asia

    thanks, if u need their pictures, please felel free to let me know, I can email them to u

    • Hello Tiffany,

      You’ve been talking to a SCAMMER. The U.S. military has no soldiers stationed in Egypt. The name “Johnson Evans” is obviously a creation of someone who is not familiar with American first and last names. Most of the world’s romance scammers live in Ghana and Nigeria, so it’s common for these guys to come up with odd sounding names. You should break off all contact with this person. He’ll steal your money if you let him. Good luck!

      • Gordon. I hope this doesn’t get out on the page just yet. I know im dealing with a scammer. And I just got the scammer back. And am just about to do it again
        My concern is the soldier. Please help me locate him. It’s really important
        Hess is suppose to be in Kubal alga
        Hess is either Sgt scott walker. Or
        Lt col. Scott walker. Phelp. Is his middle name is believe, As in his email address that is what he’ uses. Please help me locate him. Thank you

      • Gordon. I hope this doesn’t get out on the page just yet. I know im dealing with a scammer. And I just got the scammer back. And am just about to do it again
        My concern is the soldier. Please help me locate him. It’s really important
        Hess is suppose to be in Kubal alga
        He is either Sgt scott walker. Or
        Lt col. Scott walker. Phelp. Is his middle name is believe, As in his email address that is what he’ uses. Please help me locate the real one him. Thank you. My life has been threatened as well i have not sent money.

        • Hello PJ,

          There’s no point in contacting the real soldier in the pictures. He’s almost certainly married and probably knows scammers are using his photos. If you contact him, you’ll only make life difficult for him and his wife. I don’t know anything about your particular situation, but I know it’s happened many times that a scam victim has contacted a soldier and professed her love for him. The soldier’s wife really doesn’t appreciate that kind of “contact.” Once again, I’m not saying you would do that. I’m saying it happens and it is not helpful to anyone involved.

    • I think I’ve been scam as well …a guy pretended to be SGT NICOLAS BOSWELL… asking for help …coz he doesn’t want to be deployed In IRAQ…he sounds so nice. And all but then he asked me for leave vacation sososos…got their replay asking me to send money about 250 usd…hope u can help me find the real NICOLAS BOSWELL ..

  140. I would like to know if anyone has heard of a Christopher J Casey he is Chad,Africa… We have Skype several times… He is requesting funds to come home he says his funds are frozen in the states… He with special forces… He had me complete next to kin information as well as leave request documents… Not sure if this is normal…

    Please help!!

  141. i think I have been scammed and I feel so silly
    I met cpt Nash lowden on a dating web site and have been chatting now since july. he said he was coming home in august but then his contract was extended for 8 months. so he said he was desperate to get home to me. but was not allowed leave, he had to apply for transit leave but I had to send the request to his colonel fred Watson. the emails were ok but the English was not excellent. I got a request for £1250 for admin fees and release form. then I got another one with a certificate asking for another £1500 which I have said I do not have he is now begging me to get them money he cant live without me. I have asked him to ask his friends to help. and as I have read on other letters he is saying his accounts are frozen and his phone is disconnected. I asked for his home address and he says he lives in England and I still haven’t received it.
    I have written to the colonel and requested my money back as I cant send the rest to complete the leave process and he said when cpt nash gets home I will get a refund. which I thought was an odd statement.
    should I report this to the police

  142. Hi, Just a heads up tis is still ongoing & they’re now targetting the gay community via I got a msg from a Christopher Raindrop, a rich & handsome young American supposedly a sgt in Affghanistan… We continued to exchange msgs via facebook & I began to get tad suspicious when I was his 1st friend & his english grammer was just slightly off but he soon added more friends, some of them were military personnel too, & he sent me pics of his camp & him in his bunkroom with his it was all very convincing & I soon sent off the email requesting his leave to come visit me. As soon as I got to the return request for £650 refundable air fare I realized I’d been had! I did a quick google search & found this page, where thankfully my suspicions were confirmed!! I went back & told him nice try but it was a known scam but he continued to deny it vehemently for quite a while before relenting & blocking my access to his account before I had chance to report his page as bogus.. I was just happy to have twigged before parting with any cash but I had already sent my contact details in the original email. Does anyone know if there’s any way this info can be used by them for further fraudulent purposes?

    • p.s After checking the money request email, this one seems slightly different from the “nigerian scam” The request was for “military stamp duty” & payable to a UK bank account… Is it still counted as fraud if they request money but you don’t pay them?

  143. I think I experienced the same. I have paid 5000 USD to learn a big lesson. A woman might be weak for a period. That makes scammer a chance. But never trust a man who you haven’t met and known for real. We need to keep clear in mind and take good care of ourselves. Below are the informations of the scammers:
    1, name: Arthur Mccain; email:; he said he is a military doctor who works in Turkey right now.
    2, name: Joseph Dunford;; he said he is the commandant general.

  144. I recently received a notification through Facebook for topface. Had a few military men message me. After a short brief of chatting i knew they was a scam. One of the men John Stone was using a fallen soldier picture as himself. I learned this by using a tool called tinEye. You download a photo and it will tell you if and where the photos have been. I am currently talking with a Ben Fox. At first he was in Afghanistan but after asking him what time it is there and he replied of only 6hours difference, along with photos that had dates a few years back. I knew he was a scam. After two days he now is in love with me and wants to marry me.except I have to put his leave request in. I am glad I came across this site. I am gonna play it out and show him how it feels to be scammed. The fallen soldier name is Joel David Clarkson. Died of wounds from Afghanistan and it pisses me off that he would disrespect this young man. I reported him and plan to bring down all the scammers i can. Ladies tools are out there. You know by how American men speak. Their sentences do not start out Am seeking my one true love to spend forever my life with me and wants to marry you to care for my child who mum died while giving birth to my child.

    Thanks for this posting.

  145. Ladies dont give money. Ever, That is all I can say, If he does not love you then so be it. No army guy would ever ask a lady for money to come back home etc. if they are serious when they arrive they will contact you, Without asking for money.

  146. Do anyone know perhaps a Mark Wesley Kurts, is a Engineer in the US Army, situated in Afghanistan, Kabul. He needs money for Special leave, because he had his leave.
    Please talk sence into my head, am sure he is a scammer, but never send me photos with Army clothes on always in sivillion clothes. Thank you very much

    • Hello Marie,

      As I’ve mentioned MANY times on these blog pages, soldiers do not pay to travel from Afghanistan when they go on leave. The Army covers the cost entirely. In fact, they always fly out of Afghanistan on military aircraft. Typically, they’ll fly home from Kuwait on a commercial flight but the military pays for the ticket. Also, there is no “special leave.” Emergency leave is possible but that’s generally used when a family member back home has died and they’re returning for the funeral. You should stop talking to the scammer before he thinks of some other story to get your money. Good luck!

      – Gordon

      • Thank you so much for you information and advice. This is really useful for me.

  147. I meet this wonderful man online and I’m not sure if it’s scam or not. His name is David Lex Bianchi stationed in Afganistan. I have sent the military over 30k in fees for him to finally get his leave. It seems everytime he is about come something serious happens and he can’t make it. I have spent almost all of my savings and I’m starting to feel like it’s a scam. Now he is in some trouble with the military court and needs more money in order to get his sentence reduced. I have received letters from the military and they have promised me I can get my money back but I I’m not sure. Can anyone help?

    • Hello Michelle,

      It’s definitely a scam. When an American service member goes home on leave from Afghanistan (or any combat zone) the military covers the cost of getting them home. On a year-long deployment, each soldier is allowed to go home for up to two weeks. You should Google the phrase “military leave scam.” You’ll find lots of information about it. I’m amazed that you haven’t already looked it up (before sending money to the scammer). Good luck.

      – Gordon

      • Thank you so much for your information. I was about to go to transfer money to an American Soldier named Col.Christopher Luedtke. He asked me to get him home by sending him $700. He claimed to work on peacekeeping mission in Libya but the destination of money transfer is Benin. I’m aware about this so I search for more information in google. I’m so lucky to find this website just before I go out to transfer the money. He is absolutely a scammer.

        • Hello Tharnpisuit,

          I’m glad I was able to help. At least now you know where your scammer lives – Benin. I’ve mentioned many times on this blog that Ghana and Nigeria are the homes of most of the world’s romance scammers. If you look at a map of Africa, you’ll note that Benin is located between those two countries. One simple rule of thumb for everyone – never send money to someone you haven’t met in person. If everyone did this, the scammers would be out of business. Good luck!

  148. Has anyone heard of Sgt. David Powell (Adams). Please if you have let me know.

  149. Well I think I got scared he found me on facebook said he was captain named Oliver (Tony) Reeger and has daughter Emma. Has pictures and gave me address to then it asked for money to get him home.. I didn’t send any but on the letter there was symbol of eagle thought it was real until I just reversed it and this scam popped up.. I wish that this was not scam but he started cleaning gather money hell pay back and he loved me wanted get married said he was in afganastan

    • I’m talking to a tony reeger now who is in US army stationed In Kuwait, he hasn’t asked for money or anything of that nature but professsed his love for me after talking on messenger only 5 times , he says he’s divorced 5 years and has a 9 year old daughter does this sound familiar and I have pics too. Would love to hear back from you for he’s really pulling at my heart strings

      • Classic scammer story. Drop this “guy” immediately. If you’re still unsure ask for his military email address. If he refuses to give it to you or has some excuse – ANY EXCUSE – for why he can’t give it to you, it’s a scam. This is a 100% foolproof way to catch these idiots. The email address should end with the .mil extension and NOTHING ELSE.

  150. Well I think I got scared he found me on facebook said he was captain named Oliver (Tony) Reeger and has daughter Emma. Has pictures and gave me address to then it asked for money to get him home.. I didn’t send any but on the letter there was symbol of eagle thought it was real until I just reversed it and this scam popped up.. I wish that this was not scam but he started cleaning gather money hell pay back and he loved me wanted get married

  151. The military gentleman in question goes by Mark Behrens or BEHRENS Mark (age 57). Command SGT Major/Senior Enlisted Program Advisor for the U.S. Army. He is in South Korea supposedly. Met him on and after a few messages back and forth over a week he asked me for my email. I foolishly gave it to him….all the time thinking too good to be true. We have been talking for about a month and half. Divorced….one grown daughter and 2 grandchildren. He even has his email and address on his facebook page which is probably false. I have not been able to verify address. I asked for his ex wife’s and daughter’s names. And also his MOS. He answered the very next email with the information. Seemingly hurt that I would not trust him and ask for such information. Have not been able to verify any of it. Can you help?

    • Hello Skeptic,

      I’m an active-duty U.S. Army Soldier. I just checked our global e-mail system (covering all services). There is no Mark Behrens in the U.S. military. You’ve been talking to a scammer.

      – Gordon

      • Thank you so much. I assumed as much BUT on the off chance he was real…..
        Oh well. I feel bad for the soldier that he posed to be and sent pics of. He never did ask for money or phone. Nothing but emails. If I can help in anyway for others to avoid this please let me know.

      • Hi Gordon, I have been chatting with a guy who says his name is Mark Bradshaw, he claims he is an Army Medical Evacuation Pilot stationed in Afghanistan, his home is Oahu Hawaii, says he is the Boss! He said in order for me to receive a pic its costs like 30 over the network because it ATT?? He has never asked for money, I met him on Words with Friends online, he says he deleted hid FB account. He did call me and said he uses Magic Jack and he has called me 2 times. Is this guy for real?

        • Hello Danille,

          No, this guy is not for real. He is definitely a scammer. EVERY American soldier stationed in Afghanistan has access to email. It doesn’t cost a thing to send a photo via email. Many soldiers stationed overseas use Magic Jack. I used it when I was in Kuwait last year. If “Mark Bradshaw” can use Magic Jack he has access to the internet. If he has access to the internet, he can use Skype. I would suggest that you ask him to chat on Skype with you. That way, you’ll be able to see what he looks like. Another good test to determine if someone is an American soldier is to ask him for his official Army email address. We’re all required to have them and we’re allowed to communicate with friends and family through these accounts. His email address should end with For instance, it may well be If his official email address has ANY other ending, you’ll know he’s a scammer. You’ll also know he’s a scammer if he tells you his official email address is top secret. There’s nothing secret about Army email. Good luck!

      • Good day gordon….thanks for helping possible victims of fake us soldier men who r actually scammers…pls help me too am begging pls verify for me n ur GLOBAL US ARMY email system this name f indeed he s truly US army now deployed n nigeria.he s major sergeant chase david, E-6 ranking army, MOS combat soldier…thanks much….god bless!

      • My mum has been talkin to a ‘british staff sgt Buck miller’ via whatsapp number 0234 813 299 9454.Based in ikiti ekiri nigeria (on a peace making mission in the middle of a warzone he says) he has asked her for money three times,once for money to retrieve a parcel she had sent him.2nd for money for leave and thirdly to buy a motorbike lol.Luckily she has refused! He says he cannot access skype which obv is a lie.please can u confirm for her this is a scam!

      • Hi Gordon, maybe u can help me too. I met a gentleman online his name is Frederick Johnson 33. From Austin Texas. His based right now in west Nigeria. We met through tango. His really nice, sweet. Caring, gentleman and affectionate. His Manager specialist. Chemical engineering graduate, double majored in warfare engineering.Can you find out if his legit. His email address is He even gave me his secret military code.ATP:CWF-OGH-MSP-WAP. Is this even real. He also send me new pics of him. Picture on his profile looks like new picture he send me. Please help before I fell into the deep dungeon.

        • No, it’s not real. This is a definite scam. There is no “secret military code” and if there were, he wouldn’t be allowed to give it to you. You both would be committing a felony and spend a lot of time in prison (unless you are Hillary Clinton. Then it’s okay to give away secrets). We don’t have troops based in West Nigeria (or any Nigeria). Please block him on every platform you can and stop talking to him immediately.

      • Hi Mr.Gordon can you help me check this person said hes is a Us army now deployed in Cameroon Africa named Brandon Micheal

  152. Has anyone heard of a solider trying to send you money over PayPal and not asking for money but instead giving it you. Can this be real ?

  153. Wow, what a eye opener, met a man on a gay dating site called “Scruff”named Roland Eugene. Clamped to be a Captain Roland Eugene Harry. In Kuwait second tour first being Desert storm blah blah blah. On thus site a I read a introduction email that had all the Sam logistical information “I was born on Sept 15th mom was born in Germany dad was Native American, he went into military school at 16., mom was a head teacher in the army and dad in the medical school. Blah blah blah, So I received pictures of the mam on both the hook up site and by email and they match but who knows where they got them his pics in his uniform brass don’t all match,, however has some Captain bars on some pics,,, we have been emailing mushie in tamale emails and I have noticed so many mistakes all along from the start.. as I have stated Im gay man and the introduction email had the conclusion on the end they send to women,, I’m looking for a woman to spend the rest of my life with Blah blah blah. I confronted the writer about that “oops typo” another time I was call “her” in an email. Oops autocorrect. So I’m going to skip a bunch of emails cause they come every day and sometimes several a day. And seems to get mad when I don’t respond.I have not and would not send money EVER,,, However he has offered me a new car when he gets home lol. I think you all have heard enough. So the name of this person being used Captain Roland Eugene Harry,,,,Roland Eugene, Eugene Harry,Eugene,,, very slick in his gromming. However this page right her popped up when I was looking him up on search sites. And Wow thankfully that intro letter was there that was to simular to be a coincidence,,, just looking for a way to end this without being a victim of the scammers .so any advice would be helpful,, I’m going to report as spam on email, but he has my phone number for texting I think that’s the worst one, I can block him on the dating site so anyways. That’s my story.

  154. Hi I’m Helen I’m back talking to Nash after about a year or more he says he is on peace talks in Nigeria has any one els been talking to him I am hoping he is for real he says he dosent want my money no that I have any lol let me know I’m on fb Helen Smith thanks xx

  155. Hi I’ve been messaging a guy by the name off Jones brain (Hancocok) saying he is in the USA army and he give me a email address which I got a reply back from saying
    dear Marie we got your request for activation of radio communication and there is charges for this by the miltarty administral in which you are going to pay to the available agent in the state a sum of 325 we are here to serve you better stay with us
    this is the address of the available agent in the states,
    Name : David Ochoa Ramirez,
    City: Arcadia,
    Zipcode: 91007

    I haven’t sent any money because I don’t think the guy is who he say he is,the email address if I remember rightly is

    I got sent an email saYing the agent has moved and that they had another one for me
    Name: Christine Forsythe,
    State: Missouri
    Zipcode: 63471

    And that his sister email address is

    I sent an email to her but I don’t know if she had reply back because I changed email since Monday,I want to know if this guy is real and isn’t same scam,he has a 9 year old son name Bradon but goes by the name off Micheal,Jones brain is 52 53 years old this year.
    The guy says he love me and calls me his queen and wants me to be his wife also when I told him to for give me that I was going to do a check on him he said to go a head he’s hot nothing to hide and that he has been honest with me and has nothing to hide.
    I want to do this because I don’t want to be scam in any way I want to believe the guy but I honestly don’t know if he is who he says he is and has pictures off him wearing USA union form if it is the right union form.I did block the guy for a few days only because he had put on time line Facebook page that him and I where in a relationship together with out me even knowing until my friends tag me in it but I couldn’t see the tag it could have been because I had changed email address since then. I also got a message from someone telling me that Jones Brain (Hancocok ) was killed 4 years ago by the iris I think that is what they are called is this true? I need answers please can you help me in any way.

  156. Well CJ Grisham, it appears more than two years after your article this is still going on. I too was contacted having started a Skype account, to speak to my relatives that moved from Australia to Sweden. I suddenly found all these strange people asking me to add them as a contact, names below:

    Ryan Bobby
    Felix Mark
    Samantha Camp
    Scott Donald
    sgt Adam Christansen
    gen sir david richard

    I wanted to know where they were finding my details so I decided to talk to one of them, Scott Donald.

    Same old, same old he appeared to be in the US Navy in the medical profession, widowed from childbirth, two sons 12 and 15 who are in boarding school in South Africa and did all the same, spelling was terrible for a Dr in the US Navy, he said he was from Denmark and moved to US when he was 25, in the Navy for 20 years, parents were passed on, he had no-one, a sweet talker. We swapped photos, the person in the photos was really good looking but my gut instinct kicked in when after 4 days he told me he loved me and wanted me to marry him so I could get him out of the Navy, he would get his money from New York, get his boys and come and be with me, as a family.
    He never answered the logical questions I asked him, sent me ‘love’ e-mails but in them the spelling was perfect??? It came down to his son’s birthday and he was upset that he couldn’t send him anything because he didn’t have access to his funds, he waited for me to offer to buy him something which I didn’t really we just talked about what he would get if he could get something, as I said gut instinct had set in. I ended up, after googling US Army Scams, telling him I had too many bills to pay and couldn’t send his son any money for clothes, he got upset said he had to go and sleep, because yes surprise surprise he too was on a peace keeping mission in Syria. I told him to Skype call me and look me in the eye and tell me everything he had told me was the truth.
    Funnily enough he’d come on line but not contact me, so I blocked him.

    I too started to have a fantasy life with the mystery man in the photos but ladies it’s not really them, you need to learn the lesson and NEVER fall for anything like that again, never send money to anyone you’ve never seen face to face or never met. I felt stupid for half believing it for a week, but the gut never lies if it doesn’t add up it doesn’t add up.

    I feel sorry for all the men and women who have been scammed out of their hard earned money, I feel sorry for the women and men whose photos are being exploited, all we can do is keep alerting people to these stories so they don’t fall for them.

    Don’t give up people just learn the lesson no matter how big it is.

  157. I am talking to a Marine In Nigeria, he wants me to fill out a fiancee form that his commander is going to mail me. Is a fiancee form real?

    • No, it’s not real, no such thing as someone else filling out forms for the Officers. Don’t fall for it.

  158. I didn’t loose anything but my heart and it still hurts. I didn’t send money I knew it was a scam but my heart so much wanted it to be real. And I don’t think I’ll ever forget those feelings just push them to the side and act like it never happened laugh it off. I still keep the pictures don’t know why crazzzy. I truly love this guy wow. These scammers could care less about your feelings.

    • Hey Julie, I didn’t lose anything either but it does hurt knowing that the person in the photo isn’t really. Lock that person away in your fantasies honey, he can be anyone you want him to be in there.
      I kept the photos of the mystery man too and crazy or not, it’s an experience life has given you, but all it is is a fantasy, don’t let it rule your life.

      I too wish we could contact the real people in the photos but they’re innocent like us, they probably have their own lives and are unaware of what’s going on with their photos, wish them luck, wish us all luck and move on, it’s a learning experience and just fantasy thoughts now.
      I wish you luck in ‘true honest love’ Julie xxoo

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  160. hi has any one come across a andy Johnson(yoblick)
    no asked for no money wouldn’t send it if he did he gave me his army number and registration number how do I find out hes real with these he is in the us army and on deployment as we speak in Nigeria in Abuja I need to find out if hes real A.S.AP

    • cj if u could email would be great as I have tried to email u loads but saying error on email address which I have checked a number of times with the one on this page I saw

    • It appears from reading this site Emma that anyone that says their stationed in Nigeria is lying, they have to say that because that’s eventually where they’ll want the funds sent. Don’t believe it honey.
      If you’re still unsure ask him to video Skype you so you can see him in person and look him in the eye make sure he looks like his photos and is who he is, if there are excuses so he can’t do that, then definitely do not believe him.

  161. No matter how hard you try, we gonna keep SCAMMING YOU FOOLS.

    • Yes, Sammer, you will continue with what you are doing. I think i was the lucky one that was not scammed, got my heart broken, but then again i am an auditor, I CANNOT AUDIT A DOCUMENT OR A TRANSACTION IF THERE IS NO EVIDENCE…..See ya

  162. Hi CJ
    Kindly assist me i need to know if this person is a scammer or not? i have posted my story two weeks ago on your website, but it still does not show. His name is Captain Mac Benjamin Cautillo, US Military (Airbus) based in Afganistan. I have pictures if you want me to send it to you, My email address is

  163. Hi,
    it is kinda interesting how all the stories match….Well, i have been writing with a USArmy Sergeant since May of this year…Even though I am not familier with any Army habbits…I figured out very shortly that it is a scam….His name is “Bryan Taylor”…42 years old, an orphan…lost his parents at a young age…he kept sending me new pictures of him almost every day….Anyway, he told me that his home base is in Mainz, Germany…but currently he is stationed in Nigeria….searching for missing girls….he is totaly in love with me…he wants to be with me….blablabla…
    Anyway….i confronted him with all the wrong information he gave me AND guess what happend…. he send me a friends request on Facebook with his real account…and told me everything about how he was able to get 2 fake profiles of usarmy Soldiers…..i am still playing him….to get any information i can get…
    Well, he asked me for money, because the food is not good….but he didn’t get one dime out of me…..

  164. Anonymous


    Dear all,

    I am totally confused, because I got my heart broken, and not scammed! Let me start at the beginning, I met Captain (did not know at the time he was a Captain at the time) Mac Benjamin Cautillo on LinkedIn. A US Army (Airbus) soldier, based in Afghanistan, have pictures of him at base etc., the works. Because I live in South Africa, and he fell in love with our country, we just connected. Nothing to get alarmed about, continued.

    I know we should listen to that little voice at the back of our minds, saying it is wrong, he caught my attention!

    We started chatting through Hangout, and sending emails,, we became closer and he says he wants to move to SA, get married, and start a family. His wife died two years ago, and his only son lives in England with his nanny. One red flag went up, but I still continued, my question towards him should have been “why start a new family in a new country when you have a family back home?” But I still, continued.

    The chatting became intense, and before us both knew it we fell in love with each other. I know it sounds stupid but i did. I was not good at this long distance relationship, and I broke it off twice with him. His words were so sweet and every time I would just fall into that trap. Sometimes we would chat every day, other times every 2nd week. But every conversation we had was about family, marriage, until he proposed to me. (Can u believe it this idiot actually proposed to me in an email, who does that), I did not give him an answer, and I said as soon as we meet here in SA, we will talk about it. And then the second red flag went up, this guy wanted to marry a South African so he can have his citizenship status quicker. But I still, continued.

    His been in Afghanistan for 5 years, and in April 2015, he has put forward his letter of resignation. He mentioned there was some kind of battle with regard to his paperwork and money which the army has. By this time the chatting has increased. His plan was to live in SA, establish a property development company, and open-up an orphanage.

    A week before the end of May 2015, our last chat, he says everything is according to plan, will be arriving in SA 31 May 2015 at 15h00 pm. In his last message he says can’t wait to meet me, how much he loves me, blah blah blah, (by this time I gave him my cell phone number) AND of course the third red flag goes up, He has 3 million US dollars hidden in his suit-case, and he just need to let me know up-front. Oh yes, did I mention he said his a Christian! But I still, continued.

    Back to the 31st May 2015, at 11:00 am I received a call from a lady, called Samantha, she says she is a clerk at OR Tambo Airport and do I know a Captain Mac Benjamin Cautillo, of course I said yes. Her words were that he has been detained at Immigration with a suit-case full of cash, and that she was doing me a favour on behalf of him, just to notify me that he is fine and he is busy sorting everything out, and will contact me soon. I start to panic. I called Samantha, explaining that I need to speak to him, and she reassured me that he is still been detained. At 10h00 the night received a message from Samantha, they found more 7 million US dollars in his suit-case, all his belongings were taken off and if he does not pay for the fine of R8, 000.00, immigration will arrest for fraud and money laundering. But no one actually asked me for money! Our immigration don’t detain people. Next day I called Samantha, all she got to say is call Immigration and get his ticket number, no-one on their system passed through customs by that name. And if someone is being accused of fraud or money laundering, the authorities will arrest your ass why still give that person a fine to pay.

    But i was so caught up of him and so in love with him, if I had to speak to him on that day, and even without him asking my assistance, I would have given that R8000.00.

    The photos of himself, in his uniform, with his son seems so real. A part of me would like to know if he is real or not, I need confirmation.

    PS. Before he left Afghanistan, he closed his profile on LinkedIn, and open up a Facebook profile, Mac Cautillo.

    • Is my comment posted and why is it awaiting moderation.

    • Hi CJ,
      It looks like i am going to be the coward, now.
      I now know that this guy is a scam, just found out today. I kindly request that you delete my post/comment, due to personal reasons.
      Hoping you would understand

  165. I’ve been chatting with a man named David Hughes whom I met on a dating site OK Cupid. He has been texting with me from a 619 (San Diego) area code for a few weeks now. He claims to be 47, have a 12 year old daughter and a wife who passed 2 years ago. He says he lives in Glendale, AZ. He says he is in Nigeria, on a rescue mission for the abducted girls. Last week he said his daughter wanted an iTunes card but he didn’t have any way to access his money. I felt bad so I sent a gift card for $25 to his email to send to his daughter. Today, he tells me that the only way he can request early leave is if I do it for him, and it costs $350-$400. And when I asked him to call me, he said he doesn’t have the money for the calling card, but if I wired it to his superior an Andrew James. He said it would be $100. Does this sound like a total scam? He is emailing me from a yahoo account.

    • This is a scam. I just figured out today.
      This guy called him Morgan Nash. He asked me to send him money and he will buy a card to call. He called me and he has accent. And I also learnd military emails never ends with .com . Asked him for his AKO email.
      This guy broke my heart.
      And when I had faced with him what I figured out he was keep saying he really love me, and i have to trust him.
      Ask him for this military email.

  166. Hello..there is this guy name Sgt John Osborne… I sent him a Hp laptop worth $320 in a care Package plus $3200 I sent to a agent in nigeria name DAWIZZ TEMMY in Ado Ekiti, Nigeria.. I love him and I love his words…. I think he is the best scammer Ever in Nigeria beware of him pls

  167. I too was talking to a guy named Samuel may jones. Definitely a sweet talker, never asked for money until a month after talking. He seemed like a real person at first, but after researching IP address, name and background, he’s a fake. I started talking to him dec 24 2014 and stopped talking to him in February 2015. I’m over him but I just can’t help but wonder, who was he? What posses a person to play games online when the victims are just trying to find love…..I guess it was just the wrong time and the wrong place…if anyone else talked to the same or has info on this guy please let me know…I’d hate to think I was the only victim to this sweet army impostor

    To the other victims on this site, I hope you are well and live on.

  168. I live in UK and I started to talk to a guy James Stockman of the US Navy , it as been almost 3 years , and just found that he as scammed me out of 150.000 GBP , and left me with a bank loan I have to pay back for 7 years , I am loosing my home . I really beleived him , he said is wife was killed in a car acceident about 4 years ago , he as a 7 year old son , and he was deployed in Syria . he is due to come home on leave in June , he said he is from Virginia , if anyone as heard of this scumbag , please get in touch with me .I have contacted the Military and FBI , but no one wants to know

  169. Posting details of a scammer using the name Richard Adelmo, posing as a SGTMJ in the military, claims special forces. His email address is His google voice phone # is 724-769-3426. Using pic of older military gentleman from the Navy. Claimed he was in Yuma AZ, but when it came to meet, all of a sudden he was being shipped to Istanbul. Spent some time chatting with him on Yahoo Messenger which is the favorite tool scammers use and via emails. But he refused to speak on the phone and claimed security and lack of phone use because of the security required as he’s special forces. haha. Of course 2 weeks into our chats he wanted to marry and professed love and soulmate status. I had assumed he was a scammer since his notice of being shipped for duty in Istanbul. Finally after multiple months the request for money was made. To pay a 5k refundable fee for him to take a leave to come and see me. They’re so stupid these scammers. I’ve been playing him along knowing all along he was a scammer. I figured I might consume his time and prevent him a bit from targeting other women. These dudes are major losers and think they’re smart but their stories are full of wrong facts, especially about military processes. NEVER send any money for ANY purpose.

    • I am currently conversing with Richard Adelmo since late in May. Met him on a dating website. Im assuming he is a scammer as free dating sites are filled with them. Ive never sent money nor have I been asked to. He is supposedly on his final tour before retirement. His address is local to me. He was supposedly transferred to turkey from Iraq earlier this year. I am beginning to recognize the patterns and expect to be asked to send his grandson a gift soon its always the same. Soldiers have no access to money. ladies don’t fall for them.

  170. I was almost fallen to a trap if it were not from a friend who advised me to check first and confirmed thru skype if he is the real person whom I am exchanging emails in yahoo. We had an exchanged emails since Mar.31 until April 4. We haven’t got down so deep because at the back of my mind there is something wrong with his face book. There are a lot of black women tagged in his wall. When I asked him about it, thru email he never answered. He was so so sweet like honey in his emails. He even sent some photos of him and his child, he said that his wife died during her labor. He has been a widow for seven years and now wanted to settle down. He said that he is 49 years old but when i look at his picture, he looks just like my age between 36-40. I searched his name in googgle and yahoo just to check if this man is real or just a hoax. Well, I am so lucky that an early stage I have shut my door right away. I am also lucky that I have found this page and really confirmed that I am dealing to a nigerian and not with a man in the picture who claims to be a Sgt. Steele Rob Morton who is deployed in Nigeria for peacekeeping.

  171. hi, I met a U.S. army sargeant he is at camp Djbouti at Nigeria. He asked me for money his name is Donald Mark morales I guess he is a lying to me cause he told me he need 500 dollars for food and some beverages. And his agent is in jail at the states. And he can’t send him money cause that.

  172. Thank you SO much for this!
    I started to think it was phony when this Michael T Griffin who is supposed to be in Nigeria asked me to send an email to a email address to ask for his leave and kept saying that USD500 would pay for it. I kept not believing, and asking questions. And when I said I’d come to Nigeria instead, he could not tell me the nearest airport, though he claimed to be in the helicopters. So he should have known what it would be… That didn’t add up.
    He then tried to make me feel guilty and selfish about not paying. I’m relieved in reading your site. Many thanks and blessings to you and your family!


  174. I have this john Tyson who says he is a sgt. we became friends on facebook back in September 2014. Then went to yahoo. We’ve been texting for 6 months. Just recently found him on facebook again. Same pictures he sent me.Yes he has asked for leave. Yes like a dummy I sent money and regretted it. He keeps saying when he comes in May he will pay me back. He supposedly on peace mission in Afghan then in December went to Iraq. Won’t give me his AKO. The difference is that I have a check made out to him that I can’t cash that he sent me. Now he wants to put money into my account. I am concerned.

  175. It is sad to read so many accounts of exploitation. I hadn’t dated on 20 years way before the Internet. I had no idea there were evil scumbags like this out there. When I started getting a bad gut feeling about things not adding up I Googled online military dating scams. Up popped endless stories including a,dr. Phil show on women scammed out of millions. I was falling for a military service man’s photo not a real person. After a few weeks the scammer asked me for a celibrity phone. Red flag. Why would a us army officer be asking a woman for a phonE. He then askwd for my address and started questioning me about my finances. Women wake up and use common sense. Military men deployed have access to money. If they cannot accept a care package they shouldn’t be able to accept a phone. Don’t be a fool. They are clever at playing the psychological emotional game to play on your emotions and vulnerability. I caught on and the guy stopped texting me Once I called him on his shit. They are using fake profiles of dead servicemen and often use stories of family illness, etccc to gain sympathy. this is beyond sick.
    This is a multi million dollar business. Don’t keep funding it.

  176. Hi everyone
    I got scammed by a person known as “Jami” Scott james. His email is
    I was a foul also and sent a package with phone and personnel items. The package was mailed to betide victor in allure ondo state Nigeria. I did set the phone up with my info and have not given it to him. I did tell him the passcode to get into the phone. I also have it tracked so I know where it is. He will probably sell it as soon as it arrives along with the other stuff. Also in army looking for money for a leave. I copy emails like this and send them to him saying he is a phony. Boy do they get crazy. Lol. I am going to cancel the phone and I know I was stupid beyond belief. Another thing everyone mentioned was how bad their English writing is. I picked up on that right away but still chatted on messenger with him. He contacted me on Mingle2 dating site. Then deleted at once. They know what they are doing and do it well. please everyone be careful and unless they live on your city don’t get mixed up with them.
    Please let me know if you have dealt with him. And how can I find out who the pictures are of. Just curious I guess.

  177. SSGT Samuel Jones May. Beware sweet talker and will talk to you for about a month before asking for money. He won’t skipe, call, or send pictures. When you question him about his authentication he says I should trust him. Lol ya right! He’s being blocked now. What and where do I need to go to turn him in?

    • Candy,

      I was almost scammed by the same guy named Samuel Jones May. It happen dec 2014 til fed 2014. He is definatly a sweet talker but slowly stopped talking to me. When I asked why was because he wanted money from me and knew that i would say no… please contact me, I would like to know who he is and what kind a man would possess himself to do such a hurtful thing to a complete stranger. I hope you were not taken advantage and I to all those who were affected by these people, I wish yall the best.

    • Hey I had the same guy talk to me too Samuel May Jones…..I’m curious to know if you ever found out more about him? He is definately a sweet talker, never asked me for money but talked to me, said things that about himself that seemed real…I just don’t get it, and still bothers me, i just want to know who he was….

  178. Hello I only learn true all the advices over the web:
    1. Someone ask you for money RED FLAG. BLOCK AND RUNAWAY.
    2. Someone tell you I LOVE YOU without meet you. RED FLAG. BLOCK AND RUNAWAY.
    Be cautious.
    And the best way that they leave you alone is ask the rank and where are deployment and say Oh my sweetheart I know someone in the army in a very high position that wants to help us… and you are gonna see how they are going to RUNAWAY from you and is the best that could happen to you.Or you could say Oh my love my sweetie my babe I have no money… and they are gonna RUNAWAY.
    But NEVER EVER send no one MONEY.

  179. Dear all,

    I am totally confused but i the back of my mind a voice is telling me this is not right. But even that i must say i got addicted to his messages even if i know that it all BS.

    It is so confusing cause the moment i think he is scamming he says all the right things what persuade me to continue our talks.

    I met this guy on tagged, i have seen in the earlier adds here that are more women being fooled by these scammers on tagged.
    He found me and the first conversations we had were nice and nothing to get alarmed about. After a few more messages on tagged we got to mail to eachother by yahoo, He told me then that he was a marine deployed in Iraq. Still nothing to worry about.

    The first signs where that he let me talk to his daughter on yahoo, the same time as i did with him. So at that point i was not thinking his daughter would be probably himself who i was talking to.

    We had several talks, he and i and also with his daugther. He told me after having contact with him that i wanted me to be his benificiary sole on his benificiary documents. Which i found odd, cause not knowing me at all i thought this was a bit much to do so. As i told him is answer was he loved me that much and needed that to prove to me by this. Ofcourse i couldn’t acces that only if he was coming to meet me and togehter we had to fly to te states to confirm that and i needed to sign for this. No worries there cause i knew he would never fly with me to Arizona base to get these forms signed for me to be official.

    As the days go by our contact increased more to a more loving status, and he wanted to come to meet me and my family and kids. There for all i needed to do was send money by money gram or western union. The first adres he gave was from a contact of all officers there in Iraq, a woman who lived in detroit. I found that strange cause he lived in another state when he was not deployed and it wasn’t near by arizona base…
    But i was so caught up of him and so in love with his words and emails that ik couldn’t resist myself of not doing it. The first payment was 700 dollars, for later he said processing fees. I had not and told him. He then lower the amount of money and now 200 euro was also good. He would get another to get the rest. The contact he had was suddenly shot to death so he gave me another contact person name, which was located in Abuja nigeria. He told me it was an officer also who was deployed in Iraq but transported others from warzone to Iraq and back. As odd and same time funny as i read now, i fell for it. Even though you know deep inside it is totally BS. But maybe in the back of your mind you so want it to be true!

    After that payment he came up with another cost, before he dit, he send me a scan of the Benificiary sole document and i could have made it on my own computer. I hadn’t told him, cause i was planning to play along and wanted him to feel he had me completely.
    Next to this document, he send me pictures of his crew with a american flag and written on it our names and the love we share. And again, i could have made it, or my son of 14 could done it.

    Now he told me he had to get 2600 dollars to get out of camp, The so called ticket fee. As i did before he told me he had told me, but ofcourse he did not. So i acted real suprised and even hurt he did not tell me at all. Also told him i had no such money and how he could possibly think i would have that on my account? He came up with a solution, he would work for it and i had to raise my part…I don’t know from what? I explained many times that ik had not and had no means or the fund to get i either. He did not gave up, until today he still thinks i wil get is. Don’r really know why cause i have no income that much to get i anyhow. And if i di, i would not fall for that again.

    He told me he was working 2 shifts just to save up for his part. Even that i told him that i know that army guys can get their leave payed by govertment. That i know they cannot leave just like that when they are in the middle of their deployment. To be honest i do not know how this really works at all. In case of an emergency back home there are exceptions but then again, i am not one of it.

    Even all the mails i googled and guess what, the things he wrote came straight from the net, from all sort of love letter sites. Another confirmation it wasn’t legit.

    I wonder how it can be i have that many photo’s of him, that is what still gets me to talk to him. Cause still i wonder how that can be he has that many photo’s of himself and his kids, home picutres and also army picutres. If he only had a few to share then i think i was more suspicious, But now has send me over 40 picutres that i almost think he is for real.

    Pls can some one tell what i should do, to get this man revealed if he is true or not.

    Sorry for my grammar, but i am not an english or US girl.
    That why i might get some grammar wrong.

    Grz me!

  180. pleased help me.i encountered also a scam army they are 2 their name is andrew roberts / known albert hayes and Michael dubie / known irhegie christian they are both in nigeria

  181. I have a friend that has been a victim of a romance scam. He wired money into her account and request he send it back via Western Union to pay for various fees. He goes by the name Steven Lathrop he claims he is a master sergeant in the Army stationed in Nigeria. He has wired more than $15000 into her account. I highly suspect this is a money laundering scam.

  182. hello people my mother is being contacted by a person named captain peter vewter kissing all the right things and has been showing a picture saying that he loves her also deposited money in her account now is asking her to moneygram this to him is this valid he has been so sweet and romantic to her I’m just trying to protect my mom I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing now or the wrong thing someone please email me at and any help with verifying this will be greatly appreciated!!!! Sincerely Kristine Krisak….