The Real Michael Yon

My biggest fan, Michael Yon, sent me an email today after presumably eating too many of those funny brownies!

This twitter site has been forwarded to me.

What do you have to say for yourself?

Very Respectfully,

Michael Yon

Keep in mind that I don’t have enough time to create a bunch of fake profiles to chase after Mikey-boy with my tongue out and tail wagging furiously. He’s just not that important to me. I have better things to do like ensuring that he never gets embedded with another military unit again. If there is anything I’m adamant about with respect to Yon, it’s that and that only. But, I’ll play his stupid game and responded to him. Here is the email I sent (minus my lapse in verbal profanity filtering) back to him:


First of all, I have to say “[bleep] off!” Actually, that’s ALL I have to say for myself. What do you have to say for being a complete douche bag tool? Are you insinuating something or just trying to get me to fellate you? Do me a favor and stop infesting my inbox with your drivel. It would be far more productive for you to spend more time at or maybe I’ve noticed that you seem to come to me (or at least mention me) when things are looking bad for you! You should probably get a girlfriend. Your insatiable appetite for CJ Grisham conspiracies is getting creepy. If you keep this up, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.


P.S. I was almost sad to see that things didn’t work out for your in Japan, or Afghanistan, or anywhere lately. ALMOST.

I get fed up with Michael Yon DADT-style attraction to me. Every time he sees something he doesn’t like on his Facebook page, he blames ME for using a fake profile. The man is losing it and purely mental. Again, I have no time to go through all the steps required to create fake profiles all over the internet. I’m much too busy writing here, You Served, and Flopping Aces. I’ve got a weekly radio show I don’t even have time to host as much as I used to. I have a deployment I’m preparing for to Afghanistan (and didn’t even have to beg for an embed to get it!). I’m focused on my pre-deployment training so I can help find, fix, and destroy the enemy. My goal is for tomorrow’s Afghanistan to be today’s Thailand – a place where Michael Yon can call home away from REAL Americans. I hear you can see the moon from Afghanistan and there are endless possibilities for blurry photos of it there.

Well, Yon didn’t like my response to his email. For all I knew anyway, it was the same person spoofing his Twitter.

Mr. Grisham,

So you do not deny that this is you who set up this Twitter feed, and
that you are the author who is impersonating me:

So, if I say this Twitter feed is by writer CJ Grisham, you will own it. Yes?

If this is not you, it is very important that you deny it now. If you
do not deny ownership, you are admitting this is yours. You
understand this. Yes?

You understand that you are a writer and a public figure by your own
hand, yes? You owe it to your readers to deny that this Twitter feed
is yours. If you do not deny it, you are admitting the allegation
that it is yours.

Again, the link:

Deny it now, or it’s yours.

Thank you.

Michael Yon

Before I continue, let me set something straight. My name is CJ. My father is Mr. Grisham. I know you don’t like using my rank any longer because it reminds people that, unlike Yon, I’ve actually succeeded at this military thing you couldn’t hack. Unlike Yon, I’m a REAL Soldier actually fighting the country’s wars he is demoted to merely photographing – and he can’t even do that very well. Embarrassing, I know, but his decision. Just think – I could have been his 1SG! At least until I chaptered his ass for DADT violations with sheep. But, I digress (a LOT).

Hey, dumbass, are you a lawyer? No. You’re not even a good photographer. I don’t confirm OR deny it’s me. But, I can tell you that if you publicly declare that it is me without proof, expect a lawsuit. Now, if you’re able to provide proof of whom the author is of your Twitter Feed, by all means do so. I would admonish you to be 110% correct and confident in anything you publish publicly.

I’m not going to play your stupid pet tricks and tinfoil hat games. I also caution you against trying to portray me as a “public figure”. And YES, I am a writer. I’m actually surprised you recognize what good writing looks like. Again, you aren’t a lawyer, so falsely doing so will only lead to you begging for more money to pay for your legal fees. Judging by your recent actions, I’m sure your funding stream is drying up as it is. I can help if you’d like to purchase advertising space on my blog to sell more books, but you’ll need to ask a little nicer.


I added the emphasis on this blog post because I wanted to point out how my response was conveyed to Yon’s fanatics:


I got an email from a Soldiers’ Angel with this Twitter link. This Twitter feed does not belong to me. Indicators are that it belongs to a writer named CJ Grisham. Mr. Grisham, in response to my privately inquiring if this is his work, threatened a lawsuit if I mention this. The writer CJ Grisham refuses to deny this is his work.

A few issues here, the first being the enigmatic “email from a Soldiers’ Angel” as if Michael is the only person in the world that is supported by the awesome troop support organization. I doubt that the email, if one was indeed sent, was sent by an official from SA. The emailer may have BELONGED to SA, but I doubt the email was sent from an official of SA. Under his definition, I’m a Soldiers’ Angel too!

Second, Mikey talks about “privately inquiring” while making that “private inquiry” public on his FB. There was never an intention for the email to be private. Yon has a habit of sharing “private inquiries” on his page. And notice that he doesn’t mention exactly who my lawsuit threat was in reference to. But, he got my message as evidenced by the way he framed his FB posting as coming from “indicators.” But, did any of his drones ask, “what indicators, Michael?” “You’re close to slandering a Soldier, Michael. What proof do you have it’s CJ?” He doesn’t say that I also refused to CONFIRM it was me. Why should I? It would be a full time job for me to respond to every absurd accusation that comes from the tin hat wearing Yon that comes my way! But, the Yonbots are proof that evidence and proof are mere trivialities as long as the words come from the sensuous lips of Yon.

Bill Hoxie what a scumbag and coward

Elisabeth Degener what a creeper

Craig L Good CJ Grisham is toast.

M. Myer Blatt Are we discussing MSGT C.J. Grisham, sometime milblogger?

Michael Yon M., yes, this is CJ Grisham who is a writer but makes his money working for Army. Not really a soldier.

Tammy Hodges What an asshat

Patrick Holzer Evidently, Mr CJ Grisham is a SCUMBAG.

Tammy Hodges How freakin old is he anyway. Time to grow up. (I’m 37! I’m only required to grow old, not up.)

M. Myer Blatt OK. Don’t know WTF is going on, but I’m staying out of it. (He forgot to delete his previous comment contradicting this statement.)

Patricia Joyce Farghaly The jerk!

Timothy R. Perren I thought this ass jockey had moved on and started focusing on his own reputation and work instead of yours. Jeez, does he have a crush on you or something? (Heh! At first, I thought he was actually talking about Yon. I was like, “YEAH! Oh wait…”)

I sent a few of these people emails that said the following (or some variation thereof):

Perhaps someone should demand that Yon produce PROOF that it’s me instead of actually disrespecting a REAL Soldier!! Why don’t you drones try that instead of just believing everything Yon tells you?

Only one person actually engaged me with something other than “don’t bother me again” or similar. Yon’s fans don’t care that Yon is distorting the truth and slandering a Soldier. What Yon says is gospel. Seriously:

Gregg Longworth Is this Grisham character a child? Or does he just act like one? I hope he realizes those tweets are permanent and can be used in a civil action. Ignore him Michael Yon and keep up the good work.

D’Arcy Browning Sick ’em Michael, your name is credible.

John House sue (No, his name is Michael. But, I can see how you got confused.)

Charles Pergament Whoop his ass, seabass. (Heh. I sent this tool an email asking him to ask Yon for proof I did anything and I think I made him cry. His response was “don’t bother me again” I enjoy being ignorant. There’s nothing worse than someone accusing someone of being indicative of the downfall of the military, but being unable to back up such claims.)

Finally, the last two words of MY’s status update are “his work.” He tells his little Yonions that I didn’t DENY being behind the Twitter feed, but makes no mention that I also explicitly didn’t CONFIRM it either. I don’t understand how Michael could ever doubt my integrity. I’ve ALWAYS been open and honest to him even when I was deceiving him. Case in point is this email I sent Yon last summer to prove a point about how Yon will publish anything without research, proof or validity:

From: CJ []
Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2010 5:33 PM

Mr. Yon,

My name is SSG David Sneakers and I was given your email from a friend (please do not use my name). He suggested I contact you about a situation because you are the only one that cares enough to write about what’s really happening here in Afghanistan. You recently wrote about how we are patrolling with weapons on amber status, but I’ve got a worse one for you.

We are assigned to a small FOB (well, it shouldn’t even be considered a FOB – more like a ROB – remote operating base) also in the Logar Province. We’re an infantry platoon whose mission is overwatch and containment. The problem is that in addition to the other issues brought up to you, we’re so short on supplies we don’t even have a full basic load of ammo per man. When a squad goes out, we loan them ammo and just hope that our base isn’t attacked while they’re away. We have plenty of rockets and grenades, but that means nothing at close quarters.

When our squads go out, they’re sitting ducks. We call ourselves the Taliban’s shooting gallery. Unless we get full on ambushed, we don’t return fire because we’re afraid of running out of ammo for when we really need it. I didn’t join the Army to run from the enemy but that’s what we do. We haven’t had a resupply in nearly three weeks and I’m afraid the Taliban knows we’re running short because they’ve gotten more and more brazen in their attacks.

No on in the chain of command is listening to us. McChrystal is trying to pretend that we are doing well and refuses to send reinforcements. Our BN and Bde leadership doesn’t seem to be listening and tells us to “suck it up and make do with what we have.” Reminds me of what Rumsfeld said about Iraq.


Now, does anything stick out to you almost immediately? It’s in the first line of the header. Why does an email from “David” have “CJ” in the “from” line? While my intent was to deceive Yon with a completely bogus email to prove a point, I left plenty of evidence that the email was from me. Hell, I LEFT MY NAME ON THE FROM LINE!!! And, predictably, Yon posted the email contents.

Now, to any REAL reporter, journalist, blogger or whatever he’s calling himself these days, a few things would stick out immediately (other than the from line). I would have followed up with a few questions:

Which FOB?
What unit are you with?
Why do you think you aren’t getting resupplied? Is there a supply line problem or funding?
Are you at least getting food/water?

Those are simple follow-up questions that I would ask before making a case out of this and mobilizing my masses. Instead, his only response was “Will get on this… ASAP.” To give him an itty bit of credit, he ran the accusations but said he was suspicious. Didn’t matter to his followers, they were pissed. I proved my point. Yon has no compunction about making our military look bad and revealing sensitive information. He had also published an email from another Soldier about FOB security weaknesses!!

Yon forwarded the email to me and asked if I was behind it.

Mr. Grisham,

Received this email today [the one above] and it traces straight back to you. Was this you or not? If not you, let’s get this straightened out now. If you say it’s not you, will tell me readers such.

If it’s you, are you in Afghanistan using a different name? Are you running missions over there? Truly short on ammunition?

Thanks for helping clear this up.

Michael Yon

Because my integrity is beyond reproach, I answered him:

It’s no secret that David Sneakers is my alter ego, hence the reason I left the CJ in the email header and didn’t use a completely fictitious name. I use David to expose real issues dealing with our troops, like military scams and fake, agenda-driven journalists. The point is that you are carelessly publishing information as if gospel and I sought to prove that – on my own. It worked. Call it a sting operation. Call it investigative blogging. Call it what you want, but you exposed yourself. You didnt ask for follow up information, didn’t ask for my unit. Nothing.

No, I’m not in Afghanistan yet, but training up for it and you are putting me and my troops in danger with your irresponsible “reporting”.

I’ve been interviewed numerous times by real journalists who refused to run stories or headlines because they couldn’t be confirmed, yet this is what you do.

No, I won’t tell your readers anything, but feel to post this email in its entirety. Feel free to continue labeling me as unhinged, unstable, whatever keeps your conscience clear. But, maybe its you who needs to reevaluate his purpose in life.

I’ll give you a nice little post to link to shortly.

Sincerely, CJ (or David)

This was the first and last time I used a fake profile and it was one I’ve been using for years on here. Just click the “Nigerian Scammers” category to see what I use the name for.

Now that Yon has hung his junk out on the chopping block, allow me to apply the hammer. I AM NOT BEHIND THE FAKE TWITTER ACCOUNT OR ANY FAKE ACCOUNT THAT INTERACTS WITH MICHAEL YON!! Facts aren’t important to Michael Yon, only accusations. He understands the fundamentals of information operations and the fact that people believe the FIRST story they hear, regardless of whether it’s true or not. It doesn’t matter than I have nothing to do with those pages to his fans. Yon already said I did unequivocally, so to them that is gospel. Yon won’t apologize, won’t correct his readers or followers, and they won’t hold him accountable. They’ll just keep shoveling money to pay for his flights to places where he’ll just link to stories other people write and take blurry photos that any monkey can take. Then, they’ll buy his book without asking why they have to pay twice for it: once to send him where the stories are and then again when the book is released.

If I were a donor, I’d demand at least an at cost copy!! They don’t even know they’re funding his worldwide photo vacation AND funding his poor book writing. They kinda remind me of the Star Wars drones. Roger, roger. But, they have no problem disrespecting a Soldier who has served honorably and courageously, standing up to bullies like him for years!

One final thought. Yon has no problem talking about me all day long on Facebook. But, he has a problem with me being able to call him on his ignorance and stupidity. He will not allow me to comment on his page. I’ve been banned. You will NEVER see Yon banned on this blog! I encourage him to defend himself. I’ll put my integrity up against his any day…and twice on Sunday!!

What’s even better is when I send his loyal followers DMs because I can’t comment on his page and they merely regurgitate it like a pelican feeding its young. They crack me up how willingly ignorant they are. And if the person I happen to DM is a Soldier, they immediately try to pull all the rank card as if I care. It’s called Facebook, not formation.

By the way, the “soldier in Afghanistan” is the Soldier that is commented right above Yon on his post, but he wants his readers to believe it’s someone important. My entire purpose for even sending messages to his followers are so that I can engage Yon one on one. He’s just too afraid to mentally spar with me. He’s unarmed.

18 Comments on “The Real Michael Yon

    • Jason, perhaps you can clarify where this embarrassment comes from since I don’t represent the Army in any official capacity and haven’t killed anyone in a bar fight.

  1. Comment:

    You are obviously suffering from a severe case of penis envy. At the same time you are an embarrasment as a senior Army non-com to your uniform and to your country.

    How about shutting your ignorant, trailer trash mouth and just do your job.

    Mark, 82nd Vet

  2. Yon really has no clue, does he?

    Does he know how fast I could get a fake IP address? All of 30 seconds.

    For the record, no, I didn’t do it. My days of doing such things are LONG over… although I still did donate to certain people’s legal funds. When I had it, that is.

  3. CJ, I already knew it was not you and I actually said so on Yon’s post last night only to be chastised by Yon because I misspelled the word sergeant as sargeant. I also asked him why he would disrespect you by lying about you not being in the Army and he replied that all he said was that you were not a real soldier that you just took money from the Army and that totally ticked me off. I sent him a message where I told him that when I sided with him about the twitter thing was because of the respect I had for him as a veteran and that he should have that same respect for all veterans and active duty personnel. I am still waiting for an answer. God bless!

  4. Good stuff 1SG. I met Yon in Japan the other day and he is certifiably insane. (Look up the definition of insanity, Mikey… you will see that I am right.)

    I never served but have covered our nation’s finest as they have taken the fight to our enemies. It was an honor to do so and I would love to do it again.

    Yon should get up with Chuck Holton from CBN News and Fox News and see what a REAL Ranger/Journalist is like. Perhaps some of Holton’s integrity will rub off on Mikey. (Well… probably not – integrity doesn’t stick to slime.)

    Keep up your good work 1SG!

  5. Ah yes I am severely hurt that I have now been officially blocked at Mikey Yawns page on Facebook. (Wait for it…..waaaaait for it) Ok you can laugh now because I am by no means hurt at all that Mikey feels the need to block those who might actually disagree with him or call him out for the spineless worthless failure that he is.

    Brendan your pathetic castrated hero Yawn has predated this little hilarious game with his own brand of worthless garbage directed at the 1SG. He has tried and failed to discredit and disgrace 1SG Grisham and yet the 1SG’s blog followers continues to grow while Mikey’s continues to plummet. You keep sending those donations to Yawn Brendan and then pray to god that nobody you know is killed in Afghanistan by Michael Yawn’s lack of integrity and professional ethics when he violates OPSEC once again.

  6. CJ,
    Yawn is a coward with an ego bigger then a Top Gun instructor. I enjoy sitting on the sidelines watching the fight although it’s pretty much a given who is winning. What amazes me is that no one asks Yawn the crucial questions like “Where is my money going that I send you?” “Are you living in Thailand on my dime and taking pictures of the moon there to avoid paying taxes?” I have to wonder if he really flew to Afghanistan a few weeks ago to only pack up and take off for Japan to cover the earthquake. I mean, that isn’t a little hop, so was he even there in the Stans? It wouldn’t be a big trip from Thailand to Japan though. I can’t bring these questions up because last time I did, I was banned from his FB feed, so I just think them, hoping this Jedi mind trick will work on his masses but alas they ignore it and go back to eating their canned unicorn meat treats. Hope you aren’t too dirty from wrestling with pigs CJ, you are a REAL Soldier and fantastic writer, keep it up brother!
    Semper Fi,

    • That panorama in Yon’s dispatch today was taken in February, and it takes forever to drive the drive he says he did. I think you just filled in something that was nagging at me. Just what has he been doing? Combat Journalist below said he met Yon in Japan, but a few of us at work following the Yon garbage wondered why there was no dispatch from Japan, why suddenly after 2 days in Afgh he hopped on a plane and flew into, where, Tokyo? and the welcoming Navy. Suddenly the Navy is hiding things from him, they aren’t telling the truth, and then he got out of there FAST. A student’s father was there checking on a refinery for a client, and was there for 10 days, no problems with anyone. He wrote home, he wrote the company, took his time, the Navy helped him out, sooo, what was going on with Yon? Where was he on his minions’ dimes?

      This bit about “even murder” is nothing less than a set up on CJ. My husband told me to shut up, but I won’t. I think CJ is doing right by publicizing this and creating his defense. I do the same thing.

  7. Do you have any idea how petty and childish you sound here?

    Even if you are right in what you say (of which I know nothing either way), your ranting here is so unprofessional and such that would turn off any reasonably minded person and makes you come off sounding like a raving lunatic.

    • Yeah, cause publicly blaming someone of making fun of you on Twitter without proof or knowledge is the professional thing to do. I agree. I need to be more like your hero, Yon. Thanks for setting straight with your superior ethics lesson.

      • CJ, I have to admit that I expect a bit of decorum from an employee of mine, and as an active duty soldier, well, that’s what you are. I haven’t the slightest idea who is in the right here, but if you and Yon came into my office, and you chose your verbage in the way you have on your blog, at the end of the meeting, you’d be out of a job. I’m not a Yon worshiper, so don’t go there, but I’ll tell you this much… he presents his information in such a manner that, if nothing else, tends to promote intelligent discussions amongst civilians who really don’t know or understand combat (you know… the people you work for). The he-man route works well if you want to preach to the choir (and the disaffected living shallow lives in their absent mom’s basements), but if you are trying to educate and inform the general populace, well, it’s not the best profile to adopt.

        You are indeed welcome and free to say and publish what you wish, and I respect that, but I’d prefer to get my field intel from someone who displays a bit more intellect than Duke Nukem.

        Just sayin’… and thanks for your service to our country.

        • It’s easy to present lies to “promote intelligent discussion” isn’t it? It’s hard to believe lies when you pepper them with sharp words. he’s good at that – inventing his stories and then you all come over here and pretend the anti “Yon worshipper.” I’ve heard it before. Let’s put it this way, if you were my employer and had a say in my employment, I wouldn’t be working for you. I expect respect from my supervisors as well!

  8. CJ,

    I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: My respect for you grows daily. It makes me beam with pride that you and men of your caliber wear my country’s uniform.

    I have to be honest and say I’d never heard of your or Michael Yon before I started reading Blackfive. Consider this, after reading and observing you both, it took very little time for me to realize Michael had well earned the name, Yawnbo the Clown and that you were a man who had things to say that were well worth listening to. Yon has behaved like a mentally disturbed bafoon and disgraced the uniform he so briefly wore. You, on the other hand, have done it proud. I’ve learned a great deal from you and the other legitimate, respected milbloggers. You enrich my life daily.

    All best,


  9. I wonder if the 21 other Michael Yon’s in the United States are feeling a little embarrassed right now.

    I am now following the entertaining Mike Yon’s Twitter account.

    • Now that Yon has admitted it’s not him, a lot has been clarified for me. Now, it’s more funny and less creepy considering his tweets to me! heh


    Thought I’d highlight that for any of his “fans” that come by!

    Good job, CJ! Waiting for Yon to recant, in 3…2…1…ooooooooh never mind!

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