The Truth Comes in Two Versions

There’s the real truth and then the highly selective, edited, folded, spindled, and mutilated version that Michael Yon puts out there. It’s amazing how he just somehow comes up short in the reality department every. dang. time. I swear, you’d think God or Allah or Yaweh or the Flying Spaghetti Monster had a serious hard-on for Yon or something by the way he fucks up and steps in it constantly. Or maybe Yon has an ulterior motive and purposefully disseminates incorrect information…. Nah, it couldn’t be the second option, I mean, that would be UNETHICAL or something. Why am I taking up the banner against Yon, yet again? Well, see, back in April, I predicted Yon would go after the B5 crew. From comments on the above linked post:

Yon WILL go after someone else with his lies and twisting of the truth because CJ has made himself unavailable for targeting anymore. My money is on the Blackfive crew as Yon Enemy #1. We shall see how it falls out.

And lo and behold, I was right. Like I always am because I’m perfect and funny and beautiful and right all the time because I’m a woman, dangit!

Yon’s version of Matt Burden’s DD214

This morning, we were graced with Yon sharing Matt Burden‘s DD214. Weirdly enough, I have a copy also. But not the same copy. Not even close.

Which makes one wonder…is it some grand conspiracy against Yon, that I ask for proof and he ends up putting out such jacked up stuff? That’s neither here nor there, but I’m amazed how first, the Facebook Elves messed around with his timeline and hid some stuff that may make Yon look bad, you know, like publishing CJ’s unit publicly or whatever, and now this weirdness.

So let’s take a look, shall we? See, I have a different version of that document, and it makes WAY more sense than Yon’s.

The version I have

Wow, can you spot the obvious differences? Branch of service, dates of service, whether he was active or not, the whole shebang. Also, as Yon points out, in his version, Matt is just a captain when he’s done and in mine, he’s a major. Hrrrmmmm.

Maybe more information will help. Yon posts his version of current and previous assignments. I’ve highlighted a few areas you might want to look at.

I gotta tell ya, that very top box troubles me greatly. Why? Because, on the Yon’s DD214 version of first date in service, Jan 1986, Matt Burden was an E-5 in that red box. For a top notch journalist, one who prides himself on being out front, researching and pontificating on deeply hidden meanings in all things military, I have to wonder why Yon did not question this. Why didn’t Yon ask the National Archives if the records are incomplete. Or did Yon think Matt’s military birthing was like Venus… from the cut off member of Caelus that was tossed into the ocean and Venus emerged from sea-foam?

Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus

But Matt Burden, unlike sweet Venus, Matt the stud that he is, he spilled from the throbbing parts of Mars, the god of war, and even arrived bearing Lucille, ready to wreak havoc upon the world, and he was already a SGT so he didn’t have to screw around with silly stuff with which PVTs are tasked!!

The birth of The Paratrooper of Love

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I call him the Paratrooper of Love? Well, you know, he went to jump school and he also jumped with the Brits!!

I can’t even do elevators so I don’t understand how people can do schools like Airborne, Jumpmaster, and Freefall!

What is that SFQC? Does anyone know what that means? SF doesn’t mean special forces, does it? I mean, Yon has questioned and cast aspersions on Matt so I am really wondering…. I think I need to send out an email to a man who killed another man in anger *cough*MichaelYon*cough* right after he graduated from the SFQC to explain what that SFQC means, specifically.

Gee, this one doesn’t seem so damning as the AAM on Yon’s Facebook page, does it?

By the way, did you enjoy my homoerotic imagery? Apparently CJ and Uncle Jimbo and Matt Burden are all pretty dang gay cuz they mention penises a lot.

So this war correspondent, Michael Yon, a former soldier himself, he doesn’t think to dig into exactly what happened in the time up until this DD214 shows Burden in the military? He doesn’t question the holes? Or maybe he does but he sucks so badly and has so few skills, he can’t even track down the correct information, which is readily available by FOIA, except…well…

Annnnnnyway, I can’t get over how Yon’s version doesn’t match mine.

The version of assignments that I have

Amazingly, mine takes into account that whole silly basic training things that most soldiers have to take care of up front.

Basically, the point of this post is that Michael Yon has YET AGAIN put out faulty information without checking its validity. He gets a bug up his ass about certain people and he will use whatever he can get his hands on, even obviously incomplete records, to “support” his point of view and he will put it out there as if he’s The King of Insider Information. He’s the all-knowing, all-seeing guru of military matters. I would feel sorry for his followers but there are damn few of them who bother to question his words, motives, and actions, so they get and accept whatever bullshit he throws out there and unfortunately, they also have the right to vote, which scares the ever-lovin’ heck out of me.

Hopefully, this post will get into some of their hands and they might question his posting of clearly fragmentary documentation. If even one person who is an ardent Yon fan chooses to walk away from that man, I’ll be a happy camper. He is venomous and some day, karma is gonna bite him in the butt. HARD. And I hope I’m around to see his final fall into the disrepute that he deserves.

Oh, and I hope you enjoyed all the “male reproductive appendages” references. I certainly enjoyed making them.

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4 Comments on “The Truth Comes in Two Versions

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  3. SFQC should be the Special Forces Qualification Course, or the Q-Course. It is at least 18-24 months and once you graduate, you are assigned to a SF Group.


    • CB, yes, thank you. I was being silly & sarcastic because Yon is questioning Matt Burden’s claim that he was with special forces. His version of the documents do not show SFQC, but mine do. It’s bewildering how his docs & the ones I have are so different, especially since Yon hates Burden so much and his set magically supports his accusations that he has been ranting about for a couple of years. 😉

      I guess the National Archives are in collusion with the Milkooks or something, to give Yon such easily countered incorrect information. Or something like that. *shrug*

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