This Is How It’s Done

God bless this police officer who understands our first and second amendment rights! A former Marine, no less. I know some folks think cops are all incompetent and abusive, but there are many in this nation who serve to protect citizens from bad guys. This one is a beautiful example!

I’m off to catch bad guys, not people exercising their constitutional rights.

7 Comments on “This Is How It’s Done

  1. I have recently friended a man on Facebook claiming to be Army Sargent Alfred Barrett. I see a photo of him here on yoir website. I’m not sure what th is means, but my friend tells me that I am not chatting online with the real Alfred Barrett. Can somebody she’d some light on this situation, and provide me with facts? I am not being asked for money. Th is man is begging me to beleivevvthat he is the real Alfred Barrett, and claims he has no knowledge of these s cams, as I have told him I am afraid he his not real, and that I believe he may be committing a crime. I want to get in touch with the real Alfred Barrett, as this is the only way they o will believe this is a scam. Thank you.

    • Ask him for his military email address. If he gives you ANY reason he cant provide it, there’s your proof.

  2. The has changed his last name, he now goes by, !! Beware of him, he is a big scammer, claiming to be in Afghanistan!! He is a fake and a scammer, do not sent him any money, you will lose it to this scammer, do not talk to him or trust him, It is all lies that he would tell you, I know, I have been there and lost a lot of money, and hurt by the way he get’s you to fall in love with him first, then look out!! Anyone that would like to email, please feel free too!!

    • HI Tracy, I am interested to hear from you and you tell me your story. I also have a story with this man to tell you. I also have a lot of informations….
      Please contact me asap.

  3. I would say that I have been hurt by a scammer, he goes by, !! I have lost a lot of money! Met him on a site, US Military penpals, am still talking to him but I know I need to delete him, have been trying to track him, I have many pictures of him and would like to know the real Marine, he said he was a Marine captain for 2 years now and been in the Marines for 22 years, I would like someone to please email me on this at, !! Thank you

    • If you want to track his email I know how you can. Been where you are now. Have been
      Go to try there free tracking it will explain how it works

  4. recently i joined a new site on the internet Mate 1, i have only been on a few days maybe a week at most, i have been over run with pics of miitary men spoke to one he had a heavy accent which made me take a step back. i blocked them only to find them back on acting like nothing had happened, nor did they mention it. tonight i received a request to chat from someone saying he was a army general, something didn’t sound right… so here i am searching so my heart is not broken again. once they get your name they find a wayinto you email, and all other sites i was even told to open yahoo messenger… i have been scammed many times…love scammed and money scammed for over 11,000 dollars. i can only warn you women what my dad told me as a child if it seems too good to be true it probably is…BEWARE, ASK QUESTIONS AND READ ALL YOU CAN ON SCAMMING…

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