Time to Put Up Or Shut Up Yon

Dear Michael Yon,

You’re a coward. An utter and complete coward. You use your page to slander and intimidate while blocking me. I even created posts here that you could have easily come and stated your case. The same goes for your cowardly followers who are like ants – following the leader wherever they’re going.

So, Michael, you’ve now accused of plotting to kill journalists and shooting them in the back while embedded. I say back up your comments. You claim I’ve illegally stolen your identity. If you honestly believe that, sue me! If I’ve done what you say I’ve done, I deserve a fair trial where you must present evidence. You claim that 1) I’d kill an innocent journalist and 2) do it by shooting them in the back. Explain yourself.

You claim I’m not a real Soldier. Explain yourself. Back up your claims or STFU! You’re a coward, plain and simple. I even created another profile with my real name so you could defend yourself and you still prevented my comments from appearing. You’re no better than the Chinese, wishing to keep your loyal donors and followers in the dark about what you’re really up to.

You claim I’m a terrible NCO and leader. Prove it, Michael. Produce ONE Soldier that worked with me to back that up and I’ll provide a hundred to contradict it. Back up your words, Michael.

You can’t, so instead you are resorting to castigating me as some deranged person. It’s not deranged, Michael, it’s called intelligence and I understand that is foreign to you. All ignorant people look at intelligent people as somehow crazy. It’s because you don’t understand logic and fact. You can’t help it.


To the rest of you Yonions that have “complained” about me contacting you through direct message, you’re no better. I gave you a personal opportunity to either confirm or deny your opinions about me or Yon’s statements. But, because you’re all ignorant tools as well, you don’t challenge me. You don’t test your knowledge because you’re afraid of what you’ll find. You’ll find that the Yon-God you’re following is a fraud. That’s a hard pill to swallow when you’ve invested so much emotion in one man. It’s okay to keep deceiving yourself, but it’s a terrible existence.

The even funnier part of this is that you don’t even have to ask ME for answers. My life is an open book. Just Google my name. But, I was wrong in direct messaging Yon’s fanatics thinking that they would listen to reason and actually wanted to be educated or at least informed. My bad. I underestimated the type of people that cling to people like Mike Yon. It’s like to trying to convince a snake that he’s a hamster to get him to calm down. He is what he is – a snake. You choose to live in a deep, dark hole and I guess I just need to respect that you’re comfortable with that. I won’t waste my time on that again.


Come on, Yon. Prove yourself. Of course you won’t because your own followers don’t demand that you prove yourself. It’s the perfect set up.

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