Transgenders Incompatible with Military

Trump announced today that so-called “transgendered” people would no longer be able to serve in the military overturning an Obama policy that was put in place about a year ago. As a former Army First Sergeant, I support this move. The liberals and their lapdog media are losing their minds over this. It’s social engineering at its finest.

Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that “transgender” in the military would entail,” the president wrote.

While I support the president’s decision, it’s not for the reasons he seems to be focused on. The “transgender” issue is more than about medical care costs. No one seems to be talking about the effect on ground troops and leaders which goes far beyond any monetary issues. The military relies on good order and discipline and the issue of “transgenders” in the military causes many problems. I want to discuss those issues at the company level.

Before I do, let me state a few things matter of factly: 1) there is no such thing as a “transgender” person – one is either a man or a woman (for the purposes of this post, however, I will use this term); 2) no one has a “right” to serve in the military. Otherwise, there would be no physical standards, no weight standards, no intelligence standards, etc. So, this idea that anyone, including a “transgender” person, has a right to serve is a fallacy from the beginning.

First Sergeants are responsible for the health and welfare of their troops. They are responsible for their pay, their lodging, their discipline, their fitness and just about every other aspect of their lives. This isn’t about whether a “transgender” soldiers is as good as or better than a normal soldier. Yes, I said normal because there’s nothing normal about a man who thinks he’s a woman or vice versa.

Lodging is the first issue. When I still active I managed the Brigade barracks while I was processing to retire. It was a great pre-retirement job. Barracks are divided between male barracks and female barracks. How are “transgender” soldiers to be housed? Should a male who thinks he’s a female be roomed with another woman? What if a female soldier doesn’t want to be roomed with a man who think he’s a woman? What if a man doesn’t want to room with a woman who thinks she’s a man? We already have this problem with assigning rooms for homosexual people in the military. The problem is that when another soldier doesn’t want to room with a gay person, he risks an equal opportunity complaint for “discrimination.” Soldiers are forced to room with people that could find them sexually attractive whether they like it or not. That sexual attraction is why we room males and females separately.

The next issue is how “transgender” soldiers are supposed to dress. Does a man who thinks he’s a woman wear a female uniform or a male uniform? Is he allowed to grow his hair long since males must keep their hair groomed in a very specific manner? The Army’s regulation on grooming standards states that “Males will keep their face clean-shaven when in uniform, or in civilian clothes on duty.” Since women who think they are men are still technically, naturally, and scientifically still males, are they are allowed to grow beards? If a man that thinks he’s a woman is treated like a woman, the regulation doesn’t say that women have to keep their face clean-shaven.

Perhaps the biggest issue is fitness standards. Females have a much different physical fitness standard than males have. The standards are much lower for females than males. For example, young women between 17-21 only have to do 19 push-ups to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test and that number decreases every four years. A male in the same age group has to perform 42 push-ups to pass and that number also drops every four years. The same female has to run the 2-mile test faster than 18:54 to pass, three minutes slower than a male to pass. Using the same age group, a female is allowed to have 30% body fat, but the same male is only allowed 20%. How are “transgender” people supposed to be tested? Is a man who thinks he’s a woman allowed to be fatter, slower, and weaker since his mental illness tells him he’s a she?

The Washington Compost story highlights that the military spends more on Viagra than on medical care for “transgender” people. They also spend a lot on birth control for women – 71% of them use birth control to manage their menstrual cycle. What the Compost also doesn’t mention is that the military is a health care provider and nearly all insurance programs, military or not, cover Viagra. The Viagra issue is a distraction and deflection.

The pro-“transgender” crowd wants the entire military to accommodate an extremely small percentage of society to push an agenda that has no place in the military. The rest of society doesn’t have to billet their employees together, share tents, or bathe together. By caving to the desires of 0.6% of people at the expense of the 99.4% we are creating chaos, confusion, and a breakdown in order. It’s time liberals recognize that their policies create a distraction that the military doesn’t need. It needs to be focused on finding and killing the enemy and keeping this country safe from external threats. The “transgender” issue is simply incompatible with military service. It has nothing to do with being able to kill the enemy, which is only relevant about 20% of the time. It’s the other 80% where the problems exist.

7 Comments on “Transgenders Incompatible with Military

  1. I agree with Trump no transgender in military. I explain ; the most of them enter in the forces for having the operations payed and need psychologues it cost too much for the forces and where they go when they want to go at the bathtroom and for showers. It’s ridiculous for having times and money to spend for a third places for showers or toilet for them……..Forces need money for planes, ships and all kind of equipments. I’m not against them they have the right to be and being free to live the way they want and free to be what they want to be but not in the forces and depend on forces(government) for the costs. I agree.!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this perspective! Although this decision is a difficulr one, on tbe list of priorities in this country right now, it has to take a back seat…. sorry. Let’s fix otber things & get back to this at some point.

    • There’s no prioritization to worry about. The decision was made. Now we can get to other important things.

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