Truckers Stranded by Company’s Sudden Closing

I know this is a Military blog, but Christmas is only 2 days away and I hate to see my fellow drivers stranded on the road with no way to get home because their company shut the doors with no notice. The times are tough for everyone these days. But for many Arrow Truck Lines drivers, it got worse yesterday. All I ask is that you read the story below and look into your hearts and help how ever you can. Please remember that truck drivers are a big part of what keeps this country going. The Military protects us our Freedoms, but without truck drivers you would not have food, clothes, or anything else you have in your house or sustains you lives. Living on workman’s comp right now, I can’t afford to help with money,  but I have offered anyone in my area a place to stay for a few days or a ride to the bus station or air port.

I am sure that many of you have seen the white and green Arrow trucks rolling down the road over the years. Yesterday they closed their doors and left their drivers stranded all over the country. According to “Tulsa World“, the 61-year-old Tulsa-based flatbed company, closed it’s door without any notice to the office staff or the drivers.

After closing down the company phone system Tuesday morning and not accepting cell phone messages throughout the day, the company issued a statement from CEO Doug Pielsticker at 6:21 p.m.

“The company has been in negotiations with its principal lender,” Pielsticker said. “Those negotiations are continuing, but the lender has elected to proceed with securing its collateral. The company is communicating with several interested parties and continues to seek a prompt resolution.”

Beginning just before noon Tuesday, callers to Arrow’s west Tulsa offices were greeted with a recorded message: “Drivers, if you’re in Freightliner KW, please take your truck to the nearest Freightliner shop. Call this hot line number to Daimler, (877) 294-9679. They will arrange for you a bus ticket home.”

“I’m shut down near Cheyenne, Wyo.,” Arrow driver Denny Carter said by phone. “They asked me to bring the truck and load into Tulsa, but I don’t have fuel to do it. I’ll be taking the truck to a Kenworth dealership in Cheyenne.”

“I haven’t heard nothing and haven’t been able to get ahold of anybody,” driver Ruben Bradley said by phone. He shut down his rig at a truck stop in Wichita Falls, Texas, on Monday night when other drivers phoned to tell him their gas credit cards weren’t working.

Bradley was hauling a load of steel pipe for delivery in northern New Mexico. He had three-quarters of a 240-gallon tank of diesel fuel he thought would take him to his delivery but not enough to return the truck to a terminal or Tulsa.

And with no working fuel card, he didn’t have $500 to $600 of his own money to fill the tank.

“I’m not going to move the truck. I’m not going to get stuck way out in New Mexico without fuel and no way to get home,” Bradley said. “I can’t get ahold of anybody, not even extended operations or the fuel desk.”

Doug Evans was in similar straits early Tuesday.

“I’m not in a very good mood,” the Arrow driver said by phone, his fuel gauge at a quarter tank as he motored west toward Little Rock with a load of steel tubing.

“I’m fixing to be out of fuel. I can’t get any answers. I got a message to take the truck to the nearest Freightliner dealer. We haven’t gotten any paychecks, either.”

By Tuesday evening, Bradley was driving south to a Freightliner dealer and a new job he’d just been offered in Houston. He had just enough fuel to make it, he said.

Evans, whose load was bound for Houston, had run out of fuel. He was parked in a truck stop 60 miles east of Little Rock.

“I’m waiting for somebody to send me some money — Western Union so I can get enough fuel to get the truck to the Freightliner dealer in Little Rock,” Evans said. “And then I’m going to have to walk home to Monroe, La. There are seven drivers I know about — from North Carolina to Arizona — who are walking home.”

Carter, who was stranded in Cheyenne, almost 2,000 miles from his home in O’Brien, Fla., was nearly alone among the drivers in that he will have a merry Christmas.

“Friends out here, people I met on the road, pooled together and bought me an airplane ticket home,” he said.

“I’m flying Cheyenne to Gainesville on Wednesday.”

Land Line Mag reported the story yesterday with the following statement:

Stephanie Ortega, who works in the Fleet Services department at Daimler, said she found out when she arrived at work Tuesday morning that Arrow Trucking was shutting its doors and about the company’s plan to help get Arrow’s drivers home.

She was instructed to tell drivers to drop their vehicles off at the nearest Freightliner dealership and to leave their keys with an attendant there or at a truck stop if they are out of fuel.

Ortega said drivers are asked to then call Daimler at 877-294-9679 and she and others there “can get them a bus ticket through Greyhound or the company will reimburse up to $200 for alternative transportation costs.”

However, one drawback to the plan is that drivers are on their own to find transportation to a local Greyhound station once they have surrendered their trucks.

“If they can get themselves to a local Greyhound station, we will get them a bus ticket and get them home,” Ortega told Land Line.

The trucking world is coming together to helps it’s own. There has been a Facebook page created with the sole purpose of helping drivers connect with people that can help. Weather it is with money, a ride home, or just a place to stay till someone can get them home, any help a person can give would be greatly appreciated by the many drivers left standing in the cold.

CDL of it” also have a list going in their Christmas Group Forum of drivers that need help and people that are willing to help. According to a message felt on the Facebook page, there are 2 lists there, one with drivers needing rides, fuel, help. another with a list of folks that can provide rides, help, etc. you can also call 866-929-9627 or 417-200-4411.

4 State Trucks – The Chrome Shop Mafia also made a statement on their Facebook page:

All of us at CSM certainly feel for these Arrow drivers that may end up stranded. If someone knows of a driver that needs a lift home for the Holidays, please contact us at and we will try our best to hook them up with one of our customers, fans or friends to get them back home. We all agree that the trucking business can be tough, but things like this shouldn’t happen.

10 Comments on “Truckers Stranded by Company’s Sudden Closing

  1. has anything been heard of the apparent criminals who were in charge? what is current status? truckers, of all people, just get screwed and take it silently?? what’s going on out there?

  2. I like to thank everyone for all the support former Arrow drivers are getting. My boyfriend was a driver with them for 2 yrs. We know we will never see the last paychecks,and are in danger of losing our phone and storage, but at least we have a place to stay for a while. Unemployment may not be there for him. Trying to get a job is hard but we will find something , hopfully soon. Thank you all again for your support.

  3. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t consider trucking when you get out of the military, but this is the type of treatment you can expect. Do you research before you head down this road.

    I know many big companies recruit the military because they know that military members are one of the few groups of people that can hack this type of treatment among other things. I’m saying use caution and if there is anything else you’d rather do, go do it.

  4. And right before Christmas! Wow, sounds like some pretty heartless people at Arrow AND at the Creditors! Didn’t they see this coming? Do we have the name of the lendor? Seems like they should get some bad press also, don’t you think?

    I am sure that almost any driver from any other truck line would be happy to help out a fellow truck driver and take him, if not all the way home, at least to the nearest bus station.

  5. i would drop trailer & bobtail home to save on what fuel left to make it. daimler’s offer of a bus ticket if you make the bus depot after returning truck is another outrage. most truckers have a lot of stuff in their truck with them on the road. these unfeeling ceo’s could come pickup their own damn rides where ever they wind up. to top it off it’s Christmas, yeah they would get their truck OK right after they pay a storage fee to pick it up. if you can’t place a labor lean on it in the county you live in take it to your local wrecker service or have them pick it up. they’ll pay before the truck is handed back over & if you do it right you’ll recoup your labor.

  6. Oh man, that’s gotta suck.

    If it were me, I’d stop at the nearest place I could stop, leave the truck, and get a rental car home.

    A bus ticket? Give me a break. They should be paying for car rentals. Probably would be cheaper too.

    • Good point Bob. If the drivers have to pack all of their stuff from the truck and take it home, then a bus ticket isn’t much help for some of them. Your idea of a rental sounds like the least they could do.

  7. I agree Derek. I called the Freightliner dealership in Mobile, AL. They had one driver there. When I talked to him he said he was one of the lucky ones, he has family that are on their way to get him. I am calling the other Freightliner & International dealerships in my area as well as the truck stops to see if they have any drivers that need help.

  8. Hi Cindy,

    Just posted over at the Facebook page. Will be helping any stranded Arrow drivers up here in the Victor Valley (Victorville / Hesperia CA).

    My brother drives for Swift Trucking. He just got home for the holidays this morning. When I told him about this he wasn’t surprised. He says this is happening more and more these days. It just really sucks to happen two days before Christmas.


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