UPDATE on CJ Grisham Pretrial Hearing

For those of you who have been following CJ’s story on The Blaze, Todd Starnes, and other sites, on 31 July, CJ had a pretrial hearing. The following are a few articles and links where you can follow what happened. I think the Temple Daily is a paid subscription.

Grisham has pre-trial hearing

Danford pointed out that the area on Airport Road included a couple of schools, part of an airfield and a fire station, and Ermis termed the area not rural, but “rural-type.” Harrell countered later that it was a Saturday and there was no school in session, and that Grisham was stopped on another road in a rural setting, not Airport Road.

Both the prosecution and defense questioned Ermis on why Grisham was arrested and the process used in the arrest. Ermis said he tried to take the weapon from Grisham because of the way he was carrying the rifle, in front in a combat-type position, which merited a charge of disorderly conduct displaying a firearm.

Ermis said he felt he was in danger while approaching Grisham and felt threatened when he saw the weapon Grisham was carrying. However, the defense later pointed out that Ermis didn’t tell Grisham he was a Temple Police officer or give his name. Ermis also testified he didn’t check to see if Grisham could legally carry the rifle and concealed handgun before arresting him. Debate also centered on where Grisham’s hands were during the entire process.

Danford noted that Grisham could have been arrested on a Class C traffic offense for walking on the wrong side of the road. He was first arrested for resisting arrest, but the county attorney’s office later changed the charge to interfering with the duties of a peace officer.

Street crime: Be careful what side of the street you walk

A police dash cam video from the incident with Grisham showed he and his son moving from the middle to the right side of the road. The video was shown during Wednesday’s hearing to Judge Neal Richardson and Officer Steven Ermis, who arrested Grisham because he reportedly resisted when Ermis attempted to take his AR-15 rifle away from him.

Neither the police report, complaint nor arrest affidavit written by Ermis after the arrest mentioned that Grisham was walking on the incorrect side of the road.

The prosecuting attorney, Danford, quoted several case laws at the hearing that he said proved Ermis had probable cause or a reasonable suspicion to arrest Grisham, including State vs. Patterson, a Texas appeals case that ruled the courts look at the totality of circumstances to determine if there is reasonable suspicion or probable cause for an arrest.


Wednesday’s hearing addressed a defense motion to suppress the arrest. A ruling on the motion will come sometime after next week when defense co-counsel Paul Harrell submits an additional brief arguing against case law used by the county’s attorney, Mark Danford. If the motion is granted, the arrest no longer stands and the consequent charges are no longer applicable. If the motion is denied, the case moves forward to trial, presumably in mid- to late September.

Also discussed at the hearing was a defense motion for discovery of additional exculpatory evidence not previously provided to the defense. With this, a recording of the non-emergency call to police regarding Grisham’s roadside presence and the police dash cam video documenting the arrest were played in open court.

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  1. not sure which is worse, the cop, his superior who assisted with the arrest or the DA prosecuting instead of publishing an apology.

    I hope the whole lot have mandates to find new employment when this is finished.

  2. always remember this…..YES GUNS KILL PEOPLE, LIKE A FORK MADE ROSIE O’DONNELL FAT……POINT MADE…just for laughs

  3. Editor if you post this refer to me as E.Z. please……………… Congratulations Mr. Grisham. I am a ‘dumbed down” Canadian who did not comprehend your 2nd amendment until very recently. . You guys are defending your constitutional rights maybe as a “last stand”.
    The point is that this is not a protest, this is about simply being citizen of the USA whether a man or woman. SO why do I write now? Primarily motivated by darel neal’s post, who said, , “as an individual looking from the outside in, first I am a retired E-6 , CHL holder, 2nd Amendment supporter, and a law abiding citizen …” then he lambasts CJ for creating a bad name for open carry and chastised you personally putting it as: “you are a SENIOR NON COMMISSIONED OFFICER, you are supposed to set and lead by example, both on and off duty, you failed in that respect,” Such a statement indicates the kind of judge he is of both men and their acts . It seems apparent to me that darel was trying to misdirect the thinking by readers of tis blog while slurring the reputation of Mr. Grisham.
    CJ simply acted within his legal rights, without being drawn into a confrontation while at the same moment, caring for his son. CJ acted in an exemplary fashion, clearly either as a uniformed man duty bound or as a sovereign citizen. Because of CJ’s actions ‘the darels” will have the potential to keep the use of the first, second and fourth amendments. Patriots, just keep on doing what is your right. As your neighbour, all that I can do is say, thank you.

  4. I was following this 6 months ago. what’s the latest on the lawsuit?

  5. If you just put Russian uniforms on all of the officers in the video, everything would look totally normal. You wouldn’t even have to do a voice over.

  6. Hi, I thought I would leave a few comments, as an individual looking from the outside in, first I am a retired E-6 , CHL holder, 2nd Amendment supporter, and a law abiding citizen of killeen, all you have done with your antics with both your arrest by Temple PD and at the Temple City Council meeting, is give the anti-gun community more ammunition against all of us law abiding gun owners. 1. as a CHL holder you have to comply with all instructions from a police officer, read your CHL handbook 2.while you can carry a long gun in public, you have to use common sense while doing it, you displayed none. 3. you are a SENIOR NON COMMISSIONED OFFICER, you are supposed to set and lead by example, both on and off duty, you failed in that respect, you should have been standing on the III Corps Commander’s carpet after your incident came down on the blotter report. You have given the general public a bad impression of gun owners, and keep in mind perception is everything, we reside in one of the most gun owner friendly states in the union, stop screwing it up for us all, you should have complied with the police officer’s insructions at that time, quietly and then reported his actions to the proffesional standards unit within the officer’s department, if you felt you had been wronged, if you had complied you would have been told to have a nice day and sent on your merry way, in this day and age gun owners need to be seen a positive light at all times, and I would not want to be around someone in a store or starbucks with a longun, any long gun, you do not know thier history of firearms safety training, it is the unloaded gun that always goes off, and do you really need to, except to show off and prove a point, that is why we have a CHL, and as for those three standing outside the Bell County Court, with the United States Flag and weapons slung on them, REALLY… back to common sense and gun owners bieng seen in a positive light, but that is just my take on things.

    • Darel,
      WELL SAID!!!!
      I don’t think either side of this confrontation acted appropriately. But I really would have expected better from a NCO with Mr. Grisham’s credentials.

    • I dont know the first thing about gun laws etc, but I think there is nothing wrong with a citizen questioning authority, I never did see the soldier resisting or not complying with any of the officers requests,

      So how did he not lead by example? ur post does not make any sense. He simply asked the officers legitimate questions to which the officers never had a valid answer and in the end ended up arresting him

      What they need is for the court to look at this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N30TagPCNE4 where three guys purposefully cause problems and you see the officer handle the case reasonably and professionally

  7. I am a Marine, i was also at the battle of fallujah, did two tours in iraq, and 3/4 of a tour in afghanistan. I have seen men with murder, and hatred in their eyes. This man was not onof them. What I saw from his video. He could have been a bit more cooperative with the officer. But it is his right to be a asshole if he wants to be. That being said. It is my opinion that the officer was a complete anal douche nozzle. And a bit out of control. These daus the enemy looks just like us. They are not shorter with round faces, and slanted eyes, they do not have big vodka guts and burley beards. They look and act just like americans. Because they are. We are destroying our country from within. Our borders. If all the western haters would wait long enough, there will be no need to come and destroy us. We will have done it ourself. I have been arrested twice for carring a .45 next to my driver seat. In a holster with the pipe empty.
    And both time the charges were dismissed. It cost me aton of cash. But the arresting officer just had to be a dick about it and show his ass. Edify the police, the people and there would be less need for the courts to waist time with bullshit arrests. And worry more about the real criminals. Who hurt, steal, kill and other wise have a complete disreguard for law and order.
    The marine corps motto is SEMPER-FIDELIS which means always faithful. Mine is SEMPER-GUMBY which is always flexible.
    Please excuse the spelling and grammer. I am on my mobile device which is a pos.

  8. The guy is an asshat.
    My kids have lived through two mass murders near Temple Texas.
    I am 100% disabled vet, a life member of the NRA.

    This clown has given the anti gun lobby something to bitch about.

    He whined from Afghanistan that he had mental problems and came home early. Now he wants to
    Terrorize my kids in a Starbucks.

    He’s no patriot. He’s an unfeeling sociopath.

    • Could not agree more Josh.
      The second amendment is law and should be supported and fought for just like any other article in the constitution. Unfortunately, CJ Grisham is creating fodder for those opposed to guns. He is no different than any other protester who believes that if they shout loud enough and act crazy enough, they will bring publicity to their cause, (and this is the case here with the six and a half million views his video has gotten). As the advertising agencies say, any publicity is good publicity. However, at the end of the day, people like CJ will always be viewed as emotionally disturbed and if I am representing any cause, the last guy I want on my team is someone that’s half a sandwich short of a combo plate. That is the great thing about this wonderful country we live in though as the CJ Grishams of the world are provided the freedom to speak their mind and act the fool as he does without being taken out back and stoned to death.
      My only concern being the father of a four year old boy and a regular patron of Starbucks is having someone like this guy coming loaded to bear to make his statement all the while terrorizing my son; not cool.
      Take care and thank you for serving!
      P.S. That sure is a nice photo of him with former president Bush. I wonder though if he would ever be invited again to the White House after his histrionics; hmm…?

  9. I’ve noticed recently the publishing of letters to the editor in the Temple Daily Telegram newspaper by “citizens” professing admiration and support for the Temple PD. Obviously an attempt to influence the potential jury pool, whether this letter writing campaign is beinging orchestrated by or encouraged by the PD to garner support for the PD from “friends of the PD” is unclear. It’s obvious to me that Something is motivating all these very flowery letters in praise of the Temple PD.

  10. I’m disgusted that the Police in Temple Texas treated this man this way. They are trying to figure out what crime he has committed to detain him. What they try and do is get this case over and done with drop charges to something else so he cannot file a suit against the project. The City of Temple doesn’t want to pay out those big dollars but they have insurance against things like this. Man goes off to war for his country and comes back and is not doing anything illegal and gets treated with total disrespect. We should just go to open carry for all guns an armed society is a polite society.

  11. “I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

    I for one applaud him. He has taken an oath and is actually taking that oath serious. There are too many domestic attacks on our constitution. And far too many sheep.

  12. Andy Driscoll – you posted, “good indication of how worried you are that Grisham is going to lose his case, his pension, and his guns.” Just exactly how can this case cause Grisham to lose his pension?

  13. I did not see the dash video or what happened before your camera turned on. But I saw completely unprofessional behavior afterwards. When you win the case, They should hold a mandatory attendance class where You “the speaker” speak to the officers of Temple Texas about Open Carry Laws, communicating the law to callers “thats not against the law. but we’ll check it out.” Upholding the Law and the Constitution, to have great respect and patience, and ways to clearly communicate intentions and making it clear that you Note a Protest but still are issuing a Legal Order for compliance. BTW I am all for an officer making a situation safe for himself. But not like this. “I’m a cop do what I say or I’ll ruin you or end your life bc I dont care about anything.”

  14. Right or wrong, you acted poorly; like a child, not a professional military man. I realize you’re not an officer, but you are an NCO. Tact and maturity are what you needed, not a rifle.

    • You sir, are wrong. Mr. Grisham has a right to openly carry a firearm in the state of Texas. Enough said, if everything played out the way it CONSTITIONALLY should, Sir Grisham legally could have fired upon the officer, being that the officer did not in any way shape or form state his intended actions, his name, or the crime Mr. Grisham was accused of. Also, the nerve of these two officers, to say the things they said ON camera, is disturbing. They directly state, and I quote “We are exempt”. One of the most common fundamentals of the United States Constitution, known as “Rule of Law” is primarily the basic idea that not even the highest government official is above the law. Pardon my language, and in terms of a professional response, rarely do I use profanity, but of all people, a police officer claims to be “exempt” of the law. To say the least, he’s a self loathing jackass. There’s so many other details in just this short footage I could pick out, and go on about how unconstitutional they are on the officer’s part, but I just don’t feel the need. If what I’ve already stated is insufficient clarification to find this officer guilty, perhaps America really is becoming what the world makes us out to be. Stupid, and fat. Thank you for your time gentlemen. Matthew Smith, 13 years old, and if you really feel up to commenting or debating my response to this topic, I’ll make it real simple. My email: “Thelonelyape@gmail.com” and I will most likely answer you within 24 hours. “Peace” as my fellow youngsters may say.

  15. MSgt. Grisham I commend you for your service to our country and your steadfast loyalty to the United States as a defender of the Constitution.

    I would like to make some points, whether right or wrong, these are merely my opinions… an honest observation.

    1) I believe Mr. Grisham had to know that carrying an AR while walking down the road facing traffic would cause some concern from other citizens… and possibly an encounter with LE. I grew up in rural America, a town with less than a thousand people. If I saw him with an AR walking down a county road, I would have done a double take and wonder what he’s doing. However, I would not have seen him as a threat. The main thing is he knew his rights and he exercised those rights… unfortunately, nowadays most Americans don’t know their rights nor do they exercise them.

    2) “…Grisham could have been arrested on a Class C traffic offense for walking on the wrong side of the road.” He “could have” been arrested, it’s a little late for that… this should have been addressed when he was initially stopped. “He was first arrested for resisting arrest, but the county attorney’s office later changed the charge to interfering with the duties of a peace officer.” Thank goodness he had his son film the situation otherwise the LE would have stuck with the first charge.

    3) I concur that this is not a 2nd Amendment issue, however this case may indirectly influence future 2nd Amendment cases.

    4) A simple Q&A by the “peace” officer could have defused this whole situation from happening. Sure a fully grown male rottweiler looks intimidating, but common sense would tell you that he’s not threatening when he’s wagging his tail… but if he’s growling then you might have a problem. My point is understand the situation before reacting.

    5) I believe the most important issue that no one seems to address is the officers obvious ignorance of the law. How are these “peace” officers supposed to uphold the law when they don’t even know it. And then they interpret it as to how they believe it should be to justify their actions… that my friend is scary.

    I wish you the best.

    • The whole point is you don’t need to submit to a Q&A by an officer. There was no crime, thus he didn’t need to answer any of their questions, he didn’t even need to show ID. They shouldn’t have laid a single finger on him, and legally he could resist arrest seeing as it was an illegal/unlawful arrest in the first place.

      It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t feel all happy about someone walking down the street with rifle.
      It is perfectly legal to do so, so the problem isn’t with the person carrying the rifle. The dispatcher should have informed the caller that it was lawful and unless the person was doing something threatening (aiming it at people, etc) there isn’t anything they can do. Unless you’re in a police state of course, and then what happened to CJ results.

  16. As a Vietnam vet I want to thank you for your service and say “welcome Home”. I am 63 now and I don’t recognize the country I fought for. Ben Franklin, said, and the actual quote has a couple varients, including:
    People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both. Tell your son for me that his Father is my hero. Watch your six.

  17. Some censorship you have going here….good indication of how worried you are that Grisham is going to lose his case, his pension, and his guns.

    As to not accepting the plea bargains, let me guess. The attorney, is going to run through every penny in that defense fund just shy of about $3,000.

  18. CJ Grisham is the poster boy for Gun Grabbers. Great lesson for his son “Watch Daddy tell off the Bad Police Man” .

  19. Thank you for honoring your oath and not allowing this violation of basic constitutional rights to quietly disappear. It’s good to know that whatever obstacles they throw in your way, you will drive on and get it done. I look forward to your legal victory, and appreciate your work on behalf of everyday Americans.

  20. Play the game. They are just children in a costume. Olly Olly Oxin Free and be on your way.

    • I believe CJ has a court date at the end of the month.

  21. All this misses a fundamental point, IT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL IN THE STATE OF TEXAS TO CARRY A RIFLE! NO LAW ON THE BOOKS PROHIBITS IT!!! as long as you do not point it in a direction that can be viewed as a threat, carrying the rifle pointed at the ground is as safe as it gets!!!!

    • Yes, well, they are grasping at straws at this point, dragging it out, being punitive. It is immature and wasteful of the taxpayers dollars.

    • As long as the long gun is carried in a manner not calculated to cause alarm. Clearly someone was alarmed by the manner in which the long gun was being carried, that triggered an investigation into the situation to see whether or not the gun was in fact being carried in a manner calculated to cause alarm.

      There is no SCOTUS decision saying that an officer cannot investigate a complaint, cannot perform an investigatory detention, and disarm for protection the person he is investigating while he investigates a complaint. had the officer rolled by, and not been investigating a complaint, there would be an issue, but that is apparently not a case, CJ took his arrogance one step too far, and it has cost him, well, has cost his plethora of donators, i do wonder how much CJ has to profit out of this both in notoriety and financially, and if that was his motivation.

      • Ryan, we are singing the same tune to a predominantly deaf audience.


        As you have stated, the officers have the right to investigate and virtually every court case I have seen posted at any location (actually, all I have seen either do not apply or support the stop) being stated in Grisham’s defense do not apply.

    • While I applaud that individual in that video the situation is not at all germane to this one. Unfortunately, due to Sgt Grisham’s inability to deal as a rational individual, a discussion never really took place. On the YouTube video Sgt Ernis does say “and then you’ll be on your way”.

      This is not, as in the video you presented, a gun in a holster. Grisham’s mode of carry might very well have been “criminal” as per Texas code. The gun was carried in an unsafe fashion and my guess is that he rested his elbows on each side as he walked. That would point the weapon in an unsafe direction. Negligent discharges happen all the time. It is hardly unreasonable, for public safety, that the officer check that the gun is not capable of sending a round out of the barrel.

      If I were called to respond to a man with a gun and I see a rifle pointing in a dangerous direction I damn well want to know what condition that gun is in. I want to know, with an AR, if he has the bolt back and releasing it can chamber a round. I want to know if a round is already in the chamber as I approach. I want to know if the safety is on. And if instead the gun is pointed at the ground, as Grisham seems to have learned in subsequent photos I have seen, the only question I am probably asking is to ascertain that the child is walking freely with him and has not been abducted.

      Sorry rabid 2nd Amendment defenders (and I own 5 ARs, 3 shotguns, and 13 pistols and carry at all times) this has never been a 2nd Amendment case. “IF” I were to approach Grisham and he turns and that barrel flags me I am damn well drawing my weapon or making sure that one can be fired at me.

      It’s a shame here that so many people are not seeing the real issue at hand and making gun-owners look bad. When that dash-cam becomes public, if Grisham turned and his AR crossed the path of the officer he committed a crime, like it or not. The stop was legal and has nothing to do with the situation in Maine.

      • I don’t see how I can edit a post so I would like to clarify that the sentence below was to make sure a weapon “cannot” be fired at me.

        ““IF” I were to approach Grisham and he turns and that barrel flags me I am damn well drawing my weapon or making sure that one can be fired at me. “

      • a weapon with no round chambered can not be negligently discharged nor a weapon placed on safe. More times than not a ND is caused by improper clearing of the weapon. While I speak merely from speculation I can say with a high state of probability that a senior non commissioned officer in the united states army would have his weapon on safe. The weapon being in a yellow status for easy charging should the need arise.

  22. As a resident of Texas and former US Army Cavalry Scout, I feel that of all states in the union, why would Texas be one to try to abuse our rights. I love our state and I believe that those arresting officers should be relieved of duty and get abused by the law just like CJ.

    • If, for example, you are sitting outside at a restaurant with two children, and your wife is directly across the street sitting outside with two additional children, and a man is walking past you, crossing the street and past your wife and back again past you in an endless loop with a rifle aimed not at the ground but parallel, are you going to say, “Hey buddy, would you mind pointing that weapon at the ground”?

      This has never been a 2nd Amendment case, as many think and offer their support for. I’m sure you know the NRA declined to offer support for this situation.

      I understand that “rudely” is not in the Texas code. But perhaps the officer approached Grisham to tell him his mode of carry was a potential safety hazard? No one knows if there is one in the pipe and the safety is on in this situation. And if you are going to tell me that you would not be concerned in the scenario above and object to an officer detaining anyone walking with a weapon in that fashion I am going to say you are not being truthful.

  23. this is the reaction I would expect from liberal cities in New York or Massachusetts. I personally do not own any firearms nor have a license to carry but my wife does. if any police officer was ever to treat her the way he was treated I would be very upset. it is time for law abiding citizens to stand up for their rights. I am proud that he is standing up for his rights and I know he will prevail.

  24. Good luck CJ
    For those that would defend what that officer did I would ask you to consider the words of one of our country’s founding fathers. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” … Benjamin Franklin Feb 17, 1775

  25. Hi guys. I’ve just watched your YT vid of the arrest and to me it seems like absolute bullshit, I cant comment on the gun laws you guys have in the US as I’m a Brit but those officers are definitely talking out their arseholes. The fact you’re able to quote the law to them whilst they stand there and say that they are above it shows the lack of respect that they have not just for you but for the people they apparently serve.

    I’m intrigued to see how this plays out, I have a feeling they’re going to try and pin any stupid reason to have arrested you just to get themselves out of a heap of shit.

    I have a 3 month tour in the middle east as of tomorrow, so from one serviceman to another, good luck!

  26. For the record…

    The powers that be will have to come and get my guns. If I am threatened with lethal force in that process, I will go down with such a noise that families upon families will mourn my choice to stand for my God-given rights.

    Just because one is a LEO does not mean he must obey unlawful orders. I kmnow some good cops, but there are some wild ones out there as well, full of drugs/booze and anger. They are out of control. Their departments know it.

    If you are a LEO, protect yourself, for sure, but when it comes to disarming Americans, just don’t do it, for the sake of your own family and all you hold dear in life. No further notice.

  27. Best of luck C. J. I hope you win your case and that as a result the local PD get much needed training to keep future incidents of this nature from happening.

  28. CJ I commend you on dutifully and righteously upholding the oath you took, when sworn into the United States Army, “…that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…”. I would have never thought that it would be a necessary fight here, on our own soil. You did nothing wrong.

    • Look-up on the NRA site the rules of gun safety and get back to everyone as to the safe carry and handling of a weapon.

      This has never been a 2nd Amendment issue, despite $51,000 thinking it is.

  29. Grisham? YOU sicken me – take your cronies elsewhere. Why the delay in your court case against my city? Bit panicked?

    You scare me, I see you in my town and I am scared that one of your loony friends will lose it and someone will be hurt, it is a matter of time. The blood will be on your hands. That is unless someone hurts you first.

    I can’t wait until you move, I can’t wait until the army has had enough of you and discharges you with some weak excuse. You are an full-blooded American version of Hasan – and we all know what he ended up doing.

    You are a trouble maker, you have always been a trouble maker but you know that. We spoke a while back, you are crazy.

    See you in court when your defense gets their act together.

    • You sir sound crazy calling Temple, TX “your city”.
      You sir sound crazy saying you trust a law ENFORCEMENT officer who claims he “is the law”, yet are scared of an active vet.
      You sir sound crazy threatening someone on the internet “the blood will be on your hands. That is unless someone hurts you first.”
      You sir sound crazy if you believe everything our government/media has told you about Ft. Hood, and think anyone you personally just don’t like would be a mass murderer.
      You sir sound crazy making a bunch of crazy comments about someone with no supporting evidence.

      Maybe you could sway my opinion if you posted an unscripted video, of an emotionally high situation where your rights are being violated, and you handled the situation as calm and courteously as Mr. Grisham.

      On another note to some other people who had posted:

      In scouts I learned very young use a sidewalk. If on a road with no sidewalk such as a County Road, walk FACING traffic. There are many common sense reasons as to why, if you don’t understand maybe you should join scouts. Or you could google search: “What side of the road should I walk on?” There are many safety sites who support this idea. U.S. Department Of Transportation funded site: http://www.walkinginfo.org/why/tips_walking-safely.cfm

      In this situation of walking the street I don’t know what the law is, nor do I care. I will continue to use this common sense until it doesn’t make sense and something else does.

      @CJ Grisham – Thank you for keeping the oath you made, and defending against this increasingly corrupt government.

    • Jamar those are some rather bold comments care to elaborate? Are you an employee of the City? Calling this man a terrorist is pretty damn bold of you. Seems to me like you are partaking in a bit of fear mongering to me.

    • Jamar than you must also be afraid of me because I am a open carry gun totter, I believe in the American Constitution and my second amendment gun rights. And I believe in the Texas constitutional rights to legally open carry long guns and to have a concealed gun with a permit. I am not a crazy gun person I served in the Texas Guard and spent over 22 years as a devoted Army wife to a war Veteran to protect your right to talk negative about another war veteran. I personally hope that Master Sargent Grisham’s case gets thrown out and I hope he sues Temple, Texas and the police officers in a civil case and hope he bankrupts the town and the police officers lose their jobs.

    • Jamar “You scare me, I see you in my town and I am scared that one of your loony friends will lose it and someone will be hurt, it is a matter of time. The blood will be on your hands. That is unless someone hurts you first.

      I can’t wait until you move, I can’t wait until the army has had enough of you and discharges you with some weak excuse. You are an full-blooded American version of Hasan – and we all know what he ended up doing”

      From your post here, it sounds like you are the troublemaker and tend to provoke him and his “loony friends” The only thing you have to fear is them defending themselves against your harassment. If you don’t like him, then fine, have nothing to do with him. Going out of your way with such verbal abuse is begging for retaliation. Only you are responsible for your words and actions (and the consequences of those words and actions.

  30. Why is it that every time a poorly trained local police officer cant figure out what to do within the law, they overreact and claim they were threatened? Properly trained police officers could have and should have handled this situation completely different and had results that would not embarrass the great city of Temple Texas, put the Temple police department in the laughing stock of law enforcement and would not potentially cost the Temple and Bell County Taxpayers significant money – with poor use of the DA’s office. The poorly trained officers could have arrived at the rural area and made the obvious judgement and action “just “put the weapon on ground and have a seat”, then ask for permit and run NCIC?????. Sometimes what you see is what you see – a well spoken MSGT and his young son on a Boy Scout hike? What I saw on video was the poorest excuse for law enforcement reaction that I have ever seen. They did not cite any specific law – did not seem to have any clue what to do, had no plan of action, or physical appearance for wearing a uniform, appeared overweight and out of shape and it was obvious they were of mind set – will do whatever we want and try to embarrass the subject in front of his son. I wont even get into Miranda, which is another kettle of fish for whoever the DA is that tries to prosecute this case, or what they did with the young boy by detaining him in the car with no council or family adult present?. I will leave you with this thought, its obvious that the Temple police are in drastic need of a competent police Chief – as all training starts there, also, you probably have not heard the last from the unkempt, overweight officer seen and displayed on video – as in most of these cases, he will make the same mistakes over and over- just like a felon – I would clean house and start with the Chief as he is responsible for training and its obvious he has failed (note: They have another issue with a fifteen year old boy where it appears Temple Police broke his shoulder at a mall) (Same MO)? Police hiring should include a clause for common sense – its obvious the Temple police have none and the Bell DA is not far behind. Now, with the simple questions I just put on the table – what do you think a lawyer is going to do with the officer that could not even cite the law to the MSGT? The assistant DA cites that subject could have been arrested for walking the wrong way on the street? Really, is this the best they can come up with for the Temple/ Ball taxpayers dollars? It would be interesting to film how many local judges and politicians walk the wrong way on these streets? (Great video) ( The poor taxpayers) – the DA needs to prosecute real crime and Temple needs a new Chief and the taxpayers need a break.

    • taxpayers needs a break from this tyrannical DA office and poorly trained police dept.!

  31. I am a former uniformed police officer and then a Deputy United States Marshal, so I am strongly pro-police. But watching this video, I think the officers grossly over-reacted. Mr. Grisham did not have his hand on the rifle, nor did he at any time threaten the officer with physical violence. The whole matter could have been resolved with a few minutes of questions and responses. It seems that the police officers were deliberately looking to have a confrontation.

    It is interesting to me that that this occurred just five days after Mr. Grisham spoke out at a meeting, defending the Second Amendment and citizens’ rights. It is not unreasonable to wonder if this detention and arrest was another attempt to intimidate defenders of the Second Amendment. Might be interesting to do a forensic analysis of the alleged citizen’s call, the recording of the supposed non-emergency call to police regarding Grisham’s roadside hike!

    • PGA, your second paragraph hits a home run. Something really stinks in Bell County! It looks like the Bell County brand of justice is actually ‘just us”.

      Walking on the wrong side of the road? This is a crap law, a catch all, a we’ll get him on something law.

      Thanks for the update CJ. This is an important case and event in Texas. We are watching closely.

      • Exactly. The event happened five days after he spoke out. Five days! I believe in individual actions before I believe in conspiracy to undermine someone who speaks out in defense an enshrined constitutional right. What would it do? The fact that the US can weather so many kill sprees with nil workable solutions is because a large part of the population believe in the right to bear arms. Quite what you imagine some local temple police plan to harass a pro-gun local would achieve when there are millions who would stand in his place is beyond me. Plus you assume that any such conspiracy wouldn’t be revealed by some moral or pro-gun employee of said department. What could he possibly have said in defense of the constitution that would make people expose their careers to intense medial/political scrutiny for zero gain? Occam’s razor. An individual act.

      • I work in this little empire called temple, drive home after 12:30 a.m. 4 days a week, I,ve had to alter my driving habits on airport road due to being repeatedly profiled as a drunk, due to driving below the speed limit, now I avoid airport, I traverse west adams, I have to drive continually in the left hand lane next to the turning lane due to the likelyhood of running down groups of pedistrians walking in the right hand lane, with no reflective clothing, they’re Invisible that time of night! Happens regularly. the roads off and behind airport road ARE country roads, NOT city or suburban streets!

        • really groups of pedestrians walking about in the middle of no where in the middle of the night? Also I would like to point out the the second part of your statement had jack shit to do with the first part. As such I am inclined to feel that you one have no integrity, and two that you are full of shit. It is a childs thing to do in making up stories which make little to no sense in order to sound relevant. P.S. you started your statement stating that you do not drive airport road because you are profiled as a drunk, then go on to say that you do drive it in the left lane for above mentioned reasons. I am not sure that you understand how logic works. May I suggest you take a class at the local community college. At least then you will have a valid argument form.

    • PGA, I am not a police officer but I am a law abiding citizen (never been arrested). Most people would say I am anti-police. But I really hate the word anti.. Because that suggest I hate all police. That being said, and based on what you wrote, I would bet you are they type officer that I would appreciate. I know how dangerous it is to be a police officer. But the problem with some of the cops out there today is they cant rationalize the difference between a law abiding citizen and bad person. Its seems like if you are talking to the police (for whatever reason) you are considered a criminal by them. Its like you cant have an human interaction with a cop without him asking for your id. Just like in this case with CJ. Its hard to believe there is such a lack of common sense between three cops on the scene. So like you said there had to be some hidden agenda behind their little stunt. But a lot of times I see cops get a bad rap because they simply don’t have much common sense. I blame this on lack of training and the lack of compassion for your fellow man. I actually feel sorry for some of these cops because they never should have been hired in the 1st place. I know there is no way to hire cops like yourself everytime someone applies. But once you see they are not cut out to be a cop, they need to get rid of them. Rather than leave them on the force because you need the numbers. If believe this is what gets the cops killed and or some citizen hurt. You seem like you have all the right traits to be a great cop, and theres no doubt in my mind that you would have handled this very differently. You probably wouldn’t have even stopped CJ. I hope you remain safe out there and thank you for doing your job without that chip on your shoulder. A good cop knows when its time to put that chip up there (and trust me, I know there is a point when a person deserves what he gets based on his actions) , but the bad cops never take this chip off their shoulder and it usually results in something bad happening to good people.

      • You are very correct. There are many good cops out there, but there are many cops out there that are just as much as criminals as the criminals they arrest. Not just this case, but now cases are showing up all across the country similar to Mr. CJ’s. Now that they’re getting exposure, maybe we will see some changes. I just wanted to say I agree with you completely. There are many wonderful officers out there that are officers to protect and serve, but it’s pathetic when a civilian doesn’t reserve the right to speak to an officer without the officer demanding his ID. You are correct, many officers lack the common sense to even be an officer. Indeed some forget their own job title. Protect and Serve. While some officers follow their job title, the other half forgets the protect part and only follows the “Serve” title. Thus, the cars should not state “Protect and Serve” they might as well say “Serve Justice”. I can tell you when my constitutional rights

        A good question. How as an officer can you expect people to RESPECT you when you can’t even RESPECT the constitutional rights that were put in place by your own “ANCESTORS”?

    • just another rock to throw into the 2nd Adm, these liberals socialist communist are trying every thing to become gun-grabbers, damn are they mentally-ill political party!

    • I agree, the police officer AND his sergeant were in the wrong, acted unprofessionally and opened the City and the department to a lawsuit. I think they should be fired for violating is Civil Rights and the way they arrested him in front of his young son like that was inexcusable as he had not committed any crime. I see a future of security guard for those two bad examples of police officers. My two cents.

    • I have read that Grisham made an extraordinarily foolish statement: “I am not going to let you disarm me”. In no uncertain terms that means you will kill the individual if need be. That would be a deadly threat.

      I have also read this was a hike for a an Eagle Scout Merit Badge. As per scout leaders I know, that “hike” and information surrounding it need to be approved as valid prior to an undertaking. A quick online search shows it to be fairly detailed. Showing them the arrest site they cannot conceive how anyone would have allowed that area to qualify.

      Sgt Grisham, can you provide Scout Master documentation that backs-up your statement of being on a hike for your son’s merit badge? if you can, you should produce it. if you cannot, then you are not “credible”.

      Which is it? My guess is that you cannot provide it.

      And my last point, as I am highly trained with weapons: I have seen pictures of you engaged in proper carry (gun pointed down) in what I believe was a Starbucks and a bookstore. You think you are helping the cause of gun owners with such foolish carry because it is not illegal? If I were a tango and going to rob the store you would be the first person taken out. It’s why concealing a weapon offers the best defense to a robbery. You might wish to get a little more training in how to best defend your family should the cause arise.

      Now if you can provide documentation from the Boy Scouts that would be rather impressive and probably help your case. But for some reason I believe it will be as elusive as the cougars I read about..

      • I don’t think why he was walking on the road is relevant at all. What difference does it make why he was there? None at all. In Texas open carry of a long gun is legal. Period. Yes, some people don’t like it. Yes, those people call the police. Guess what, the police don’t like regular folks carrying guns either. The police hate the laws that allow citizens NOT to be subjects.

        Whatever the reason for his being there, the police from step one handled this stop badly. Very badly. It is obvious from the video the police officer didn’t like having his “authority” questioned. It is also obvious by his Sgts own words, they think police are above the law…”exempt” was his words.

        Police are usually exempt from lawsuits, except when proven that they violated someone’s rights. There was no reason for the stop. The video shows what happened. It showed a police officer not liking being questioned, it showed a police officer not liking a person knowing their rights, and it showed several police officers escalating it way out of control.

        They messed up, plain and simple, why he was there is irrelevant, and the video shows the rest. Case closed. Sadly, it is going to cost the taxpayers of that county a lot of money to get to that case dismissed place.

        Perhaps then they will start electing people who enforce not abuse the law. They will Hire people to serve and protect, and Defend the consititution as their oath states.

        If cops are above having to answer questions of a citizen, then we have lost already.

      • Andy, you are making many assumptions.
        1) His statement could be saying that he would flee. That he “won’t let them” could simply mean that he won’t give up his weapon voluntarily. They would have to take it. Those with military training do think this way. There was no mention of killing. Its not your place to put words into his mouth of determine any meaning you think is hidden in his statement.
        2) You and your leader friends know nothing about scouting. Permission is needed for the Eagle Project. It is not needed for a merit badge. Pets is one of the merit badges I earned. Did I need permission from the Scout leaders every time I fed my pet or took my pet to the Veterinarian when sick?

        I stopped reading your post at this point.

  32. Of course you were walking down the wrong side of the road, that way you and the rifle were more visible to motorists. If you were on the proper side of the road cars approaching from behind you may not have notices the weapon.

    • Steve, once again, you show your idiocy because the law would have him walking towards traffic, with the weapon in front of him, in full display, versus how he was walking, in the direction of the flow of traffic, with vehicles coming from BEHIND him and not necessarily seeing the weapon. This is exactly why CJ banned you from commenting. Because you always show your ass.

      • You ban commenters? Surely, with such a trial you wouldn’t want to admit you do this?! People interested in seeing justice will take it as you not liking what you read… and you can only dislike something that doesn’t sit well. In a criminal case I can only conclude that is the truth. When you read customer reviews – you go to the negative one first because that will tell you more than all the positives combined. So if you feel that perception from this two man blog is important to you – shut off all comments.

        • David, Steve is a troll. You are welcome to see his comments on other posts where he was repeatedly warned until CJ stopped allowing him to comment. Steve’s trollery has little to do with CJ’s trial. And calling me “Lumpy” is neither pithy nor on topic, so yes, I deleted that comment he followed up with. Again, he is a troll. If you can stay on topic and avoid ad hom attacks, you’re welcome to comment all you want.

        • LL, who started with the Lil Camper stuff? You reap what you sow.

          David, most of my past comments have been deleted. Legally, it was probably a good move, although it probably would have been a better move to not allow comments on this topic at all. CJ removed a couple of his own posts and all of the comments on his recent legal troubles, probably because it made him look bad and provided fodder for the prosecutors. I’m guessing it was on the advice of his lawyer.

        • Flat out lies, Steve. And so now, after this, all your comments will go to spam as quickly as I can moderate. Most of your past comments have NOT been deleted, only the abusive ones. And this is exactly why CJ disallowed your commenting. I gave you very little rope and you hanged yourself, yet again. Trollery and lies go to the spam folder.

        • And what, youtube doesn’t likewise control those out-of-control on their website?

          You would fail at moderation of a discussion.

        • Really, I do not see it that way at all. I say it’s perfectly ok for him to ban any comment he damn well pleases. This isn’t youtube and he has the right to stop trolls in their tracks.

      • I love how the walking on the wrong side of the road has come up in the debate. Have you all even been to Texas? That county, like those of my hometown, has roads that probably see 5-6 cars per hour, if that. The very fact they are trying to bring that up shows that the entire arrest was illegal.
        Bottom line, a person can carry a firearm. The YouTube video plainly shows he was within his rights and the officer far beyond his.
        People who blame guns for violence sicken me. If that were the case, how would anyone ever leave a gun show alive?
        That’s the problem with this country … trying to blame inanimate objects for problems instead of holding people accountable.
        Heck, perhaps they can be successful with getting Tony the Tiger off Frosted Flakes if Kellogg’s ever depicts him on a cereal box with an AR-15 on his chest.

        • Walking on the wrong side of the road should be thrown out as a cause. The policeman never mentioned this aspect until well after the arrest.

          This fact: “Neither the police report, complaint nor arrest affidavit written by Ermis after the arrest mentioned that Grisham was walking on the incorrect side of the road.” is clear proof that the side of the road thet were walking on is not an issue. Cases have been thrown out for much less. To me, the case hinges on one of the comments by the officer in charge. Neither of them are “Judge Dredd” to say that they are the law says that they believe they can create laws. Proper procedure to determine whether or not had had a licence to carry the weapon was not followed. Again, cases have been thrown out for much less. There are many arguments that can be made against these cops. Saying he felt threatened is another big one. Would this statement also give me the right to kill an innocent person walking on the sidewalk if I say that I felt threatened simply because he is 6’6″ and solidly built? If no actions by CJ were threatening, then the mere presence of the weapon cannot be viewed as threatening. Especially (as CJ stated) poisonous snakes and other threats were known to be around. I don’t see any grounds for the police to act as they did.

    • Fuck you!!! you must be one of those anti-gun assholes!!!

    • LEOs do look behind them after passing people and vehicles. “May” is no assurance.

    • The UK the ‘Highway Code’ says you should always walk towards oncoming traffic.

      “If there is no pavement, keep to the right-hand side of the road so that you can see oncoming traffic. You should take extra care and be prepared to walk in single file, especially on narrow roads or in poor light
      keep close to the side of the road.
      It may be safer to cross the road well before a sharp right-hand bend so that oncoming traffic has a better chance of seeing you. Cross back after the bend”

    • You know what, as funny as that sounds, I bet you somewhere out there you really would find somebody to actually say that. I know you are joking, but think about it. It is getting so bad out there that people are becoming desperate to find excuses for their own agenda instead of the safety of the people. If you keep making that comment, sooner or later you will find somebody that will think you are serous and agree with you. Trust me..

    • I will start by saying that it is the a classic ruck march which led to walking down the wrong side of the road. More importantly I will state as that he was not detained for said offence and it was not brought up until it was in the courtroom, therefore said offence is irrelevant. It is merely a horrid attempt to keep from paying out of their asses for such shitty police work.

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