Walmart Bans Store Managers from Restocking Ammunition

BLUF: This hasn’t been confirmed yet. I’ve send a note to corporate asking for a response – as have many others – and have yet to get a response.


According to the Daily Sheeple, Walmart Corporate Headquarters has instructed its local store managers NOT to restock their depleted ammunition shelves.

I’m not sure if this is something the company is doing in response to a White House directive or in response to liberal reports trying to link the chain to the Sandy Hook shooting because it happens to sell the same type of rifle used to kill 26 people there, including 20 children. The same Bushmaster rifle was also used in the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting.

It is interesting that WalMart has been sold out of ammunition since December 26th locally.

Personally, I will not spend another dime at Walmart or Sam’s until they respond to my question. Then, it will greatly depend on the answer to my question whether or not I will shop there again. I estimated that we spend between $700-1000 monthly on groceries and other items at our local store.

I don’t call for many boycotts, but I am now. Walmart is a major company that has successfully pushed many smaller companies out of business with their lower prices. While they do employ millions of people, they also prevent the employment of millions more by buying a vast majority of their products from China.

Normally, that wouldn’t bother me. However, the fact that they are now going after the most American thing we have – our right to self defense as recognized in the 2nd Amendment. Ammunition was one of the few American-made products left that they sell. I ask you to join me in withholding your money from the chain until they favorably respond to these questions about refusing to restock their ammunition and rifle supplies.

6 Comments on “Walmart Bans Store Managers from Restocking Ammunition

  1. You know how Walmart does it when they want to move product just look at video of any Walmart on Black Friday they drop a pallet and people go crazy for it. Wake up. Walmart is with wall street. Not “We the people”. his family has since sold out to the Chinese and the almighty dolla

  2. they know the demand for the ammunition and there purposely not having it out there if they really wanted to capitalize on the demand they would have a pallet of ammunition sitting there someone working the pallet and they’d sell a pallet at a time everyday and they’re not doing it

    • I was told by a Walmart associate working the gun counter that they were no longer allowed to order ammo until after they knew what the government was going to do with the laws. Just think of all the ammunition that they have sitting at their distribution centers they are sitting on this ammo keeping it from the American public . the family that owns Walmart is good friends with Wall Street don’t worry!!!

      • The Walmart associate is wrong. I meant to include a follow-up to this post here like i did on Facebook and Twitter but I forgot. The rumors are false.

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