We Already Found the WMD

We all know that President Bush justified his invasion by saying that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction that could (and probably would) be used against the United States. I know for a fact the physical weapons he spoke of exist. While we were in Iraq we found a fleet of fighter jets buried under the sand. Thanks to leads from Iraqi citizens we were able to dig them. I’m not talking about ONE plane, I’m talking about 5!! I actually found a place online that shows pictures here. Now, if Saddam can bury a bunch of jets, whose to say he can’t bury chemical weapons or other WMD in the middle of the desert? I don’t see why everyone’s upset we haven’t found it yet. We may never find it, but I’m not convinced it doesn’t exist. Of course, this logic goes against my post about the burden of proof, but I’ll take the heat for that.

With that said, let me offer other weapons of mass destruction that has been found but not really discussed in this manner. The most important WMD found to date has been Saddam and his sons. No bomb currently in anyone’s inventory can do the damage that these men have done. They’ve destroyed lives molded history to suit their needs. The Taliban did the same thing with the destruction of centuries old relics and statues. What a lot of people may not have read about is what we Americans have done to try and fix that. You can read about one such instance here and here. Hopefully, each link is different.

The second weapon of mass destruction is much harder to detect, but we’re gaining ground. It’s the mind. There are people who were so brainwashed by Saddam’s regime that no matter what good we do they will still stop at nothing to kill us. THIS is the WMD we are looking for to this day and will not stop looking for until it’s completely irradicated. We have to convince these people that we are NOT the enemy and try to get them to view their country as part of a global community instead of an island with no destiny. For the most part, accomplishing that goal simply meant removing Saddam from power and giving that power to the people.

When you hear about winning the hearts and minds of the people, you may get that crooked expression on your face where half of it crinkles up while the other half calmy waits for it relax. That’s the “what the..?” look. We have to convince them that they have power to change their country. We have to convince them that we’re not there to kill or plunder, though we will kill anyone attempting to take power into their own hands or infringe on the freedoms of the Iraqi people.

It gives me pride that American soldiers are willing to risk their lives (and in some cases give it) for the freedom of a completely foreign people. I understand that ultimately we were fighting for our own safety in removing Saddam, but that threat is gone now. Every soldier that deploys to Iraq or Afghanistan today does it for the Iraqi people. We’ve accomplished our safety. Now we need to finish the job in ensuring the safety of Iraqis.

Okay, there’re a lot of links in this post, so please be sure to check them out.

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