Where Is Corporal Hammar?

This is former Marine Corporal Jon Hammar. This is the first photo released by the Mexican “government” since Hammar was imprisoned at the Matamoros state prison. Yes, he is chained to the bed. I understand that the chains have since been removed. I’ve held off on writing about this until more facts were made available.

Hammar was initially imprisoned with the general populace which is full of drug lords and cartel thugs. Hammar’s family was extorted for money to ensure his survival and Hammar has faced death threats from the cartel gangsters that control the prison.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/12/19/conditions-in-notorious-mexican-prison-worsens-jon-hammar-ptsd-family-fears/#ixzz2FZ3l7400. Only AFTER our State Department got involved did they move him into this single cell. But, where is our government now?

When asked by a Fox News reporter about Hammar, press secretary Jay Carney had no answers. HE COULDN’T EVEN PROVIDE A SIMPLE “WE’RE DOING EVERYTHING WE CAN TO SECURE HIS RELEASE?!?!?! This is utterly despicable to me that the White House doesn’t seem to care that a United States Marine and veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan is imprisoned in a dirty Mexican jail illegally. Yes, I just said illegally.

The story begins when Hammar and a friend decided they were going to travel from Florida to Costa Rica after being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and undergoing some counseling for PTSD. He and Ian McDonough sold much of what they owned and bought an RV. They decided they were going to the Central American country to do some surfing and unwinding.

However, Hammar didn’t want to sell his grandfather’s antique .410 gauge Sears Roebuck shotgun. He looked at the state department web site to find information on transporting the firearm. He found out that he would have to fill out some paperwork and declare the weapon at the border.

When he got to the border checkpoint on the US side, he got the paperwork stamped and was told what to do once he crossed the border. After crossing the border, he declared the antique shotgun to the Mexican authorities and presented the paperwork. Instead of signing off on it and letting the Marines go, they were instead charged with possessing a gun used by the Mexican military which is an aggravated felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. If the Mexican military is still using this shotgun, it’s not wonder they can’t seem to defeat the drug cartels. Here is what the shotgun probably looks like.


McDonough was eventually released, but Hammar continues to be held by the Mexican authorities. While a state department representative has visited Hammar once, there doesn’t seem to be any movement. There hasn’t been a single mention of Hammar’s condition by the president or secretary of state publicly to pressure the Mexican government to release Hammar.

Christmas is less than a week away and one of our own rots in a dingy, corrupt prison barely even a mile from the border. His dad recently had a chance to visit him and says that his son is relapsing.

“He told me, ‘Dad, when I get out of here I’m going to have to be alone,'” Hammar Sr. said.

The family is expecting a ruling on Hammar’s case on Friday. I’ll make sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, our elected representatives need to hear your voices. The number to the White House switchboard is 202-456-1111/1414. Go to this link to find the number of your congressman or senator and let them know that you demand our government get more involved to secure Hammar’s release.

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  1. I think that we shouldn’t have to negotiate for his surrender. If the military taught me anything it is that the only way to negotiate with your enemy is with your knee in his chest and your knife at his throat. If our government isn’t willing to go get him and bring him home maybe we should do it on our own. I mean really if they are using shotguns to guard him then a night op would be a good time to rescue him and bring him back if the illegals can get across the border undetected we should be able to as well. I mean he is our brother …..we never leave a man behind and if thats how our government wants to handle it then i say we take matters into our own hands and bring this man home to his family!

  2. Can you give us an update? I know he is home and I know he was ill. I would love to have more details. I am hoping, of course, for a happy ending.

  3. I feel the US government should be doing all they can to bring this Marine home.

  4. Nice one CJ! This is such an informative post! Thanks for sharing your awesome thoughts!

  5. The Navy Seal Code

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  6. I want to respond to the upcoming Film on the killing of Bin Laden.
    It is obvious that classified information was leaked. Rep. Peter
    King (N.Y.) King asked the inspectors general to examine whether
    there had been any consultations between White House, Defense
    Department and CIA officials on providing the filmmakers access
    to SEAL team members or undercover CIA officers. King also
    wants them to investigate if any clandestine tactics of the SEALs
    or the CIA had been compromised and whether leaks of the raid to the
    the press had hurt the CIA’s intelligence collection methods. The Seals
    had access to top secret info and that they leaked it to Hollwood, just
    for financial gain. They have sullied the Seal Code of SILENCE. Please
    allow me to quote the code: In the worst of conditions, the legacy of my
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    I will not fail. Sincerely, Thomas Patrick Folan, Former Seaman

  7. Let’s send in USMC & eliminate FARC and drug cartels in
    Mexico. Since when do thugs hold Marines hostage.
    And one other thing. This West Point cadet gets an
    honorable discharge for quitting citing the academy
    is too religious. He better pay back the gov’t $250,000.
    He is a digrace.
    From AP:
    Cadet quits, cites overt religion at West Point
    Associated Press

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — A cadet quitting West Point less than six months before graduation says he could no longer be part of a culture that promotes prayers and religious activities and disrespects nonreligious cadets.
    Blake Page announced his decision to quit the U.S. Military Academy this week in a much-discussed online post that echoed the sentiments of soldiers and airmen at other military installations. The 24-year-old told The Associated Press that a determination this semester that he could not become an officer because of clinical depression played a role in his public protest against what he calls the unconstitutional prevalence of religion in the military.
    “I’ve been trying since I found that out: What can I do? What can I possibly do to initiate the change that I want to see and so many other people want to see?” Page said. “I realized that this is one way I can make that change happen.”
    Page criticized a culture where cadets stand silently for prayers, where nonreligious cadets were jokingly called “heathens” by instructors at basic training and where one officer told him he’d never be a leader until he filled the hole in his heart. In announcing his resignation this week on The Huffington Post, he denounced “criminals” in the military who violate the oaths they swore to defend the Constitution.
    “I don’t want to be a part of West Point knowing that the leadership here is OK with just shrugging off and shirking off respect and good order and discipline and obeying the law and defending the Constitution and doing their job,” he told the AP.
    West Point officials on Wednesday disputed those assertions. Spokeswoman Theresa Brinkerhoff said prayer is voluntary at events where invocations and benedictions are conducted and noted the academy has a Secular Student Alliance club, where Page served as president.
    Maj. Nicholas Utzig, the faculty adviser to the secular club, said he doesn’t doubt some of the moments Page described, but he doesn’t believe there is systematic discrimination against nonreligious cadets.
    “I think it represents his own personal experience and perhaps it might not be as universal as he suggests,” said Utzig, who teaches English literature.
    One of Page’s secularist classmates went further, calling his characterization of West Point unfair.
    “I think it’s true that the majority of West Point cadets are of a very conservative, Christian orientation,” said senior cadet Andrew Houchin. “I don’t think that’s unique to West Point. But more broadly, I’ve never had that even be a problem with those of us who are secular.”
    There have been complaints over the years that the wall between church and state is not always observed in the military. The Air Force Academy in Colorado in particular has been scrutinized for years over allegations from non-Christian students that they faced intolerance. A retired four-star general was asked last year to conduct an independent review of the overall religious climate at the academy.
    There also has been a growing willingness in recent years by some service members to publicly identify themselves as atheists, agnostics or humanists and to seek the same recognition granted to Christians, Jews and other believers. Earlier this year, there was an event at Fort Bragg that was the first known event in U.S. military history to cater to nonbelievers.
    Page said he hears about the plight of other nonreligious cadets in part through his involvement with the West Point affiliate of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The founder and president of that advocacy group said Page’s action is a milestone in the fight against “fanatical religiosity” in the military.
    “This is an extraordinary act of courage that I do compare directly to what Rosa Parks did,” said Mikey Weinstein.
    Page, who is from Stockbridge, Ga., and who was accepted into West Point after serving in the Army, said he was notified Tuesday of his honorable discharge. He faces no military commitment and will not have to reimburse the cost of his education.
    West Point confirmed that it approved his resignation and that Page had been meeting the academic standards and was not undergoing any disciplinary actions. Page said he had been medically disqualified this semester from receiving a commission in the Army as a second lieutenant – like his classmates will receive in May – because of clinical depression and anxiety. He said his condition has gotten worse since his father killed himself last year.
    It’s not unusual for cadets to drop out of West Point, an institution known for its rigorous academic and physical demands. But the window for dropping out without the potential for a penalty is in the first two years. Dropouts are rare after that point.
    Page expects to leave for his grandparents’ home in Wright County, Minn., in the coming days. He plans to remain an activist on the role of religion in the military.
    “I’d really love to be able to do this for the rest of my life,” he said.

  8. As a mother of a US Marine, I hold the US Government responsible when I released my rights I entrusted the USA. I demand answers and this Marine needs to be released immediately.

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