Who’s Stalking Whom?

This is a serious charge, so I’m going to calmly respond to it. It was sent to me because of concern that Yon might be trying to lay some groundwork to go after my career again. I told him I’m not worried about Yon, regardless of what he tries to do. But, I wanted to post these for posterity sake and public awareness.

This is the email that Yon initiated to ME that I already wrote about.

He recently posted this to support his desire to label me a potential “murderer” and “stalker.”

Don’t worry. Everything is being documented.

4 Comments on “Who’s Stalking Whom?

  1. His donations must be down again. Sounds as if he’s looking to get his name bandied around again. It’s not worth giving him the attention. Take care, CJ, & “hey” to the family.

  2. You know they talk often about the ‘tipping point’ and I think Yon reached that ‘tipping point’ and fell over the edge and is continuing to fall. He’s really grasping at straws now, isn’t he? Makes one wonder about his mental stability, for sure.

  3. Hi there, I didn’t know where to put this but can you tell me who the real John T England from mississippi is, He should be 56 now. I have seen his name and photo used so many times now. The scammer that was trying to scam me has all of a sudden put him on facebook, luring in other women. He is in Ghana I know, I checked his ip address.

    I would really like to get this solved. He must be stopped. Thanks

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