Wisconsin’s Gun Grabbers Grasping at Straws

Earlier this year, the Wisconsin government recognized that founding document that recognizes the rights of Americans to “keep and bear arms.” For the first time, its citizens were able to own concealed weapons. And the liberals wept.

Since the law was passed, various government agencies have done everything they can to minimize the freedoms within their state. Tens of thousands of citizens have obtained licenses to carry concealed weapons and defend themselves and the law was pass less than two months ago. Liberals and gun grabbers have been trying to find inventive ways of circumventing the law through various tricks. They are trying to convince businesses to post signs banning guns, which opens them up to potential litigation if something happens on their premises and they were prevented from defending themselves. By banning guns in their establishment, they take on the responsibility for each customer’s safety.

Well, now a Milwaukee liberal is trying to ban guns from gas stations.

Josh Zepnick says he represents many gas station owners, employees, and customers who have been victims of violent crime around convenience stores. And he’s been to two funerals of gas station workers killed on the job.

Zepnick says convenience store crime has escalated in Milwaukee, due to the economy and the ease of getting in and out of such businesses. But Zepnick tells the Journal Sentinel he doubts his bill will pass, as long as majority Republicans show more of an interest in expanding gun rights than restricting them.

What Zepnick won’t tell his constituents is that those crimes were happening BEFORE the concealed carry law went into effect. So what exactly does he think is going to happen with this law? Will criminals suddenly decide they can no longer rob gas stations because it’s against the law to have guns there? Hell no! Instead, criminals will now know that the little old lady buying milk or the college student checking out the latest issue of Maxim magazine are probably not armed because they’re decent, law-abiding citizens. It’s like taking candy from a baby. It’s a gun-free, crime-enhanced target of opportunity for Wisconsin’s criminals.

The fact is that having more law-abiding citizens armed is much safer than not. I’m willing to bet that Mr. Zepnick also represents “many gas station owners, employees, and customers” who would like the ability to defend themselves while pumping gas or buying pickles and ice cream for their pregnant wives late at night.

But, for all those businesses adamant about keeping guns out of their stores, here’s a sign you can use.

One Comment on “Wisconsin’s Gun Grabbers Grasping at Straws

  1. If businesses started posting signs like that I would avoid that establishment and spend my money elsewhere but I hope it doesn’t come to that for the people of Wisconsin.

    On a lighter note: Hooray for Cheeseheads with Guns! 🙂

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