You Might Be A Terrorist If…

…you’re a Soldier and you don’t register your PRIVATELY OWNED WEAPON!! According to a posting on the message board, Fort Benning is host to the following sign:

This is quite disturbing, if true. Are you a terrorist? Funny. I always thought terrorism involves a criminal act that is often symbolic in nature and intended to influence an audience beyond the immediate victims. I didn’t realize that exercising constitutional rights to own firearms had been amended into the definition.

This seems to follow the recent Department of Homeland Security report released in April of this year that declared that returning combat veterans may form “terrorist groups” or become “lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.” Nothing in the report pointed to the numerous reports of SEIU, Black Panther, and ACORN thugs that were threatening voters at the polls last year.

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  1. What’s the big deal to register a weapon? Registering a firearm doesn’t make it inherently safe. Does anyone seriously think that if Nidal Hasan had registered the firearm he wouldn’t have murdered those Soldiers? Heck, he might have registered it – we don’t know because the media (all of them) report the slant or spin, not the facts or the truth. Please someone show me the nutcase that sat down and went “Gee I can’t kill all these people because my gun is registered” Hmmm, not gonna happen. Now at the end of the day what the value added of registering a firearm? Really, no kidding, what’s the value added?

    Secondly, insinuating a American Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman is a terrorist because he/she doesn’t register a firearm is just plain repugnant and insulting.

    Lastly, I think I’m just a little tired of the hyperbole. If you don’t register your firearm you’re a terrorist? If you don’t support this legislation you’re un-American? If you don’t agree with this Administration’s policies you’re automatically a racist? If you disagree with this policy you’re not a REAL Chief/MSG/Gunny? Geeez.

    • “Does anyone seriously think that if Nidal Hasan had registered the firearm he wouldn’t have murdered those Soldiers?”

      Exactly! So, why even worry about it. The second amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that the RIGHT to keep and bear firearms “shall not be infringed.” Our government simply doesn’t get it. Gun control advocates simply don’t get it. If you criminalize guns…you know the rest. Only criminals will have them.

  2. I don’t understand- why does this have to be a political issue? After Ft Hood I would think everyone would want to maintain some sort of control on a military base. What’s the big deal to register a weapon?

    • Lynn, it’s very simple. It is NONE of your business whether or not I have a rifle, pistol, shotgun. In fact, none of my private life is any of your business, and by extension, anyone’s business, including the government, unless I choose to share it with them, most particularly the government.

      The appalling lack of respect and your fundamental right to privacy and liberty is apparent in both major parties. Change is come all right. My grandparents are vomiting in their graves

  3. BUSHIDO: No matter the odds, I will not be taken!
    American equivilent:
    You can have my weapon when you pry it from mycold dead hands!!!!!!

  4. The very thought of American military members being allowed access to a loaded weapon..The Horror !!.

    As a retired NC Police Officer..and NC CCW registered..”Threat To Homeland Security”
    I say to all who post here the only “Threat” is to those who fear in the future our military may not be willing to call 911 if the nation continues to be raped.

    If all Sr, NCOs and Officers had been required to carry their sidearms on duty at Fort Hood who can but expect the outcome to be different ?.
    At least the “Shock Troops” would know their leaders were ready to stand up and protect them from evil.

    May God bless our might military and protect them in combat as well as at home in America.

    Merry Christmas to each of you from a old Vietnam Vet.

    CWO{SFC} George Samek
    US Arny Retired
    Wounded Warrior Adcocate
    Gathering of Eagles

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  6. ACORN thugs? Where? I never heard anything about ACORN thugs. Voter fraud by them, yes, I’ve heard accusations of that, but not thugs. Please cite a reference for that. (Not doubting you, just need to see some evidence)

    And this whole thing is rather stupid.

  7. Yikes. Would we use the word “numerous”? Really? Or are we just talking about some scattered incidents that had no effect on the outcome of the election and have taken on a life of their own on the right? And is the Homeland Security report (commissioned under President Bush, oops!?) really something that still gets you guys riled up? I find the right-wing lexicon fascinating, I really do. Help me understand you.

    • Commissioned under President Bush but oddly released under President Obama, huh? Nice try. Care to cite your references? And regardless of whether it was released under Bush or Obam, you fail to even address the point at large. How do you say it? I find the left-wing lexicon fascinating, I really do. But, I’ll never be able to understand you and based of the actions of your ilk, I’m not really sure I want to.

      • Oddly released under Obama? As in they released it when it was finished? Or you think they should have not released it at all? Or, let me guess, when Obama got into office one of his first moves was to order the report rewritten so that it would insult veterans. Yeah. That makes more sense.

        As for citing references, please point out the references I missed in this sentence:

        “Nothing in the report pointed to the numerous reports of SEIU, Black Panther, and ACORN thugs that were threatening voters at the polls last year.”

        I think it would be easier CJ if you had just written ACORN!!!!SEIU!!!!!BLACK PANTHERS!!!!!, would save you time and all the conservatives would know what you are talking about.

  8. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter…

    And no, I live in a state that still respects the right of lawful citizens to own and bear arms without registration.

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